Passive Aggressive Secret Rejection

libra enid collins old purseWith Mars in Libra squaring Pluto, many are dealing with passive-aggression in some form. You may very well be as guilty of this as the person you feel is acting against you.

Having Mars in Libra natally, I speak from experience. It’s rarely appropriate to walk up to someone and punch their lights out.  It’s too bad, because this would be a lot simpler, wouldn’t it?
Instead, a person winds up being gamey.  With Saturn squaring Neptune, avoidance is a big play these days as is gaslighting. UGH.

Eventually, Mars will leave Libra for Scorpio. We should all be able to make cleaner cuts at that time. Personally, I will whoop for joy at that point.  Death by 1000 paper cuts ain’t my style!

I do think that when the blow comes it’s going to mean business. So if you’re out there tinkering with someone, don’t discount the idea they may be playing dumb to set you up.

How are things going in your life?


Passive Aggressive Secret Rejection — 13 Comments

  1. After days of zero communication from my ex-boyfriend he sent me a text last night telling me I can pick up my stuff at his place this afternoon. I’m glad to finally be done with what has ultimately been a draining relationship. I’ve got a paper to write and a final exam to cram for. “My Life” by Billy Joel is my fight song. ♡☆♡

  2. Oh my, Elsa. How is it you always nail the issues going on in my life at the moment? It’s uncanny. Talk about avoidance – I disappeared myself from fb recently. I’d watched our class reunion unfold on there and realized that nothing much has changed over 35 years. People are stuck in the same peer roles. I have this friend, too. She’s divorced and I would be happy for her to find mr right. We dated in hs but mainly we were friends. When she had no bf, she would hang out with me. When she had a bf, I wouldn’t hear from her. With this new revelation that people haven’t changed, I wondered if maybe this scenario would play out again when she finds herself a new man. That flawed dynamic of our friendship always bugged me and I don’t want to be the one waiting in the cold while she goes her merry way so I kind of backed off that one, too. Maybe there’s a protective side to avoidance that isn’t so bad. Balance is more what I think I need. I don’t like being the one holding the whole thing up when the other person can take it or leave it.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. This is a good post. I read all the linked posts about gaslighting and l have to tell you it really is a goldmine. Those gems from the past have too much wisdom to be buried. I’m glad l dug for those nuggets.

  4. Thanks for pointing this out in excellent post and newsletter.
    Passive-agrssivity is a pretty sneaky mode sometimes, even worse when you do it yourself without realizinf it!!!!!
    Very good preventive info (I hope!).

  5. I wish there was something passive about me sometimes.
    This>> It’s rarely appropriate to walk up to someone and punch their lights out. It’s too bad, because this would be a lot simpler, wouldn’t it? <<<<<<<<<

    I like it nice and simple. BLAST… now bye 🙂
    Of course you will either have people love you or hate you and no in between with this method. Suits me just fine.

  6. Dreamy. Everything is all melted together. Wake up. Turn on. Do the day. Shut down. Go to sleep. I don’t feel any aggression at this point. Just focussed on the day and taking it as it comes. Continue to eat healthy and get enough exercise and get my stuff done. I got called out yesterday once but I couldn’t get there. I had other stuff to do. And much to do this weekend on my mind. I am where I am when I’m there but am also aware of what lies beyond that particular point in time.

    • Oh today, I was being pushed. People were coming at me. I am always too direct. I just said no, I can’t do that. And if you go away and stop bothering me, I will be ableto complete this on time. The bears were hungry. And when they are hungry they need to be fed. That is my present assignment, feeding the bears.

  7. I’m sun and moon in Scorp and Sag rising – since Oct, been seeing a man who’s Sun is in Pisces, Taurus moon. Thought we were on the road to relationship, then he is too busy to be in touch for a week. I wrote him Wednesday night, ending things, as I need a mate who communicates, and I’ve had no response! Perhaps he was a figment of my imagination! Thing is, we work for the same company! I wonder if I’ll ever learn what was going on. . . Is there an astrological marker for a Peter Pan type? I seem to draw them in. Sigh.

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