People Who Retard Your Growth

I’m starting a new project this morning and I feel happy about it. If you want to achieve something or do something new, it’s important not to hang around people who retard your growth. There is a fine line here. People are stabilized (Saturn) by the group they hang with – for good or ill!

Ideally, you’re supported by your groups of friends or your family but in some cases you can be caught in a trap. There is safety in being connected but if you’re hooked up with a bunch of people going nowhere, or going ’round and ’round in a circle, you might want to think about breaking out.

Do the people around you encourage or discourage your growth? And do you retard them?



People Who Retard Your Growth — 13 Comments

  1. O’my gosh what a great topic Elsa! This is the story of my life! I grew up in a disfunctional house with step siblings that to this day refuse to get off of their merry-go-round. Growing up with them was hell, every moment I turned my back they were thre first ones to stab it, and hold me back as much as possible, with a beer in one hand, and drugs in ther other.
    At a very young age I got off that merry-go-round and detatched and went a different direction. Well so I thought! Then I come to find out later in life, and 2 marriages later, that merry-go-round is a hell of a lot bigger then I thought! I am currently in the process of getting off that ride for good.
    My Aqu Moon, Mars and NorthNode, all in the 2nd house will not allow me to sit still, I must progress at all times! Retarding someone else, No way, I can’t fathom!

  2. Love this post. I have slowly fading away from the “drinking at bars every weekend types” (no offense to those who do) and have made a new group of innovative thinker/doer types. Most of my friends are much much older than me and are married too. I’m the oddball being younger and single but at least I can learn and continue moving forward.

    Yes, I’m in my saturn return!

  3. I’m someone’s Saturn and Someone is my Saturn. It’s like boxing: Keep your feet moving Dodge Jab Keep moving. Working around that Pluto punch too!

  4. My “crowd” now offers stability. That’s what I need. They support whatever I do, but more than that they enhance my ability to bring my ideas into something tangible. For me, that is a big thing.

  5. Mostly I’ve always gone my own way . . . Uranus trine both my Sun & Moon quietly insists I follow my path regardless. Tough at times because I keep leaving friends behind almost without meaning to. 🙁

    Family is my constant – Saturn conj Pluto sextile Moon natally.

  6. this is very relevant to me. i left my home, family, and community because i felt i was doomed in that environment. i’ve always been more comfortable being a loner than compromising my values for the sake of group solidarity.

    i don’t think i retard anyone’s growth. there have been very, very few times when i clung to someone and looking back those were all moments of desperation, when i was acting out my basest self.

  7. Nope… and nope. I’ve a fiery Mars and moon. I prefer encouragement from others, but often encourage myself. I also encourage others pretty frequently.

  8. Great topic! There is definitely someone in my life who impedes my growth. I need to think about the “group” I’m in with to look at how we affect each other.

  9. Folks are a little dicey now, I’m finding. Maybe I’m over sensitized. Or maybe it’s transiting saturn squaring my venus. Anyway, I could be retarded if I chose to be, but you are right about keeping energy going by focussing on the projects at hand. I don’t want to lose the momentum. Overall, believe it or not, I am listening a whole lot more than talking these days. It’s a safe bet for me at present.

  10. Your blogposts are allways on time for me. It’s a little freaky really:)!! Great post!!! Spendt night to thursday getting this. I’m blocking someone. But I’ve told them …I’m not going the same way and I want them to know…expecting me to follow the same path…and I think I’ve made it clear their waiting in vain. Also they are blocking me. So…but I’ve tried to unblock people after my horrific summer. And cutting the bonds are nice , even if it’s mentally only.

  11. My sister has a 3H (siblings) Saturn and her Mercury is exactly conjunct my Sun. She verbally slams all good happenings in my life. She is not the one I turn to for encouragement. Or much of anything.

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