Perks Of Being An Astrologer

zodiac key chain calendarThere’s no denying this is a very difficult job. It comes with a ton of responsibility. But frequently I have the chance to seriously get someone out of pain.

Doctors and nurses have this chance, but you know what? So do customer service people. You know how you have to call someone and you’re frustrated to your wits end?  Have you ever got someone on the phone in a circumstance like this and had them take away your pain?  I have.

In whatever case, I just sent a deeply depressed client a note – it took me nine minutes to write it.  I am pretty sure it’s going to change things for her and it’s things like this that keep me going and will continue to keep me going for a very long time.

What’s a perk of your job? Would it be possible to apply the “pain stoppage” model to your job?


Perks Of Being An Astrologer — 7 Comments

  1. The perk is seeing clients out of an overwelming jam. Like untangling a whale from a fishing net. May take a year but it’s so satisfying.

    Yes, I “try” to apply the pain stoppage everyday. Some folks are just too far down the rabbit hole.

  2. I live for this stuff!

    I do this at work for my boss — he is so busy it really helps to take whatever you can off his plate. I also try make his and my work life easier all the time. Efficiency!

    I also do this when I take calls at work.

  3. Very timely post, I was explaining my friend natal chart to her this evening it was very satisfying to help her understand some things about herself that are right there in her chart.

  4. Elsa, you are a healer. You heal in your Spiritual service at the hospital, and as a practitioner in the healing Art of Astrology. It just emanates from a person who is a natural healer. Not all potential recipients accept it, though, as Jaws wrote ‘too far down the rabbit hole’, but we try when and where we see the need. And who knows that the person who didn’t or couldn’t open up to it at the time, might later think back upon the kind and caring act or words, and it just might change that person’s world. Once it’s out there, it’s still there for the taking. It’s been the best perk in my job of nursing; you really do get an energy from it. I appreciate Teresina’s aspect of the joy of giving service in the work place, as 8+ hours in a day is a good chunk of our life, so it might as well be pleasant. I love to call the supervisor of people who conduct business in that manner and give a compliment on their employee. The perks keep us going and this stuff is what makes the world go ’round.

  5. People come in sometimes and just unload their personal issues. I smile and listen. Before long, they leave, knowing they’re not bearing it all alone. I’ve gone through this Saturn/Scorpio transit starting with being everyone’s dumping ground to jettisoning many life suckers and around back to “I can handle this without it draining me”.

  6. Hi Elsa 🙂
    I love how you share with us.
    Years ago,I read that “An act of love that is rejected is an act of love none the less and is not diminished. It is the act itself that matters.
    I remind myself of that often 🙂

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