People Losing Their Jobs – Cutthroat Mars Retrograde In Scorpio

knifeRecently, there’s been a rash of people, traumatically separated from their jobs.  There’s the client I just wrote about in Gaslighting & Mental Anguish.  There’s a gal telling her story in the comments.

My husband saw a guy hired at his jobs…fired two days later. Beyond that, the plant manager (of 600 employees) quit this week.  She’s pregnant, so it was probably inevitable, eventually. But I know it was traumatic, because a week prior, she was sobbing in her office.  Apparently, she was hysterical.

For the record, my husband took up for her, but to no avail. She called in sick, found another job, came in the next day and quit.

Further, I suspect this plant is going to close. 600 people will lose their jobs, my husband among them.

We don’t really care, we can see through this. But that is a lot of jobs to lose in an area with such a small population. If someone doesn’t come in and buy the plant, quickly, other businesses will close and more jobs will be lost.

Mars is currently retrograde, opposing Mercury in Taurus. It’s uh…CUT (Scorpio) THROAT (Taurus). It’s undelightful, that’s for sure. But there is more coming…

Mars retrograde in Scorpio will be inconjunct Uranus in Aries at 23 degrees on June 18th.  Expect more surprises, in the form of knives falling.

What do you see happening out there?


People Losing Their Jobs – Cutthroat Mars Retrograde In Scorpio — 30 Comments

  1. Yup, one of my friends just got a humiliating firing this week. He was a police officer on the police force. Ouch.

    He was out drinking all weekend to numb the emotional wreckage. I had to talk and comfort him a little.

  2. A lot of people, including myself, lost their jobs at my workplace which is a public institution. It has been really helpful to re-read the transcript of your workshop on saturn-neptune. Losing status, becoming professionally obscure, being isolated is what is happening to many people. Your insights on saturn-neptune helped reminding me of the greater perspective in the midst of this transit. Thanks, Elsa.

  3. A lot of people have been leaving my job recently. There are whispers that they will be letting go of temps at the end of June. They’re trying to hire me permanently but, we are waiting on stuff in my background check to clear. I’ve been in a state for the past month & I’m STILL waiting. I’ve resigned myself to waiting, though. Hope it works out for me but, God only knows. Everything has been up to timing with this move to Austin. Meh. Thanks, Elsa…I guess I’ll start applying elsewhere just in case…

  4. My old company is very publicly recruiting people to do the work I was laid off from, now as a cool side project and with a compensation “to be negociated”. I’m on a rerecruitment period, during which they should contact laid off people first for any job they are qualified for. There should be at least one person aware of this involved with the project, but they also “rearranged” HR earlier this year, and there may not be anyone to tell them they are risking paying a considerable fine on this. Ooops.

  5. Globalization is the great leveling. Where the poorest of the poor (in third world countries with “untapped markets”) get a little bit more than what they had before and the middle class (here in the united states) gets to know what poverty feels like. All these job losses you speak of are going overseas. If they aren’t going overseas they are being shipped out of unionized states and going into right-to-work states where worker “benefits” are rigged by corporate interests (ridiculous premiums and deductibles that come directly out of your paycheck and coverage that is linked to the number of hours worked so if you are the hospital they can cut off your coverage because you fell below the numbers of hours worked that week – Yes, I had this happen). The divide between rich and poor is going to get ridiculous. We are in the golden age of billionaires. I’ve been forced to use temp agencies and it’s like a perpetual loop where you never get hired on and are always filling in the gaps for companies that are in the process of sending their grunt work overseas. I’m like a place keeper while these folks overseas adjust to the new workload. They are real employees; I am not. Once the adjustment is made, and everyone is trained, than my job goes away and the company escapes those pesky workers compensation, health benefits, and minimum wage laws. I’m not sure where all this is going but I suspect something similar to slavery is coming.

  6. My son was fired today, completely blindsided. It was a sh** organization anyway, … , sidebar transiting Pluto conj his Cap moon, so likely more to come. My spouse may be next, caught up in a mass firing by a company that purchased their company two years ago, offered 4 year contracts to producers, now appear to be close to breaking contract.

  7. I’m seeing that so far we’re pretty good with work here in NYC our employment seems to be up and the “knife” imagery of backstabbing, cutthroating is “de rigueur” for us living in a highly competitive money market liberal City. This happens every day. So sorry things are bad for a lot of folks now, but I’m thinking it will get better on June 29th when my boy Mars goes direct….
    Mars doesn’t handle retrogrades well – remember he’s the soldier always advancing – and I’m thinkin’ he certainly doesn’t like Scorpio? So this could be a double whammy!!
    But my question is, out of all the zodiac signs which one just inherently gives Scorpio the blues and may slow him down just a little for whatever reason?
    I’m Intuiting it’s one of the Cardinals and I’m betting on Capricorn to win and Cancer to place.
    (Belmont Stakes are on Saturday June 10th ?!)
    Aries Rising

  8. My job’s been a pain. I like the boss and the work, when there IS any work. I never know one day to the next if I’m going in or not. I can’t even get caught up, much less get ahead, like this. Small town, not many opportunities. My boss is taking ten days off in July and another ten in September, no pay for me while he’s out. All this while he’s complaining about not having enough deals.

  9. Elsa, how do you see Mars going direct amidst these hasty decisions being made now? Pointless destruction in the aftermath?

  10. I wonder if the mutable grand cross is here to help escalate the aftermath of all Pluto-Uranus squares?? Workplaces, as we once knew them, are being changed and reformed. I don’t think we can really rely on big business to give people jobs these days! Not like before! Shareholders are no longer happy with slow and steady returns–they want fast profits and corporations have to yield to their demands. Nonstop rapid growth and profit is unsustainable and the little people are the first to get cut when the bottom line doesn’t match demands. So we seek out cheaper means to produce in other parts of the world. And when that isn’t cheap enough, pack up and go elsewhere to exploit another disenfranchised foreign city willing to trade labor for peanuts. This only cannibalizes our economy and the middle class. It can’t stay like this. The old paradigm is dying… ?

    I’ve seen Pluto in Capricorn buck authority like crazy and usher in a huuuuge amount of people who left or are leaving the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship, direct sales, mission/charity work, or become subsistence farmers living off the grid instead. Based on my personal observation, self-reliability is the name of the new game.

    • Even doctors are starting to buck the prison of a highly-monetized health insurance monopoly and really upholding the Hippocratic oath. They are either no longer accepting it or doing a sort of a sliding-scale prepay monthly for treatment, which is actually a really good deal. They’re not bound to file time-consuming papers and they don’t have wait around to get preauthorizations for certain life-saving treatments that may or may not be covered under a plan. This frees them up to actually spend time with patients and do right by them. I really hope this trend takes off!

  11. “Hang on snoopy hang on”the song may help as I find 2 breathes of peace my sons share the backstabbing pain of architects holding back 100 K enough to sink the ship and esteem of young men. Bring your A game don’t let them pull you down,in the closing bell know you are loved are special and understand the forces of nature a b tch, time teaches all in the strength we all possess,it begins in your heart and whether we feel or believe another to notice or say,we can do this thing! Stay determined to fix what you can let the rest wait for Karma , I hear he is close by.

  12. In our group, chaos–sick leave, termination perhaps, retirement and “sick of the bull*hit” syndrome where people are cutting hours. I’ve cut my hours, but need more somewhere else or different job soon.

  13. “Mars retrograde in Scorpio will be inconjunct Uranus in Aries at 23 degrees on June 18th. Expect more surprises, in the form of knives falling.”

    Yayyy – smack on my Aries ascendant degree. Should I just stay in bed all day and not use the ceiling fan? Wear a football helmet and a goalie mask? A suit of Mithril? Yikes!

    Thank you Elsa.

  14. I am taking a break. I am not pursuing being ‘out there’. Gosh, what will Uranus in Taurus bring? Yikes??? Out there for me, is in my yard. It is loverly.

  15. Yep. The restaurant I worked at closed. I had 3 days’ notice. It was pretty traumatic for many of us.

  16. I am in a job – although an impermanent of sorts, since I don’t know whether my position will be prolonged. My boss is not too keen on handing me assignments, so I’m a bit frustrated. Still, it’s a job.

    This week I was contacted by a recruiter from another company. He said he had a client that could use some of my skills. We’ll see. NOthing is promised, and Mars isn’t going direct yet. I will bide my time, awaiting more news. Nothing else you can do about it.

    I feel so sorry for all of you whose spouses, sons, daughters and familily are loosing their jobs at the moment. It’s terrible!

  17. I just turned down a summer job working with kids, tutoring in reading in math during their summer day camp. I emailed them last night – at least they can get someone hired this week before their program starts next monday. I literally felt like my metaphysical feet were digging into the ground yelling “NOOOO”. I need that money, but I just can’t! It was very hard for me to do, and i don’t know where I will apply, but Macy’s needs people to hang up clothes from the dressing rooms. The sad thing is that doesn’t pay much less than what I’ve been making as an instructional aide. I have worked two years straight with elementary aged ed/md (emotionally disturbed with multiple disabilities) in a large urban public school system while taking graduate courses in special ed, and I am !tired! and need a break from kids. This fall I will be placed in a position in the school system as a spec ed teacher, making twice what I’ve been making, but this summer the bills have gotta be paid, somehow. Teachers mentally, emotionally and physically need these breaks, and going into my first year of teaching I know I definitely need this break. Meanwhile, my own little loaded 8th house taurean teenager with asperger’s who newest obsession is criminality and has wanted to try robbing atm machines, or planting pot seeds in the woods to supplement his allowance, has landed a summer job at Goodwill. Maybe this will keep me from having to deliver white socks and underwear to him at the jailhouse…

    • Dorothy
      How odd that you wrote on anniversary day of my special needs/medically fragile child’s (Ryan) death, 3 years ago. I went thru 22 years of teaching with others for the boy to blossom and he did. (too long to put here) But it’s people like you who helped and I don’t blame you for taking the break. Teachers do need it and spec ed esp. do! I also divorced that same year.. and was kicked out of the house 2 months after Ryan passed.
      Now I live with my 21 y/o old man/child, Devin, who has ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. And he is a Libra with 5 houses in Scorpio!!! So we have had a time of it, not in the way that you have had (which I had to admit made me giggle, I can just see him doing the ATM machines or planting pot.. ) But I got informed today that Devin has cut his hours at the theater he was working for, to help a friend of his with comic books online! I almost came apart with this news b/c he doesn’t get paid for the comics! And yes he is a very good story writer and they have things set up to go.. But nothing has come of it for 3 yrs. I just cross my fingers and hope that he doesn’t lose the paying job! At least it paid for his dinner (he’s sooo picky) and cards that he plays.. like Magic, etc. He is so not ready for this world and what’s in it! And on top of that..
      I lost my job as a Nanny a month ago which I knew was coming and my family wants to push me in all sorts of directions.. none of which fit this square peg in a round hole.. so I’m looking in the same places that I have b4 and considering Uber and Lyft to do something! Oh and I got accepted on a trial research study on depression and anxiety. (wonder where that came from?) and will get paid by the trial. And the only one in the family that is helping me is my sister in law who is redoing my resume from Nanny to school or business or something and she understands me and what I’m going thru (this is a family of 20 now)
      Anyway, this is a tremendously long note.. but I have to say you have a great sense of humor (one that I had when Ryan was alive and sometimes pops up now) and have given me something to think about..How I could be “delivering white socks and underwear to my son at the jailhouse…” Sooo funny.. yes in a macabre way.. my type of humor!
      Thank you for that!

      • Bevseramela,
        What a sweet reply, and thank you. I’ve read your post a few times and understand so much of what you are expressing. I share your, unique, if I might say, appreciation of children who are on the different side. I certainly wish your sweet son, Devin, all the best as he makes his way in this murky mercantile world. All my sons have loved comics, and I do too! Graphic novels just keep growing as a genre. It is definitely possible to have great success in that kind of art. Devin sounds delightful.I also share your ability to remember fondly and without fear, the life of your son Ryan. My oldest son Gabriel died on Nov. 27, 2007. Anniversaries, dreams, memories, work, love, stories…our lives. Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. By the way, I’m not sure if you’re interested but there is a program called Transition to Teaching that provides educational grants for people wanting to go into Special Education. I am in that and it has been a great program. This summer I’m hoping to find something part time. I wish you luck with work, the research studies, life and all the best to you and yours!

  18. I had a great, exciting job for one week — then got a call early Friday AM to reverse all that. The lady I was supposed to be replacing is now staying on for an indefinite period of time, so . . . bye bye for me. The kicker is that she has been VOLUNTEERING for months and is not getting paid. So why hire a new person (who needs an actual job) part-time when you can just keep someone volunteering and not have to pay them?? But augggh it was really not cool. I really, really need a part-time job that will pay me a living wage.

  19. June 2016–I was fired that month. Just a day after cutthroat Mars in Scorpio went direct. Opposite the Taurus Moon. Throat (Taurus) cut (Scorpio Mars) by women (Moon).

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