Our Ineffectual Society

I called my husband about a sheaf of important papers that just arrived in the mail. I summed up their contents…

“Same ol’ story. Same ol song and dance. They’re never going to do anything, they don’t know how to do anything, they can’t get anything done; they never have and they never will,” he said “I got a song, it ain’t got no melody,” he sung. I laughed. “I’m a gonna sing it to my friends!”

“Will it go ’round in circles,” I sang back. ‘Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky…”

We as a collective have become freakishly ineffectual. I am hoping the slew of planets due to ingress into Aries over the next 12 weeks or so puts an end to this era. You?

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Our Ineffectual Society — 16 Comments

  1. LMAO- A friend of mine was just over and told me how the Unemployment Office just mailed him a letter telling him that they would not be able to process his claim until he provided them his address… Huh?! They had to have his address to mail him the letter asking him for his address… duh!

  2. Hell yeah!!!!

    My assigment this week was awful ….6 employees + me(temp) work for max 3 people and we had two lunch brakes!! and at least 3*30 min of waiting for work. My God. My job in dec was so stressful , we ran around eachother all day, no time for lunch…eat and walk. I prefer that. Inefficency annoys the crap out of me!And it’s expencsive! Like the reisolation on our building. They planned everything after drawings, No inspections or investigations into the actual building. Now they have done half the job. Have to break for months,plan and come back and finish. Just the scaffolding on and off!Expensive!!

  3. CArRiE–I can’t even begin to tell you the total inefficiency of the Unemployment Office. I have a new understanding of why our government is hemorrhaging money the way it is. One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing, nobody at the local office knows how to answer questions. They are all really really nice people, who want to help, but they don’t know anything. You get sent a form to fill out, but they don’t send you the instructions for that form until a week later. Then, when you don’t fill it out right, it takes weeks to iron it all out.

  4. The organization that I work for is incredibly ineffective. I actually wrote so today to a third party company that is organizing an “offsite” meeting to be held onsite in two weeks. I have NEVER, in my 20 years in this field, EVER worked for a more dysfunctional, ineffective organization. Something needs to be done very soon – and it will, so I am told. I keep believing that this latest eclipse and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in my 10th house will actually make a difference.

  5. Well, all they are going to do is go ’round in circles, that’s the point. But the shocking thing is they actually think they are accomplishing something.

    2 years ago, I’d have pointed out the error but now I see it’s hopeless so instead, I’ll sing.

  6. I think my generation has our heads so far up our asss that we think that we can just get a magic wand, wave it, and everything will be alright!

    Talk about feelings of entitlement.

  7. Well my stepson sent me a link to an article in the NYT – it was incomprehensible. Even the title was incomprehensible.

    You see things like this – someone actually thought it was okay to publish this and it’s just bewildering.

    I told him I had tried to buy death and dismemberment insurance earlier in the day but the kid on the other end of the phone was so incredibly stupid, it was just not possible.

    The form was nonsensical – this is why I had to call in the first place and of course he couldn’t straighten it out so that was that, I did not buy the insurance.

    I don’t think that insurance kid has any idea how stupid he is, just like the writer for the NYT is boasting they got published in the NYT. I guess no one has the heart to tell them.

    The Denver Post has a number of regular people who comment who try to help the paper see what dumb asses they are but they don’t seem to notice or care. For example, “Fifty percent or about half…” the writer writes. :laughs:

    And then they have entire articles which fail to say anything. People ask, wtf is this about, lol.

    This is article from the NYT

    It has been fixed.

    It was originally published with this title:

    “Citizenship for Babies Looms as Immigration Fight”

    ha ha ha, what?

    And then the whole article was gibberish like this as a the writer took a stand, though no telling exactly where that stand was.

    “Will it go ’round in circles…”

  8. I only wish I could tell my stories. Oh how I wish I could tell my stories. It’s all I can do not to say, “I’d like to help you but you have no brain.”

    Reminds me of this old black guy in walgreens, he worked there. I have an affinity to old black guys that runs deep but anyway, he tried to get a kid in the line ahead of me, he was with his mother, to make change in his head, 50 cents from a dollar. The kid was at least 13 and looked at him blankly. The man shrugged and the boy and his mother left.

    “That’s who is going to be in charge. Thank God, I’m going to die soon,” he added.

    “Yeah,” I said. “Yeah.”

  9. And then there was the room of 16 people, various ages and me. They all had degrees, many of them had advanced degrees – everyone but me. Man, it was something.

    They all went around the room agreeing with each other and I was stupefied. I think this is what you call, “sucking each others dicks” but anyway they got to me and I flat out told them they were out of their fuckin’ minds. They all stared at me… but of course they’re pc so you know. They gave me a lollipop, so to speak and went on their stupid way. I left there smarter than ever, ya know? I mean at least I have common sense.

  10. I recently had to fill out insurance forms, except I couldn’t fill them out myself, I had to watch some complete dumbass fill them out.

    “Um, my name is spelled wrong…” Then I get to the car and realize he filled out OTHER things wrong! I went back inside, and what does he do? Tells me “no big deal” and gets me to inital the changes…on my copy. Yeah. The insurance company will offer THAT when they write the check…or rather, don’t write the check.

    So, I had to hire a lawyer who proceeded to have the forms revoked. Stupid stupid stupid STUPID! Of course it’s insurance, so they aren’t so stupid–my claim would certainly be rejected–but that I can’t fill out these forms my @#$@#self makes me SO ANGRY!

  11. I don’t know about other countries, but I think one reason for this decrease in intelligence in America is because we as America had it so good in the 80’s and 90’s that we became lazy and fat!! Lol, I have no room to talk because I am about 30 pounds overweigt, but whatever.

    It’s kinda like a rich kid who’s had so much to eat and so much given to him without work and hardship that he no longer has to use his brain and that’s what so scary about America currently!

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