I’m Pisces, My Whole Life Has Been Hard

Dear Elsa,

I’ve been going through a great deal of pressure and stress for most of my life. Right now, that’s even more true than ever.

Is there ever a point in life when I can expect things to get better?

Living a Difficult Life

Dear Living,

Can you expect things to get better? Yes and no. When things have been hard your whole life, it’s fairly safe to assume that this is just the way it is. Some of these things are just plain hard-wired.

Now you are a double Pisces. Scorpio Sun, but Pisces Moon and rising and you’re not going to get away from that. And Pisces is always a little bit sad. I can’t remember who said that, but I’ve never heard it better put. Pisces can perceive and achieve a state of bliss, at least intermittently. They dream of a world where people are considerate and kind and they want to get there. They yearn to escape to this place they can imagine, when it just doesn’t exist on this plane.

So in this way, I don’t think you can expect improvement. Bad things will continue to happen as long as you walk this earth. But, you can change your perspective about it! You can endeavor to live in this flawed world in a way that is inspired – understanding, like Pisces inherently does, that everything you do affects everything and everyone else.

The bottom line is, YOU can make things better. I was talking to a Pisces pal a couple nights ago. She was feeling pretty low with the stuff going on around her. I told her to rise the boats! Have you ever heard that saying? “All boats rise”.

It refers to the fact that when the tide comes in, ALLLLLLLL the boats rise. The big ones, the small ones, the ugly ones… all of them. So you see what I’m getting at. Lift your boat. The ones around you will benefit, which will lift your boat some more.

I know you get it. Good luck


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