Pisces Falls For “Pretty Words”

Hi Elsa

I tend to fall for guys based on their pretty words: “I just phoned to say I’m missing you” and “I wish you were here with me.”

But when I tell the guys I’ve fallen for them, they back off. Then they tell me, “I don’t want anything serious.” It’s like they have a book entitled “How to Melt My Heart” that they read lines out of!

I was wondering why this keeps happening. Do I have an astrological chart that make me fall for pretty words?

Perplexed Pisces

Dear Perplexed,

Hell yes, it’s going to keep happening. In love, you’re a Neptune type. If you are a Virgo or Virgo rising, or if you have Venus in Pisces, Venus in the twelfth house, or Venus in aspect to Neptune… you’re going to have Neptune flavored relationships. I’ll elaborate.

Neptune love likes to pine. It loves love. It’s addicted to romantic love, which makes it very seducible and very easy to seduce. This is fine in measure, but you’re not dealing with something stable. It acts more like the tide. The tide comes in and your lover only has eyes for you. The tide goes out and he’s not sure he remembers your name.

Okay, now I know that’s rough, but get this: you can’t remember his name, either.

Well at first you might feel like you’re dyin’ over the hologram love you lost. But it’ll be short-lived. It only lasts until the next prospect crosses your path and since you’re so fetching and all… well you won’t waiting long.

So I’m suggesting the men probably feel this when they say it. They’re under a spell. They’re under your spell, or one of their own, so you must discriminate. Talking and doing are two different things, so in your case, this is very simple to solve.

Ask yourself this: Is he talking or is he doing? Because if he’s all talk, no do – then you can be sure it’s your propensity to fantasize making up the rest.

Good luck.


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