Paypal Is Insane – I’m Innocent (And Embarrassed)

My jaw dropped this morning when I went to my tip / donation page. I had a paypal module on that page. It allowed a person to enter an amount and either make a one time donation, or send a smaller amount monthly. THAT is what I installed. That is ALL I installed.

I clicked on the tip jar today, a module popped up that had suggested donations amounts of $150 / $100 / $50 or fill in the blank!  What? Who would do that? It’s crazy.

Typically, people donate $5-25, one time or monthly. Occasionally I get a larger tip but it’s not very often.  It makes no sense at all to put there giant buttons asking for twenty-five times the norm!

I just want anyone and everyone might have seen this to know that I did not set it up that way. I’d have to be insane. It phenomenally arrogant and off-putting. I am very sorry.

I go on and on about maintaining your own site or business.  This is a good example why.

I don’t know how this happened. It might have been some kind of test. Paypal gets a percentage of every payment, yes?  They might have thought this would increase their bottom line.  Or this might have already been tested and my site was part of a wider roll-out. Whatever it was, it wasn’t my doing.

I have put things back the way they should be. Give what you want, when you want, how you want for the reason you want, if you want. It’s not as slick. To offer two choices (one time or monthly) it takes two modules but hopefully using these older modules will spare us all. Gah.

This shows me the permissions we all grant to various technology companies in order to use their services can be used at any time for any reason.  This site asks nothing of you, other than to be cordial. Basic manners, right?

Pluto in Aquarius is going to be nasty!


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Paypal Is Insane – I’m Innocent (And Embarrassed) — 29 Comments

    • Well, they have modules with amounts you can input. I’ve used them. But the amounts were $3-20.

      It might have been a mistake but the point is the same. They can edit and it can be reckless and damaging.

      I’ll give you another example.

      They have the utility. They want you to give people this link. I tried to use it…then one day I clicked on it and my private information was showing. Are you kidding me?

      I called them, that time. I was unable to edit it. It’s their module, see?

      I never used it again. Or rather, I disabled it completely.

      These companies do not think of the risk or loss to the customer and think they’re immune to losing customers. They’re so wrong about that.

      I pay commission to paypal. What they’re doing here is wrong. And I have no way of knowing how long it’s been that way. No telling how many people might have gone to that page and changed their mind.

  1. Wow, I just checked my own button and it lists amounts of $75, $100, $150, fill in the blank, or monthly. It was not like that last month. It had fill in the blank or monthly, which I liked. I did not check it recently, so this was a change in February.

    • Amazing. Thanks for posting.

      I wonder if your looked like mine (highest amount most prominent). Because you listed the values backwards from how mine was laid out.

      I just can’t imagine someone clicking a link in one of my newsletters and seeing that. I am not the kind of person to overvalue myself. I was truly sickened by this. 🙁

      • No, mine was listed $75/$100/$150 in that order, and when I click the one-time donation button in your link, it lists the same amounts for you the same way. I know on Twitch and Youtube, people sometimes tip large amounts, but it feels weird for Paypal to make these suggestions. I hope this is not permanent!

  2. I dont see any of those suggested amounts. I looked earlier too, and didnt see any then. Im on my phone.

    If they were there though, i dont know that id think that much of it. I know i wouldnt be offended. Id probably think that some people do donate that much, and good for you.

  3. If you haven’t yet – you might think about sending them some feedback about what happened. It may have been a young-one who did that decision. I have to corrall millenials all the time (no disrespect) and occasionally they gaffe big because the know everything. Sorry – a little bit of venting here. I would just let them know – Paypal – that for your business this was not so good – although you love the paypal product…

    I am corralling some millenials now…and getting ready to move on to a new business area. Sorry – I am usually more reserved in what I say/contribute.

    • I have woo commerce, behind the scenes. I don’t these two utilities match up at this point.

      I know people dog paypal. I was a big fan for many years. This is because most other payment processors would not process payments for me because I’m an astrologer. This was a banned business; a change was made in the last year. So I appreciate paypal for that.

      From my perspective, ebay sold them off and they’ve struggled since. They’ve worked very hard from what I can see, to recover. It’s been very bumpy. They’ve lost about 30% of my business on this site because I do have another payment processor now and some people choose them. But I would not exclude them. I have some loyalty because without them, I don’t think the site would be here…no way for people to pay me. And this site does cost money do maintain. It’s not that cheap, especially when things go wrong.

  4. I would be loyal too, but still hoping that PayPal can fix the problem. Personally, I’ve never seen the exorbitant suggestion on your PayPal tip link (but then I’ve been a monthly contributor for a while so I haven’t clicked on the link lately).

    • Thank you!

      I’ll tell you, I used paypal before they charged fees. I also used ebay before *they* had fees. They were independent companies.

      When ebay sold them, they immediately put an alternative way of paying for auctions on their site. Your saved credit card info.

      I shop ebay quite a bit and pay by credit card, 80% of the time. The loss of revenue to paypal has to be staggering.

      I see them turning more into a bank – issuing credit I’m not sure if this will be good or bad over time. All the banks ban together (to block guns, astrology, whatever they like). But I do commend them from busting ass trying to stay afloat and relevant. They’ve shown a lot of grit over these last couple years.

      I want them to make it.

      • Stripe (which I also use now) is their competitor and they really are good, now that I’m allowed in. I have had not one problem nor one complaint of any kind from any customer since they’ve been on the site.

        Zelle is also competing. I use them to instant-send money to my son in college. I used to use paypal – they discontinued this program with ZERO notice.


        It’s like on-the-job learning or something. I bet it’s expensive. But people benefit when there is competition.

  5. Me too… I just found out that Xoom – a way to send money overseas – is a PayPal service. My father supports a god daughter in the Philippines. We are going to switch over to this service and see how it works out.

  6. I just clicked on the One Time Donation and the page it took me to offered me choices of 75, 100, 150, other _____ (accessed from my computer) (haven’t tried phone)

        • I tried to call them – customer service is only available M-F. I decided to try a NEW button. When I went to install it, the top button is now working perfectly.

          I removed the other. You can now click one button, choose your own amount and make it one-time or monthly.

          That’s what I intended to put on that page. I hope it holds! 🙂

          • I still get the 75, 100, 150, other____, with now the option of making that monthly (on the same page).

            Maybe that’s just the way it is now, and we have to live with it?

            It does make me feel cheap (or rather: poor) but I encounter this everywhere.

            Personally, I am in Canada and the dollar exchange is brutal, and has been for many years now, as has my ongoing unemployment or underemployment situation. And then I know Paypal will take a commission off whatever measly contribution I might send your way. :/ I will have to investigate those other ways of tipping you, where you don’t lose a commission fee.

            Thanks for having explained all this to us.

  7. I just checked this on mobile, and it is how it was before, with no suggested amounts. Guess they did a test run and decided to revert. Maybe!

  8. I have to say the only time my credit/debit info was stolen and used inappropriately was when I used pay pal. This was 3 yrs ago. Maybe I handled it incorrectly, maybe not. At that time I was doing a lot if not all banking, shopping online. I never had a problem. My bank caught the transaction, thankfully, before it was removed from my acct. But as a result, I won’t use PayPal. This however, is not the reason I am unable to contribute, and I sincerely apologize that I’m unable to at this time.

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