Pisces On Fire!

when i snap youll be the first to goRemember Pisces, satori with her fierce solar return? We are going to be watching her.

She’s got the 19 year old leukemia patient she is dealing with, she’s got a new love and she’s got the fierce Mars Pluto across the ascendant /descendant in her solar return. I have encouraged her to go to the gym… something for her rage. Not that she is a particularly angry person but fact is when you have to watch a teenager you care for fight cancer I think it’s fairly impossible not to be mad as hell at some point.

In whatever case she is going to the gym – looking for this piece of clothing to wear:

satori writes:

“it’s a white shirt that I wrote on in sharpie:
when I snap you’ll be the first to go.”

I am amused.


Pisces On Fire! — 6 Comments

  1. Well she is. She is writing them on her clothing and heading out to the gym! I think it’s grand. She has Mars on the ascendant in the SR and appears to be flaunting it. Mars doesn’t give a shit what you think. It’s a big FUCK YOU! “Just try to tell me I can’t wear this shirt!”

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