Pisces In Love With Pisces Astrologer / Psychologist: Venus In Capricorn

Dear Elsa,

I have been in love with a guy for 2 years. We had a few dates which turned out to be very nice, and he always made me feel very special and admired, and gave me a lot of signs of being interested. But apparently I’ve read them wrong, because when I told him how I felt (I emailed him about it, clicked SEND and cried like hell in pure fear), he emailed back 5 minutes after and said he didn’t feel the same way.

This happened more than a year ago. I have avoided seeing him for most of that time. I have seen him once after that and we didn’t talk about my email love declaration. But meanwhile, I gave him a drawing I had made of his face which he liked. We also hugged that day, and a few days later I sent him a text message to encourage him for a TV interview he had that day; he answered back and said I was his angel. We met a few times those days, due to coincidences/synchronicities. I can’t help but feel I am connected to him and we are meant to be together somehow. I think I am finally starting to get over him though. I hope I am.

And, also there is this love/hate thing going on which is disturbing. I see him regularly now that I’ve started going to classes that he teaches, and I think we will probably be in the same places a lot since I want to do exactly what he does professionally (he is an astrologer and psychologist). So I need to learn to deal with the love/hate problem because it makes me act strangely at times, and it’s embarrassing and disturbing.

Do you think I should talk to him about everything that I feel so he understands me better? Or should I just move on?

Stuck In Love

Dear Love,

No, I don’t think you should talk to him. I don’t even think you’re in love with him. It’s your father you love with and this guy is triggering that. He is just a surrogate, see. Someone you have projected onto. So if you want some insight, look along these lines.

Because you have Venus in Capricorn (there is always a parent theme) in an exact square to Pluto. So basically you have fallen in love (Venus) with this authority figure (teacher / Saturn) who is a psychologist (Pluto).

Further you’re a Pisces and so is he. Which smacks of delusion and denial in both directions. He doesn’t feel… however, you are his angel. ::smiles::

So bottom line: if you want to be unembarrassed, undisturbed, and not act strangely, it’s best you dig into this father complex of yours. And recognize that this guy is just a handy entity on to which you have projected.

Good luck.

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Pisces In Love With Pisces Astrologer / Psychologist: Venus In Capricorn — 3 Comments

  1. When I read this, I was shocked at how many coincidences I had with Stuck in Love. I have had almost the same thing happen to me, about 9 months ago. Sagittarius guy, though, but a teacher/philosopher type, studying psychology. And, instead of email, it was all through instant messenger. (I also drew him a photoshopped fan-drawing of one of his creations. Weird coincidence, huh!)

    So, I felt what you’re feeling… And, I don’t think it’s just embarrassment… At the time, I just felt like every little part of me was exposed, terribly vulnerable. And, it felt as though I could do nothing about it because of that terrible honesty that I had pushed myself through. One thing I had to keep telling myself was…. No regrets, I did what I wanted to do at the time, what I *had* to do for myself.

    But, another thing was my being fully conscious that… I *had* to give myself time to heal… whatever way possible, whether it was through surfing on the company of other close friends or through writing angry poems, hehe.

    I think sometimes, the hardest part is having someone so nice to you, but then, having to pause your emotions for a second, breathe, and tell youself “No.” But, I guess it gave me the chance to think about what was really going on… who the other person was… but most importantly, who I was.

    Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine.

  2. Circle.dot 🙂 thank you for sharing, that’s exactly what I felt too… totally exposed and terrified. I have saturn all over my venus and venus in the 12th house in capricorn, saturn in the 7th trine venus.. I guess fear had to be there.
    I also felt like you said, it was the only thing to do, or go insane.
    He has a leo rising, and me aquarius rising, so the gentleman in him really hit me. But it’s fine. I have survived and am trying to learn from it as much as I can.
    I don’t like the venus in capricorn stereotypes, because they seem to give the idea that capricorn venus don’t really love, and that’s very unfair. I think I love deeply and forever.

    I think all relationships are about our parents, they are second chances to fix wrong patterns.

    It was nice knowing about you circle.com 🙂 thanks.

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