Overview Of 2015 Astrological Influences

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I thought I’d kick off 2015 with a broad overview of the year ahead.

Last year was all about the upheaval created by Uranus square Pluto. Uranus and Pluto square off for the last time on March 17th.

Pluto turns retrograde in April while faster moving Uranus hurtles ahead. Soon these planets will be operating independently. I expect this to be greatly relieving.

Meanwhile, Saturn is now in Sagittarius. While we’ll get a preview of this transit, Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio during the summer months (June-September in the US).

Due to this falling back, I consider this a transition year. This is particularly true for Capricorn, Capricorn Rising, or Sagittarius. We’re going, we’re just not going this exact minute!

As for the next big thing; astrologers will be talking about Saturn squaring Neptune in 2015 and 2016. In a nutshell, Saturn rules structure, rules, reality, etc. Neptune obfuscates, dissolves & undermines.

If you’re even remotely paying attention, I’m sure you perceive this process as already underway. Do we even know what the law is? Do we know who is in charge of what? Who is “Anonymous”? Who hacked Sony?

I have these planets mashed in my chart. I’ve written 150 posts on the topic over the years. I don’t think there is an astrologer on the planet that can hold a candle to me on this topic. So if you run into trouble with this transit, I have the remedy.

Keeping It Together When Things Fall Apart

This workshop can be your fog-vision goggles as clarity becomes harder and harder to come by.

How do you feel as we head into 2015?



Overview Of 2015 Astrological Influences — 17 Comments

  1. I’ll be relieved when my major outer planet transits finish up this month, but I feel the Saturn-Neptune stirrings now, that’s for sure. I’m ever so slightly confused when it comes to just what my obligations are. I bought the Saturn-Neptune transcript some time ago and read it all the way through, and it was helpful to get perspective on this energy in advance. But now that I’m actually beginning to see how it will play out, I think a re-read is in order. Thanks for offering it!

  2. This is my saturn return ..2 degrees sag…I came up with this grand idea I want to get into shape. in my youth I was a runner…cross country and just liked to jog. now, I’m thinking I want to start out running again with the long term goal of running a marathon. I am old (2nd saturn return) and out of shape but this can be done..I think. except on monday before I had started woerking out or anything ,my knee started hurting like crazy. it feels much better now..it’s like it didnt klike the idea of me running..lol… but this can be done…I just need to start out slowly and get in shape and move on from there.

    • To Watergal. I wish you well. I’ve passed my 2nd Saturn Return in Libra (just as an age indicator) and during that time I realized that going forward now can still be about learning, loving and adventure but the quality of everything will be determined by my health. I’m pretty fortunate not to have any major issues, so many are not so blessed. You were a runner so it’s awesome you want to return to it. I was a dancer as a kid. Ballet, jazz but I grew up and went to work and left it behind decades ago. I did Jane Fonda, Tai Bo, you name it over the years. And then around 44 or 45 I quit everything. At 59 I started a Zumba class and became an instructor. No problems with Zumba but after 2 years I realized instructing was taking time away from writing so I quit teaching but not dancing and choregraphing for me. I probably dance 12 hours a week and 63 is still 63 but it finds me in good shape and importantly a good state of mind. I listen to music almost all day long, while working out or writing or driving. Anyway. Run. But do watch the knees. Listen to your body.

    • Watergal, I am a long time listener and rarely a commentator on this site, but you always have a kind word and I love your energy so I felt the need to tell you this…I applaud your efforts to get into shape but I have one suggestion, make sure you see a cardiologist or at the very least your own physician and get a stress test done on your heart before you start. Marathoners tend to work their hearts too hard and the stress is too much for some hearts, even if you feel and seem healthy. If it’s getting in shape you really want then you might want to check out HIIT (high intensity interval training) It actually means that the workout gets the heart rate up by working hard for short periods (2 minutes) and then using intervals of rest (determined by your recovery level needed usually 1 to 2 minutes) allowing you to be ready for the next burst. The best part is you only need to do it for 20 minutes 3 times a week. Much safer than running and running and running with no breaks. I’m sure your knees would thank you! Virtually any sport or activity that requires bursts followed by rest over and over is more efficient at exercising your heart muscle (and therefore all of your other muscles) than constant, extended effort, such as running on treadmills for hours and marathon training. But don’t take my word for it, you might want research articles about studies on heart health risks and marathon training. I wish you all the best!

  3. I don’t know why, but I have been thinking more and more about Neptune the past few months. Maybe a part of me can feel it?

    I know the ‘system’ (all systems in so many different industries and methods) needs to be revamped, and a change must occur. I don’t exactly think Saturn is pleased with everything, personally. Maybe Neptune’s influence will be one of the ‘higher octave’ variety? lol.

  4. I feel grateful that my little family took the time to hibernate and stay small and simple through Saturn in Scorpio so that we can now shoot our Sagittarian arrows with the same strength we used to face our fears while traversing our depths.
    May our anticipation for change not wear us out before the best time to strike! I just keep reminding myself- create the space so higher power has room to step in. Relinquish the illusion of control. Pay attention and heed to what I can actually manage and am responsible for.
    Thank you for your wisdom, Elsa.

  5. I feel amazed that I have survived this long. And getting this far in age, I want to see how far I can go. And enjoy the going as much as possible. I am actually really jazzed about facing the challenge of survival. And these days no need to jump out of a plane or yo yo on a bungee cord or drive at high speeds or etc etc etc to feel alive.

  6. Thank you. Elsa. Amarie-I feel you on your comment about not letting ourselves wear ourselves out with anticipation before it comes time to strike- it definitely feels like a transitory period as Elsa mentioned. I feel so ready, yet cautious. Its weird because i am totally clear on my long term vision, yet there’s this voice telling me it may not be wise to charge full speed ahead just yet. Kind of like a test of faith.

    • Yeah, I am not even going to have a class on this (Saturn in Sadge) yet. I feel it’s premature and that any learning (Sadge) will be lost (Neptune).

      Freakin’ patience. I’d rather not be patient, however… 🙂

  7. I think what just happened in Paris today to be indicative of the Sun/Pluto conjuction squaring Uranus and now this Yod energy which is always tricky for me to read. How can we ignore this planetary cocktail? It was never a matter of being shocked, although, yes Uranus, by it’s very nature, shocks. But it was a matter of when. We had this T-square from Hell with a Full Moon this weekend. I was surprised it was relatively tame. But this has to be a reverberation of the weekend T-square off or the potentcy of Sun in Cap conjunct Pluto in Cap square Uranus still within a one degree orb. Pluto is death. Death. Death. Death. I know it is rebirth, but usually the death is permanent. With the Sun of course it would involve the individual and with Saturn in Sadge, I mean, come on – religious upheaval will be huge for the next three years. All of this occuring with Neptune in Pisces, along with Chiron. Isn’t that another square? Doesn’t Capricorn square the hell out of Pisces. And Merc and Venus in Aquarius – that’s the masses and that’s journalism. What’s next? I mean, really, another plane blowing up in mid-air? This time frightens me. Am a cardinal within 2 degrees of this square and my lfie has been utter hell. Now Saturn squares my Moon in Pisces, Mars/Pluto in Virgo and MH in Pisces too. How will I survive is a question I ask myself daily. Sorry to be so fatalistic, but has anyone done the fixed stars this is happening in? I know Sadge Decan 2 has the most concentration of malefic stars, so am dreading when Saturn crosses through it next fall. This reminds me of when Saturn was in the 29th degree of one sign, I forget which, and in the last minute of the sign the TWA plane over Long Island blew up, I lived in New York, Grew up on Long Island, I remember the precise minute that happened. Ever since then, I had huge respect for Saturn. But now am daunted by this Pluto Uranus square-mare. Again, my apologies for sounding fatalistic, but I mean come on….

  8. Correction, sorry, I meant Sadge squares Pisces. Yikes. I know am using super wide orbs, but Uranus and Pluto are exactly one degree apart, The Sun is not far. Am miffed about Neptune though. But chiron and the node are closely squarig Saturn.

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