Our Homecoming – Our Commitment – Our Legagy

grapevinesWe’re closing on our house tomorrow. Actually, I’m closing on our house tomorrow using the power of attorney, granted to me by my husband.

I can’t say I’d have elected to have the Moon in Scorpio (fall) opposing Mars in Taurus (detriment) on the day we buy our new home. However I don’t know what my problem is. I love the Moon in Scorpio. This blog has it’s Moon in Scorpio. My husband as his Moon in Scorpio. And the fact is, it’s a very strong chart.

While the Moon and Saturn are near the base of the chart, most everything else is above the horizon. I like this. It appears we’ll be living in a light with some privacy. I also think Moon Saturn (they are not conjunct) down low, describes a deep commitment to family. We do plan to dig in!

On that note, Tuesday, I’ll go out and plant my garden. The older man we’re buying the house from, is going to help me. The Moon will be conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius at that time.  For me, it will be like coming home to work with my grandfather, Henry.

A friend said she thought it was appropriate I put down roots (Moon) for the future (Sagittarius).  She knew nothing of the astrology at that time, but you can see how it fits.

I won’t be moving for several weeks. It may even be five or six weeks. But when I do, the garden will be growing, I’ll have fruit on the trees and grapes on the vine.  The older man told me he rides by on the mower, grabs some grapes and eats them as he mows. I’ll be doing that too!

So this is where we’re at, for people who have been following this odyssey.  We are slowly, slowly, landing the plane.



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  1. Well done, Elsa. Another gal from the south (Dolly Parton) said, “Storms make trees grow deep roots.” There you are, weathered by the journey, deeply rooting with Scorpio Moon and Henry to help plant you.

    This saga is a good one. All the best going forward.

    • year ago my dad told me trees that can bend with the wind don’t break. That was a long time ago. He was one of those trees, WWII Vet, recruited out of The Great Depression.

  2. Congratulations Elsa, I’m very excited for you! May this new chapter of your life be all that you ever dreamed for!

  3. However I don’t know what my problem is.

    Hrmm. You’ve just changed states, you thought you had a house, you didn’t have a house, you live in a rented house you want to get out of, you might have to get another 90-day lease (or something), the landlord wants to rent the place again already, and you’re just now signing a contract to buy the house you’re going to live in. The opposition plus the the Saturn fourth says to me that it’s a long, hard-working slog to get moved in, when you just want a bloody place to live already, why does this have to be so hard?!

    You wouldn’t think getting a house in a place where there are so many open houses would this much of a pain in the ass, would you?

    And I say, uh, ‘Well, thank God Mercury hasn’t gone retrograde yet, or I’d be going, ‘Oh, shit, not again!”


    [‘If there’s a pile of horseshit this big, there has to be a pony in here somewhere.’]

    • We paid for the rental and a storage place, 90 days in advance. We’ll definitely be moved by the end of June. The thing is, I haven’t even mentioned the worst of this. I don’t have the stomach for it. Rates up there with the worst things that have ever happened in my life.

      One thing a time. Unfortunately, I’m in a lupus flare now. Major reminder how fragile things are.

      But in spite of all this, I’m glad I’m here and think it’s right. Just don’t underestimate the difficulty got trucking families.

      I am glad we didn’t set that other house. We’d have landed sooner, but this house is the one meant for us.

  4. Got the cashier’s check at the bank this morning. The teller let me kiss my money goodbye. 🙂

    Closing this afternoon. I feel good! 🙂

  5. I got like a new grandpa with this house. I told him what truck I was looking at… “That’s an awful lot of money…”

    “Do you know someone selling a truck?”

    “Not right now, but…”

    “It’s only got 46,000 miles on it…”

    He’s looking out for me. 🙂

  6. You Beauty Elsa – delighted to hear your great news – YEEE-HAR!!!!!!!!!!! My husband has been reading your blog now, for some weeks – he’s been wanting to know how you are all getting on. . . . . (Sagittarius Sun). . . .gee you deserve this.

    • Thank you! I’ll tell you something. There is a horrible thing that happened in the middle of all this. It’s so bad, I may very well never mention it as long as I live. But in spite of that…and in spite of any other thing, I am sooooo happy to have found and bought this house.

      I’m not saying I have no fears. I do have fears. Can I keep it up? Will I be old and out there alone?

      However, I have far more faith then fear. The owner…an honest man, said, “You got yerself a deal…”

      And so did he. Because the house has been on the market for three years. It’s waiting for us and us for it!

      We have been squatting for going on 8 years, waiting for this day!

  7. I’ve missed so much, but thrilled to surface tonight in time to read this and offer hearty congratulations! Much happiness, Elsa! From my little house to yours!

  8. Elsa you are such a positive force. Keeping up with everything like you are even though you are going through a most horrible thing in the middle of it all. I really strive to be like this. Have a horrible thing going on (which I have many times in my life) and keep moving forward and seeing the light instead of the dark.

    It’s just not easy to do. Things cripple me. Something will come along and emotionally I am so crippled that I cant see the beauty in every other thing. I work so hard on focusing on the positive every day. Then some crap comes along and I get my feet stuck in it and it takes the beauty out of everything else.

    I really admire this quality in you. I want that so bad. More than any other thing I can think of. My prayers to the thing…. the whatever. And my thanks for showing us that no matter what is going on there is someone out there that can just keep plugging away no matter what life hands them, look past it and see the other beauty all around 🙂

  9. No better feeling than planting new roots, literally and figuratively, says this Cancer. All the best to you and yours in your new home for years to come.

  10. Congratulations dear Elsa 🙂 and good luck in your new home 🙂
    Speaking of relocation, perhaps you could make a post on this subject. Which house/ aspects (/aspects to house rulers) to check when this happens. I would say 4. but maybe 2. too (real estate)? Also, how about progressed moon conjuncting natal moon? Is this a moving aspect too? Thanks. Best regards Eva

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