Pisces Transcends

“So much to do, so little done, such things to be.”
–Elizabeth Taylor

I always hesitate to mention publicly something which might give people the impression that I won’t be able to deliver. Part of it is my Leo rising pride and part my Capricorn moon need to be responsible, because I can and will deliver. I can deliver, how? I have plenty of Pisces; I will transcend. I will find a way to make that lemonade.

Right now I have vertigo, constant dizziness. But I have charts to mine, pieces to write, children to feed, and hair to do. I did hair yesterday, great hair, and they never knew I was doing it while making an extra effort not to whirl off the earth. I found the extra grounding I needed and maintained, better than maintained, I shined. Pisces sun. That’s not to say I didn’t feel sorry for myself; Pisces does that too.

Today I will reach into my divine bag of tricks and pull out an amazing prom updo, a sparkling blonde bob, and an intimate wax where I make a nervous person feel comfortable with their body and an embarrassing process. I will do this while off balance. That’s Pisces and Neptune.

If you look to your Pisces house cusp you will find the area of your life where your ability to transcend is heightened. Planets in Pisces and the houses in which they fall show this as well. Placements in the 12th house are also ripe with this energy.

Where is your Pisces? How do you transcend difficulty?


Pisces Transcends — 22 Comments

  1. Pisces sun in the 11th Chiron, Venus mars and Saturn in the 12th and it may have taken me a couple if decades reeding water and occasionally letting myself get sucked under but I’m swimming now. More than swimming now that I have my water wings. Ready to soar, to transcend. This Pisces is striving to overcome the sorry for self desire to sink and be done with it. πŸ™‚ love the post satori! Awesome thanks!

  2. i am ‘getting’ many flashes of insight into how much all my 12H and neptune affects my life, lately

    thank you for this post, as it is right on time for me.

    (and i really enjoyed your posts on the vertex, but didn’t make a chance to respond, thanks X2)

  3. After posting above I was thinking about a recent realization. I had thought if Chiron in Aries in 12th and some sort of karmic, hidden physic/spiritual wound. While that could be true there’s another way to work with this energy…. Transcend is right on, but how? Well for me I recently recognized strengths and abilities born in me that were buried in me. The time and circumstances became right and the right people, mentors and tools became available to me to heal and be a healer. In physical, spiritual and energetic ways. This as my progressed 10th cusp is within 2 degrees of my natal Pisces sun. Tons of other progressions, aspects and lunations could be listed but this post is getting long winded and shows my chart ruler mercurys often over shelling strength in my chart lol

  4. My merc speed thought patterns are unfortunately messed up by auto fix on the iPhone so sorry for the typos above

  5. I have Pisces cusp starts in my 2nd and 3rd house. Some thing I value and how I communicate to others? I do have difficulties expressing myself towards the people I love.

    Sometimes I wish I people would read my body language rather than what I say.

  6. Satori,

    Sorry to hear about the vertigo, my mom gets it all the time. An over the counter medicine Meclizine helps a great deal. ***Disclaimer*** please read the insert prior to taking this medication & I’m not dispensing medical advice I’m just letting you know how my mom deals with it – LOL!

  7. 12th house Sun/Mercury is driven to transcend, stand and deliver, through sadness, adversity, exhaustion, injury and illness. There seems to be no rest, and I seriously wonder how I do it; if I stop long enough to dwell on it — so I DO know what you’re dealing with. *hugs*

    I wish I could get my hands on you for a Reiki healing, satori. I’ll try to make sending it instead, do.

  8. 4th and 5th (starts in the middle of 4th). I’m having trouble transcending matters related to both houses, have lost a good portion of my grace. My mother told me that she used to admire the way i was with boys, and then men, so I used to be able to do it.

  9. What does it mean if I have no planets in a sign/house?
    My 3rd through 6th are completely bare (Cap/Aqua/Pisces/Aries).

    Except, South Node in Pisces.

    Btw, I’ve had vertigo on and off for a week now.

  10. I can soooo relate! I’ve Chiron/Mercury/Mars conjunct in Pisces, trine Neptune/Moon in the 1st. Can you say, ‘zone out’? OK… transcend- it sounds so much nicer.

    But, really- there isn’t anything I can’t transcend, overcome, whatever- thank goodness. And those things I can’t… turn on the fog machine! πŸ˜‰

  11. On my 7th house. My sun is there. I can be in a relationship with anyone, if I’m willing to morph into the person the relationship requires. But I don’t want to. Not anymore. I still do this (more often than I’m willing to admit). These days I can see myself doing the morphing while doing it. It’s funny how this works….

    I’m not sure if this is what you meant with your post, Satori, but it is the way your post resonates with me.

    Love this place by the way. Have been a lurker for some time. Hi to everyone. πŸ™‚


  12. Saturn at 1,07 Pisces squaring my Moon in Scorpio says I’m supposed to be constantly doubting myself, questioning my motivations, accusing myself of emotional impurity and unethical conduct. If I fail to do that, some kind of a terrible punishment is already on its way and I know it for a fact. In practice, this pretty much kills any chance of having a normal social life. At least some degree of selfishness is required to get anywhere with anybody. Life in an emotional desert, so to say. If anything, Saturn has successfully taught me to survive without love for decades. Having this in my 4th house, 3+ degrees off my IC obviously also means nobody wants to live with me, especially when that means a Piscean with her Sun near my Saturn. A critical Saturn is plenty enough to make the whole of my fourth house and thus the whole of Pisces uninhabitable for most people. Having Chiron in the middle of Pisces also makes sure that any relationship is probably bound to become therapy in one way or another. If there is resistance to healing, the result is severe discomfort and a quick exit. So far, this has invariably been the case. Mixing with patients is also unethical, says Saturn and finds a clever way to whip my Moon.

    Am I transcending? Transiting Neptune conjunct my Saturn says I may well have a chance. This first pass was a little short, but soon there will be another sweep. Perhaps Saturn will soften a bit and finally give me a break. Neptune’s transit of Chiron should heal some old wounds and set some broken bones as well. I’m looking forward to some rain in the desert, though I may be getting too old to enjoy it as much as I should.

  13. tx for the welcome Satori.

    “but I have strong capricorn and over time I morph less and am very different in the relationship, which causes problems”

    This resonates. Tx for that. I’ve always translated this as: you can only be someone else for so long…

  14. I think (my opinion, given that I do it) that it IS who we are, nothing wrong with being what we are. it’s just that when you’re getting to know someone, some things are prominent first, then others emerge. you can be a morpher and that is being yourself. it’s okay to be yourself.

  15. “you can be a morpher and that is being yourself.”
    I keep forgetting this part. Thanks for reminding me. πŸ™‚

  16. “”””I think (my opinion, given that I do it) that it IS who we are, nothing wrong with being what we are. it’s just that when you’re getting to know someone, some things are prominent first, then others emerge””””

    This is what I have been realizing lately. Of coarse Pisces sun here wuth Neptune conjunct 7th cusp :0)

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