Pisces Moon Day

jellyfish- Pisces moonThe moon is in Pisces all day today. Right now it is smack between Pluto in Capricorn and the sun in Taurus. Pisces moon has trouble with emotional boundaries. It’s permeable. It reminds me of a jellyfish, relying on its environment to retain its shape. Surrounded by earth, the sun and Pluto, this is excellent grounding, containment, for this sensitive energy. It’s like a protective cocoon.

Now is a good time to examine your feelings. Emotions are near the surface today. It’s emotionally naked day, but with enough containment not to be emotional freakout day. Around others, be gentle, slow; with so much emotion in the air those who are not used to it can be volatile.

With Pisces moon it is sometimes difficult to tell where a feeling came from, whether it originated in you or if you sopped it up from the environment. Some take on too much as their own. Some will look at their own and declare, “this isn’t mine!”

How do you feel?


Pisces Moon Day — 26 Comments

  1. Ooh! Jellyfish! I feel grounded by the Taurus Sun and Pisces Moon on my Mercury, and talkative with the Mercury on my Moon. I am very suggestible, though, so I will feel the Pisces soon 🙂

  2. Crap. Blech. Natal Pisces moon and it’s always a little rough around this time.It’s like PMS. (Pisces Moon Syndrome! Ha! I made a funny!)
    At least I know not to flip out or think something is awful. It’s just the moon 🙂

  3. I felt like a jellyfish yesterday with the void moon, have felt much better today (got things done, inter-related with quite a few people about plans…)

    Now the moon is void again until Friday, and I expect to return to jellydom for a while!

  4. It makes me a bit sleepy. But I feel relaxed. I know I am going to have nice sleep tonight. Jellyfish scare me they can sting and hurt you some can even kill you.

    Sorry I used to live in a country where jellyfish can kill you.

  5. I feel great like I’m in love except I’m not! 😉

    My Taurus sun Pisces moon friend contacted me today out of the blue. I thought that was funny.

  6. Another Pisces moon here, adding on to PixieDust’s joke: emotional boundaries are just what the rest of you moons make up to justify being less empathetic than us.

  7. I feel like crap. Today felt okay until it turned into an extremely vulnerable day, when some people’s comments on me plus some subtle body language made me feel unwanted, utterly rejected and unsuited for any normal human contact.
    Thanks for mentioning the sock puppets! I’ve got one in the shape of a fish. It makes very good company.

  8. Out on my walk through the forest I made a bench two stumps and a salvaged plank, just the right size. The plank has old lettering that reads “40” one way; but turned wickershins it reads “Oh”. I turned it ‘Oh-side me, sat down and tears poured. Don’t know where they came from … this ‘plains it.

    “Socket puppet communicator:))) Love that.

  9. hey, y’all, the pisces moon also spans my 7th house. you know what that means: sock puppet kisses for all! mwah! mwah!

  10. Pisces Moon is just perfect for meditation. Here an idea: Photographer Masaru Emoto places words on containers of water, freezes the container and then photographs the crystalline structure of the frozen water. Words like love and peace create beautiful harmonious structures. Words like hate and war create ugly, gnarled and darker structures.

    He has called for a meditation today to help heal the water around the nuclear plants in Fukushima.

  11. I love sock puppet kisses!! I’m enjoying this Pisces Moon sheltered at home and being cozy. Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday, so I’m saving my energy for some merry making with him. 😉

  12. I woke up feeling all warm and relaxed – not at my happiest, but physically relaxed. I had a few tears a couple of hours ago, but they passed for now. The moon trined my Saturn at some point, as well as squaring my Neptune, before hitting my 5th house. I’ve shed less tears today, than I have for a while, spent time outside in the sunshine, and wished that I’d scooted myself out sooner, into the lovely weather I had on my birthday.

    I did a tarot reading last night, that made sense (in the middle of the night), and just need to get working on other creative things.

  13. I also had a sweet dream in which I was having a nice conversation with a man I knew when we were kids. He’s married, and he still was in the dream, but that sweetness was still there. He turned into a partier as he grew up and we were no longer in touch (there’s actually a FB page/group started in his honour, when it comes to how much he can put away, I guess), but he was always so *nice* – loved girls/women, always there to help if I, or someone in my family needed it. I told my mother earlier, “He’s a Sadge. His birthday is a couple of days before yours” and she said, “no wonder he was attracted to you then!” But he’s married now… and overseas.

  14. Pluto is in my jupiter and the sun is in my progressed moon and I’m 16 Pisces sun. On lunch right now just finished giving a massage in clinic to another Pisces sun do right now feeling like a river staying in it’s banks 🙂 flowin right along

  15. Pluto is in my jupiter and the sun is in my progressed moon and I’m 16 Pisces sun. On lunch right now just finished giving a massage in clinic to another Pisces sun do right now feeling like a river staying in it’s banks 🙂 flowin right along

  16. Pluto is in my jupiter and the sun is in my progressed moon and I’m 16 Pisces sun. On lunch right now just finished giving a massage in clinic to another Pisces sun do right now feeling like a river staying in it’s banks 🙂 flowin right along

  17. I hate it when the Moon is in Pisces it makes me depressive,miserable,makes me feel like crying except I never manage to cry for some reason…so I tuck into my bed and sleep until it gets to Aries 🙂

  18. Happy Lunar Return to me to me..where’s my cupcake..lol

    I love it when the moon is in Pisces! Yesterday was a little tough but it’s sitting right where it should be today and I’m one happy content fish.

    Which..I noticed when the moon is in Cap my memory is debilitated. My intent was to watch and observe while it passed through this time…but I forgot. And now I can’t tell you much about those couple of days..lol

    I have a love/hate relationship with my sensitive Pisces moon. It takes some time and maturity to get a handle on the absorbency and watery stuff. And it’s in my first house..so it’s a player.

    What I’ve found that helps with the absorbency and figuring out what feelings are yours versus someone else’s is meditation exercise where I visualize to objects. One of the objects is mine and it is usually some kind of flower. The other object I assign to the world. In my mind I start sorting the feeling assigning what came from me to the rose and what came from outside influence to the other object. The sorting can be done by identifying the trigger events around the emotion..if there is no trigger event just the arrival of new person into my sphere then I know the feeling or emotion is not mine to deal with. After I’m done sorting, I put the other’s symbol in a safe and deal with what is left in the flower.

    Takes a lot of practice..but a Netune flavored first house moon doesn’t have much problem with visualization 🙂

  19. natal pisces moon here, watered all my lovely garden this morning, feeling at home with the world. moon’s passed my natal moon, and passed my also natal pisces mars afterwards, had a workout with lots and lots of sweat last couple of days, feel great

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