Planets Leaving Capricorn For Aquarius: Shift Into 2021

January 2021We may not be absolutely stuck but the current stellium in Capricorn has as all, moving like pond water.  I keep telling people to adjust their expectations and acclimate to this in the near term. However, you should also know, there is a future. It’s not that far off in the scheme of things!

A gal started a thread in the forum that prompted me to pull up a chart, mid-January, 2021.  The date was random, but look at what I saw.

The chart is just post a new moon in Capricorn around midnight of January 12th, but outside of that, you can clearly see, Jupiter and Saturn have cleared Capricorn. Mercury supports the new story and the sun will ingress into Aquarius in about week.

First week of February we have this

Five Planet Stellium In Aquarius: February 1st-18th, 2021 – Important!

Clearly, clearly, clearly, change is coming!



Planets Leaving Capricorn For Aquarius: Shift Into 2021 — 7 Comments

  1. Please. We dearly need change. The only constant in life is

    Embrace change and accept change and never fear change.

    What we have now is not working. Insurers dictating medical care is in need of change. People not being able to afford to pay health insurance premiums needs to change. People not being able to afford their rent needs to change. People not able to afford to pay for college without taking out a loan needs to change.

    The status quo needs to change. Our elected officials entrenched in government for 30 years needs to change.

  2. Speaking of change, I find it ironic that “change” is not being given out to businesses from banks now. There is a nation wide coin shortage and people are encouraged to use cards for purchase.

  3. I regret introducing additional stress, but what about the square from Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus going stationary from retrograde focusing it’s impact at the exact same time ?
    Compounding matters, you have Mars conjoining Uranus and joining the square on January 20th. Isn’t this around the inauguration after the election ?

  4. I’m so excited by this! I’ve had this Cap trio moving over my 4 planet stellium forever! Moving into Aquarius puts them on my Saturn/Jupiter during my the once in lifetime Saturn/Jupiter return (only happens together once).It seems auspicious! It does also conj my south node but not sure what that piece means.

    Thanks Elsa 🙂

  5. Snow squalls ,you the kind that frost the landscape and turn every tree into a giant white giant when wind howls and makes icy sparkling curls of white shiny sands when all you neeed is a bowl of stew with pine needle tea a candle all the blankets and fleece you got ,bet we love our neck warmers and scarves
    Snowmen a plenty!!in the howls and quiet of a storm your small so large
    With faith and strength post Christmas yes I the plants pulling a big snow
    On us,buckle up those skiis

  6. A timely post! I was just sitting here thinking how everything I’m doing is really great, but it’s reaaaaally slow, too.

    I’ve been having imagery of trudging through thick mud. Not quicksand, because I’m not stuck. Still moving forward.. just SUPER slow!

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