Pisces, Aries, Taurus 2024 Solar Return Charts

2024 Taurus

I pulled up a 2024 Solar Return chart for a client.  This is what I saw.  You can click the pic to see the full chart.

Note, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. Pluto in Aquarius squares the sun and on this particular day (April 24th), the moon is in Scorpio.

My son and my husband are both Tauri, so this prompted me to poke around. I found that all the Taurus birth dates have a chart like this… so I expanded my search.

Aries birthdays are similar… as are Pisces dates.  We’re just going to have these tight stelliums for months. I think it’s worth a heads up.

The houses in your Solar Return chart will tell you the areas of life that will be affected.

You can get your personal details for 2024 here: Solar Return Report.



Pisces, Aries, Taurus 2024 Solar Return Charts — 15 Comments

  1. I had poked around looking at my 2024 SR chart a while back and remember being relieved. Had another look just now because of your post and it’s the best SR in a very long time. It fits with my prediction that 2023 would see noticeable improvements, and 2024 would be very good. My Sun will be sandwiched between Jupiter and Uranus with Venus alongside in a stellium. Libra rising with Venus in 7th… and a Leo Moon. 🙂 I had a Scorpio full moon being eclipsed 2022-2023, it was very bad, this year Aries moon, so much better. I’m happy with a run of fire moons, it does make a difference.

    • I haven’t evaluated them, but upheaval, I’m sure.

      My husband will lose his mother and retire.

      My son is at risk of layoff. I think he will keep his job, but doesn’t want to, because his team will be gone. His gf works for the same company in another state. Hopefully, they will wind up together, and employed… Wherever. They are both engineers.

      • Taureans tend towards sticking things out, especially at work. Perhaps there will be some updates and changes that will encourage your son to stay despite the loss of the team. Uranus is an unpredictable but liberating factor. Depends if it has already crossed the sun or not. I have that ahead next year, it’s just hovering nearby this currently.

        • Yes, he started with this company, summer before his junior year. I have expected him to work there for the rest of his life due to this quality…Taurus, I mean.

          But he did tell me he did not want to get caught there.. Holding the bag, trying to get things done with no team. The girlfriend is also looking. I don’t know.

          Also, who knows what will be going on in 2024. Uranus is in Taurus. His job is in the finance industry. I think he’s going to be rocked. But he’s equipped to deal with whatever. As a mother; we hate to see our kids go through things, but its clear he’s sailing into a storm. He’s got a lot of company, though I’m not sure that’s good.

  2. Elsa, I am dismayed that your site no longer allows me to copy and paste your forecasts. I have for years chopped and pasted these into my daily calendar. I would greatly appreciate it if you could reverse this change! Thanks!!

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