People You Know Or Think You Know On The Internet

idiot-savant.jpgDina writes on Blows The Attraction Theory All To Hell:

You’re not intellectual, Elsa? You seem pretty smart/wise to me!

Dina, thank you but I am telling you I am least developed on the intellectual level and one of the points Claire-France made.ย  She explained that I had developed this function to the extent I have via writing which caused people to come along, read my writing and then mistake me as some kind of intellectual!

So I put my writing on the Internet and next thing you know, people like HQ are writing me thinking I must be some kind of brilliant and when they encounter reality the next question sounds like this:

“What are you, some kind of idiot savant?”

e is not the only person who has come up against this and the point is huge when you’re talking about someone you know (or think you know) from the Internet.ย  What you know is their Mercury function!

So in my case perhaps I am seen as an angry (Mars), bright and curious (Mercury) boasting, storytelling philosopher (ninth house) but this is a very small piece of who I am in reality.ย  In fact it is damn near meaningless and people find out when they deal with me in real life and it causes whatever reaction it causes. (They like me or they don’t)

On the flip, if you know me from my gym – you would be floored and flabbergasted if you came across my blog because there is no way in hell you would imagine this freakishly earthy, sensual, swinging hair, well postured and smiling woman could ever write such hard-on stuff.ย  I am telling you this is near impossible to resolve – just like all those dates I have been on where they like me just fine until I speak. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (see video below)

elsa-in-the-desert.jpgBottom line, people read this blog and make assumptions based on it. They think I am ambitious because I write so much for example but that is a million years and miles off the mark. Or maybe they think I care about being smart or learned in some way when I just could absolutely care less.ย  In the past (on astrology mailing lists) I have been assumed to be a butch lesbian and what the hell can I do? Nothing.

If you missed it last time, recently I had a super intellectual, super educated astrologer email me to compare notes. I mailed him back a picture of me standing in the middle of the desert thinking this told all. Does that sound like an intellectual to you?

How surprised he must have been but if you are going to know me personally – well personally that is who I am.

If you keep a blog, how remote is it from who you are in real life? Is your Mercury in a different sign, house with different aspects then your Sun?


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  1. i have blogs, do online writing, etc in different places…they are all different pieces of me. i think they are reflective of who i am, just bits. i have merc. sun and very strong merc in my chart. i sometimes think you get a better insight into how i think from my writing than many people do in real life.

    recently, the question about this came up in my mind, because i have differnt bits out there and sometimes they intersect. until mostly recently, i’ve kept my business writing seperate from my blogs seperate from my other websites seperate from here and places i comment, blah blah blah. and if someone were motivated enough, they could easily connect the dots and it gets easier the more i let them intersect. and i’ve been gradually moving in that direction, of letting them link up more and more.

    i’m not sure how i feel about this, but i know i would prefer not to try and guess what others put together because i don’t have a good handle on it anyway and i don’t see the point.

    lol @ max and his “nothing to see here.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My blog certainly shows aspects of me but it is only a part of the whole. I don’t show all my cards to anyone, whether it’s the blog or in my relationships — that’s life as a Scorpio. That said, I’m learning to be comfortable with revealing more.

  3. If you keep a blog, how remote is it from who you are in real life?

    Not terribly.

    Is your Mercury in a different sign, house with different aspects then your Sun?

    I have it rising – I am my Mercury in some sense.

    [‘Nothing to see here.’]

  4. I don’t keep much of a blog, beyond posting superficial details of my adventures…. It’s a way to keep in touch with freinds and family across the country…

    I have sun in 9th and mercury in the 8th both in Scorpio. Mercury conjunct Uranus, mercury conjunct mars, mercury trine Saturn.

    I find that internet communication allows me to be much more open and revealing than I would be in the flesh. In the flesh I am a quiet, reserved, a pillar of stone…. I suspect my Aquarius rising compels me to be open and honest about myself. Communication has always been important to me. One of the best aspects of the programoing I received as a child was open, honest, communication….

    My ability to clearly express what I am trying to express varies greatly from day to day, cycle to cycle….. Some day’s I just can’t put the words together….. in fact, I find words very frustration…. inadequate to express my experience…….

  5. i can’t put my whole self into writing.
    it’s like photos- they don’t show you the person in action, just a smidgen of a moment. ou can learn so much by the way a person moves and there’s only a touch of that in a still photo (sometimes none.)

    and yeah, my mercury’s out of sign, out of house.
    in close opposition to uranus so i’ve grown to not depend too much on being able to control what impression people get of me. i’m too likely to blurt out shocking things if i open my mouth (though, a lot of the time i just used to keep my mouth shut, so people would be surprised when i actually opened up, but i don’t do that so much any more.)

  6. i mean, i don’t care so much any more if people freak out at what i say. so i don’t keep it in so much. but it’s still the taurus slow to speak and then, bam! kind of thing going on, often enough. which people tend to not find so surprising from an aries. the quiet, yes.

    i guess i come across as pretty calm and reserved at first. and i can be. until something need to be done or said. ;P

  7. max, does this mean you really are in antarctica? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    how much of my blog refects me? it is starting to pick at my deepest fears, which is great. while i did that (picked at my psyche) when i was an uber- depressed, suicidal, self-cutting teeanger i simply didn’t have the psychological tools to deal with going in so deep.

    now, i’m ready. to go in deep and not get depressed about it. i have a lot to deal with emotionally, so it helps. i have no idea if people even read it or like it, for the most part.

    sometimes i think the highly personal is too subjective for other people to really *get* so i don’t worry about it too much.

    i am way more freaky than people realize. and harder, too. but i think it’s a pluto thing.

  8. I tend to keep myself out of my main blog. I’m sure part of my personality comes through, but I’m not very divulging. Occasionally I’ve used Lunar Tunes to rant about astrology stuff that pisses me off. My Mercury and Sun are in the same sign and more or less the same house (Mercury is at very end of my 6th and Sun is in my 7th.) The major diff is that my Merc exactly squares Neptune, and my Sun semisquares Mars. Maybe I come off as more spiritual than I really am?

  9. heh. This is a fun question. My blog is based on the expoloration of sexuality. It is littered with very specific details of my many random dillances with strangers (men & women). The aim is to shock, provoke, and reveal. It promotes self-awareness and truth telling- at all costs. All of the information on it is true.

    In my professional life, this all has to be hidden, which, results in a weird double-life.

    Mercury is Gemini in the 8th house squaring a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in the 11th.


  10. mercury in gemini, 9th house, 2 degree orb from conjunct sun.

    This requires a more complicated, long answer than I will spare, but… I think most people understand that there are at least some gaps between what I write and what I am. I think my writing is a lot more detailed and emotional and catering to nostalgiac, personally historically stuff than I would “give” in real life. For example, I can go days without talking at all and typically don’t say more than two sentences on a daily basis. Yet, I’m driven to write pretty much constantly. There are some obvious gaps in what I chose to express online versus real life.

    But, in real life, the first thing you get to see is my 1st house Saturn… followed by Pluto. Either way, real life or online, people are usually pretty surprised to hear I’m a gemini. Guess gemini’s don’t have emotions or the ability to have deep thoughts.

  11. Gosh … I enjoy chatting on open blogs… It allows me the freedom to say whats on my mind. Mercury in Sagittarius? I also really enjoy reading, Nn in Gemini in the eighth, so i am probably doing more reading then i am writing when i am online. Saturn, pluto and sun in Scorpio in the first and second, i am drawn to blogs that are of the psycological or occult in nature. I also think there is somthing healing about story telling and hearing about other peoples lives (even if I don’t know them persay) is good for getting out of yourself, and sharing your own experiences.

  12. Depends on which website we are talking about…my personal journals are pretty much me all over. Blogs with purposes to them (my silly links blog, craft site blog, writing blog, book blog) are less personal because they have a purpose beyond me yammering about myself, so I don’t do it there.

    Mercury is in a different sign/house/aspects from my Sun (Aries/6th vs. Sun/7th). I guess I separate my personality from my “work” there….

  13. Mercury square Neptune = a mind subject to delusions

    Sun semisquare Mars = striving to demonstrate to the world one’s energy and forcefulness; striving to bend others to one’s will; striving to be manly and virile; a tendency to exhibitionism

    “I tend to keep myself out of my main blog”


  14. Well, the word ‘intellectual’ doesn’t really mean that much to me besides someone who thinks a lot or likes to think. You seem to me like someone who thinks a lot. I do too. And you’re smart. So what difference does it make what label people use? Smart is smart.

    Is there some aspect in the chart that makes people see someone as flakey or nuts when that person is actually smart? Because that’s what happens to me. I mean, in public with people I don’t know and don’t care to know I might embrace that, because it’s easy, but when with people who have known me a while who should know better it’s sort of tricky. Sometimes when I say something smart people look at me like a frog came out of my mouth.

  15. Mar, Mercury conjunct ASC in Scorpio with Venus, ruler of my Libra Sun in the first . . . yeah, like Max, what comes across on my blog/website is pretty much who I am. ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. too many different blogs over the years, all showing different sides of me, but basically all boil down to ME…frenetic, nutty, and just plain weird…
    Mercury in Aries (but also Mars in Gemini – I can’t remember what you call that, I know you told me once…) ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I am not too sure how remote is it from who I am in real life. I don’t talk much about my life on it. I relate bits and pieces of it. Recently I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and writing on a more personal note.
    I don’t know if I care that much how people think of me. But then I don’t have but 8 or 9 people that read my blog.

  18. I would be interested to know how you would like to be seen by your readers Elsa.

    Perhaps the missing part of really “knowing someone”, that is, the lack of body language over the internet may have a different result when standing next to the person.

    Idiot savant?


  19. My blog is a lot more rebellious than I am. Or maybe it is a channel for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The blog’s chart has Sun Conj Venus and Jupiter. And Uranus Conj Mars and Uranus Opp. the Sun Venus and Jupiter.

    I didn’t look at the chart before I started it.

  20. When you said “intellectual” the first time (in that blog post you reference), I took it to mean the kind of people who spend their lives pursuing degrees). Some people actually place what they learn from books as more important than what they experience with their own five (six) senses. Some intellectuals get caught in the trap of thinking that if a statement isn’t wrapped in quote marks with the name of a “highly regarded expert” tacked on the end, it can’t possibly have merit.

    And maybe some “intellectuals” are actually not like that. But the point I’m actually trying to make is that you come off as wise, intelligent, well read, savvy, and gifted as a writer. I think you’re far too in touch with yourself to be labeled as anything, really, and to me that’s just a genuine person. It means you don’t follow the herd, you come up with your own conclusions, and you’re comfortable in your own skin. Which is what we all want to be or at least should – don’t you think?

  21. I have had numerous blogs and other various web presences on the web over the years. Each has shown only a limited view of who I am. But then the same happens in “real life”. Different people know different (and usually small) parts of me. There is not one person on this planet who knows even 90% of me.

  22. “It means you donโ€™t follow the herd, you come up with your own conclusions, and youโ€™re comfortable in your own skin. Which is what we all want to be or at least should – donโ€™t you think?”

    Bananas, I don’t think about what other people should do. I am only concerned with what I do and with preserving my right and freedom to live as I please.

    In other words if someone wants to spend their life getting degrees that seems fine to me. I trust the individual to come up with their own values, design and drive to manifest their life while I do the same.

  23. My blogs and especially the one that I fill most consistently, have been the richest form of self-expression for my Sun and Mercury both in the 10th house Scorpio. Who I am on those blogs is more fully me then ever.

    Does it surprise people? Don’t know.

    Elsa, you wrote: “I am only concerned with what I do and with preserving my right and freedom to live as I please.” What strikes me as I read and re-read that comment is not just anyone can create the setting for allowing discourse and you have created one of those environments that leaves room for “come(ing) up with their own values, design and drive …”

    The history you do share give us clues to see how astrology can have a part in gleaning our own history. That has been an education and a place to affirm my knowing without intellectualizing.

    And @ Jilly … I too did not look at my chart before I started to blog.

  24. Funny. I wrote that in 2008 a few months before I had a breakdown. It’s weird to read old posts and be acutely aware of the world of denial I lived in quite comfortably. Let’s hope I’m not still in it!

  25. people are often confused when my aries comes out. they think i’m too sweet and nice.
    pretty sure that’s my asc though. my mercury t square adds a very different edge to my online presence.

  26. My mouth voice is different from my hand voice. Gemini sun in the 5th, gemini mercury in the 6th. And neptune oppo sun / saturn conj mercury. Hahaha! I could say “everything i say n write
    Can and will be misinterpreted and used against me” so now i tend towards poetry n dont talk to hardly anyone.

  27. My Mercury is in Pisces squaring Uranus and Jupiter in Sag. I’m basically similar to you in that I come off a little brash or direct or *something* that I am not actually. I mean, it is actually how I express ideas but not actually who I am. In real life I am very very gentle and lost in space most of the time. Someone you would say, “oh she’s so quiet and sweet” *unless* I get pissed off, at which point I can turn. My mercury function is very different from of the core of who I am, and my whole in-person essence.

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