Perspective On The Scorpio Full Moon

full moonLike many people I’m heading into the full moon in Scorpio wondering what’s going to happen, how it will affect me. I’ve decided however it manifests I’ll do my best to go with the flow. It is, after all, a water moon! With the Sun in Taurus, an earth sign and plenty of support with Mars and Pluto in earth as well, I’m going with trying to stay grounded in feeling good about myself.

The Moon in Scorpio is deep feeling. It can be disturbing feeling, but that is subject to perspective. If you prepare to let it wash over you and take things as they come rather than being reactive, you’ll likely do just fine. As I said, all the earth here gives every opportunity to stay rooted.

Preparation helps, both mental/emotional and practical. For instance, I’m going to go down to the auto parts store and get a new bulb for my taillight. Am I likely to get pulled over for a missing taillight? Quite likely, particularly as this is my region’s big festival and the police are out in force. Nothing’s predictable under such a full moon, but there are some glaring details a person can affect and you’d be well-advised to do so!

What are your full moon plans?

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Perspective On The Scorpio Full Moon — 7 Comments

  1. Listen to the rain and the wind in the trees tonight I guess. I won’t get to see the Moon 🙁 it’ll still keep me awake though.

    I can’t sleep well when the Moon is full.

  2. I’m going to bed early. I’ve got my period as usual and I think I had my full moon already. It was pretty amazing though.

    Last year during the scorpio full moon I was watching my son graduate from part of his Navy training.

    I think these are lucky full moons for me and apparently, sometimes I even get lucky 🙂

  3. It fell in my 9th, with the Sun conj Jupiter in my 3rd (neighbors), conj my 4th House Cusp.

    My neighbor died. She was only 46. I never met her because she’s been sick with Lupus (I was told by another neighbor). I just celebrated my one-year anniversary of moving here on the 2nd, and she died on the 4th.

    She’s three years younger than me, and I feel like I have not yet begun to live! It’s really making me determined to appreciate my wonderful life for the gift that it is, and be as happy as I can. There is so much I still want to do – an entire lifetime’s worth – and I want to enjoy it. That poor girl’s life is already over.

    Here we were living our lives and feeling pretty good, and that poor girl was literally feet away from me, dying. It’s so heartbreaking.

    I am really going to go out and have fun having lunch with my brother tomorrow before he drives back to Alabama!

  4. I spent all day yesterday with my hands in the dirt. It was awesome! I was so tired at the end of the day though, I feel asleep and missed gazing (and howling) at the moon. *pout*

  5. Received some of the soundest advice I have ever heard from a friend of mine who is a new-ish mother, a full blown Cancer and who was totally drunk at the time…haha full moon. This advice was given Exactly when the moon became full – exact on my venus and moments later on my ascendent. A less discerning person would have totally missed how vital this information was. I took care to write it down. Right there in the middle of the bar. Now what the outcome will be….whether I will actually do as instructed….we shall see.

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