Oppressive Impact Of The New Moon In Aries (Pluto in Capricorn – Yikes!)

UranusThe potency of tomorrow’s new moon can’t be underestimated. It’s hit me very hard, personally. I’d not even know how to begin to explain.

This stuff is not necessarily bad, even if it knocks you for a loop. But it comes from nowhere, from people and places you would least expect. And the shocks keep coming!  There are so many shocks in so many places, it’s virtually impossible to truly understand what’s happening.

I can see an upside to this. I tell you what I know. You tell me what you know. Together we know more than we would if we do not communicate. But there is much to day.

This new moon is tied to Pluto in Capricorn, you probably know. I am seeing a lot of disruption and sudden, unexpected change in business. Like the people who go to work at their factory one morning, to be told they no longer have a job.

Or waking up to discover that Udemy is seizing control of my creative content, to price it as it sees fit.

Or things I have bought and paid for (such as components on this website, or astrology software), can no longer be used without paying a subscription or some additional funds under some agreement that never existed before.  The new terms are uniformly, shockingly (Uranus) oppressive and controlling (Pluto in Capricorn).

This is just some of the non-personal stuff. The personal stuff is very similar in nature.  And I’m here to tell you, I consider this to be a turning point.

Take the US election. No matter who is elected it’s going to be horrifically oppressive. Just think about what I am saying. Shock and awe.

And let’s say you guy or gal wins.  The burden (Pluto) will shock you (Uranus in Aries). Because it’s hard to feel good when your neighbors are oppressed. This is true, regardless of how angry you might be.

To be clear, I’m suggesting the type things I’ve outlined will be part of your life, soon, if they aren’t already. And this is the tip of the iceberg…

Oh! Here’s the latest…

If you suddenly stopped getting my newsletter, chances are your isp has blocked it. I don’t mean it’s going to spam. I mean that your cannot subscribe at all.  Try and you’ll see this BLOCK screen.

You’ve also got to sign in to use Pinterest now, etc. and on and on.  It’s really closing in. Can you feel it?

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Oppressive Impact Of The New Moon In Aries (Pluto in Capricorn – Yikes!) — 31 Comments

  1. Yes…and the pint rest thing is horrible..I just click off when it tells me to sign in,but then it is relentless with emails of things they have found for me and to come back,come back to pintrest…no.stop controlling me.

    • Yeah, I don’t use the site anymore. If enough people do that, they’ll relent.

      But what gets me is people put all this content on there…and then their following leaves and there is nothing they can do.

      Facebook makes you sign in as well. Once this happens everywhere, people will either get used to it…or become disillusioned or defiant. I predict the latter, but admit it might be wishful thinking.

      In my mind a person should be able to charge for their content, but getting people to post their content…and then charging people to access the content they should not own is…ick.

      In a sense, they are selling other people’s content because they are selling the tracking.

      All of this is going to come to nothing – I think. Because people won’t have money to buy all the stuff that is marketed to them, then what?

      I really hope I can hold on. This independent, FREE site with original creative content becomes more and more an anomaly each day. I am grateful for the support I get!! Muchly! 🙂

  2. Transiting Uranus has conjuncted my Ascendant at 19 degrees Aries. Transiting Pluto is dancing on my natal Moon at 16 degrees Capricorn until 2017. I also have natal Mercury at 11 degrees Capricorn and my MC is in the same sign at 19 degrees. Yikes! You can imagine the opression. I’ve been dealing with home/ family/ career issues since last year. But at the same time, because of this challenging time, I’m glad to have natal Moon in Capricorn, which keeps me sober.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. I’m dealing with a rogue employer. Offers a job and then goes back on his words while taking two months to do so. I intend to take the matter up to the administration level in my university. Well I’m just a one little person against a whole organization, but that shouldn’t mean I’m going to give up.

    • Oh, and new moon in 8th, squaring natal Capricorn moon(19 degree) in 5th house. I always thought jobs were a 7th house affair, anyways. Looks like I was wrong.?

    • Someone in the forum mentioned they were told by one phone company, they’d pay their cancellation fees…and did not follow through.

      • What hurts me more is that, the organization is headed by an extremely renowned person who is widely known in academic circles, so I’m not dealing with your typical corporate HR shit. I’m shocked to discover that integrity means squat now-a-days, even for the older generations(I’m in my early twenties).
        Apologies for complaining too much! 🙂 We are indeed thankful that you maintain this site the way you do. Its original, independent, organic and practical. Plus the contents are free, and admins also actively address astrology questions often without charging anything(the open questions link). I haven’t seen anything like that before.

        • (((gogol)))

          Wow! I have 15′ Capricorn Moon in the 5th house, and New Moon is in my 8th house, too. And I’m dealing with some of this stuff too, right now, from my employer of 10 years. I’m older generation, you see. 😉 Saving grace is that I also have Leo Saturn, Libra Pluto and Sadgittarius Neptune on those degrees, so The New Moon is actually completing a beautiful Kite formation on my chart. Oh, and New Moon also extends a quintile series I have natally, with Gemini Jupiter, Leo Saturn and Libra Mars. This brings some structure to what’s happening now.

  4. Last night, the guy I’ve been seeing for a couple of months just grabbed my crotch as soon as I got in the door. We were NOT at that point in the relationship, as if that would ever be okay… I left and he texted a profuse apology, said he didn’t know what came over him. He has completely broken my trust and I am ending now what was sure to be a shitty relationship.

    Elsa, I am horrified about your content being seized!!! I am SO sorry!!

    • Well, I was lucky. I only had one course and I moved it, successfully. But others really got screwed.

      Imagine having a $500 course on there, highly rated, worth every penny. Then Udemy decides to charge $50 for it. You have no recourse.

  5. I see you through holding on Elsa, and growing stronger through this adversity. Much love and strength sent your way. More power to you and all of those you help with your work.

  6. Another example – Kindle Fire.

    They are great and cheap, but you can’t replace the battery (most likely) so they are built to have a finite life span.

  7. Elsa, I just noticed that! The other day my Kindle was freezing up, so I thought I’d take the battery out and put it back in. Nope. There is no removable battery.

    • Yeah, they’re tricky as shit. They get ya and then they gotcha. And it just keeps popping up.

      Wait’ll you see what happens the rest of this year and post the election.

      I’ve been telling people (clients) about the quickening in April. It’s here!

  8. Over and over, it’s a punch in the gut. And you realize, it’s probably best to go along.

    Example, you can’t go in and just pay for something…it has to be on AUTO RENEW.

    If you die, that business continues to drain your account. Because who’s going to stop them, hmm?

  9. This has been coming for awhile, and the warning signs have been all over the place, particularly regarding social media. Unfortunately, we collectively favor convenience over autonomy in the society that is emerging and have happily ignored them. Young people that are unable to envision the future repercussions of this type of surrender, based on the simple fact that they don’t have the experience necessary to make such assessments (and like all youth refuse to listen to those that do!) are making a great many of these decisions for all of us thanks to the other driving force – greed, in the form of the corporations that are supplying the convenience in exchange for what amounts to the control you have described. The only solution is for us to collectively stop accepting it, and that is indeed a great challenge. Thanks for the insight.

    • Welcome, James. Thanks for your comment.

      What will I do if WordPress decides I need to pay X monthly to use their platform…after offering it for free for the last 15 years?

      To say it won’t happen…you know that, how?

  10. Yes, and if I had the money I think I would follow Scott’s lead and take my family overseas. Though my guess if the oppression is global, yes? There will be no escape, will there 🙁

  11. You’re so right but I hadn’t thought of it that way. All four of the remaining candidates – Bernie, Hillary, Trump and Cruz, are extra strong control types. If control is the only thing on the menu I hope we end up picking the right flavor. Sorry, I dropped Kasich flavor due to unpopularity and the delusional side-effect of thinking he can win. 🙂

  12. ‘The oppression is global?’, oh yes. Over here in UK and feeling it too. Been watching a TV documentary series on Obama’s presidency and it all seemed so hopeful then, at this distance at least …

  13. “Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage…”

    That Smashing Pumpkins song lyric seems fitting for the times we live in. Fight all you want, eventually TPTB still win. Sad, isn’t it?

    “The world is a vampire…”

  14. I’ve noticed the noose of control tightening more and more recently. Suddenly, there’s no more copper wire phone service. Even if you want to pay some company to give it to you, you can’t get it, because the big companies control the infrastructure and won’t allow any smaller companies to use it. So there’s zero competition, and zero choice for consumers. It’s fiber optics, wireless, or internet phone (all less private and reilable than POTS) or nothing. Suddenly, all credit and bank cards must have microchips embedded in them. Also passports and driver’s licenses. Can’t opt out of that. Suddenly, you can’t use cash anymore at toll booths. Everyone must put an EZ Pass device in their car, or else be subjected to being photographed and billed at home. Suddenly, you can no longer opt out of those horrible scanning machines at some airports. Before you could request a pat down if you didn’t want to go through them. And you still can in some places, but that option may be ending soon, too. And it all seems to be happening at once, or in fairly rapid succession. Suddenly, you can’t even buy normal light bulbs! Now even the light bulbs are “smart” and can listen to you and watch you. Not to mention television sets, and the entire “Internet of Things” that’s coming. Plus the virtual reality devices that will completely distort people’s perceptions amd experiences. So I think Elsa is correct. They get ya, and then they gotcha. And there’s no turning back. But why do people succumb so easily? Why don’t they resist? That’s what I don’t understand.

  15. This morning I woke up to an email from Express Scripts that said:

    “We have received your prescription; however, we are no longer your home delivery pharmacy provider.”

    I have had Express Scripts since it was Medco…for at least 15, if not 20 years.

    I called them and they confirmed that I no longer had coverage, through my dependants do. They had no explanation around what had happened. They also could not tell me when my coverage terminated, though I can tell you that I had no problems a week ago and everything is paid.

    I get my insurance through Pepsico, I am a retiree Frito girl. They are in the process of taking care of this? Because I am active and paid up.

    But they were told the same thing by Express Scripts…no explanation as to why this happened.

    It’s unnerving. Hopefully it will be fixed quickly but seriously, how does this happen after two decades of steady exchange – I pay, they cover me?

  16. The new moon in my chart hit my mars and venus in the ninth house. I was telling my sister I was wondering what God is thinking about us at this point in our human history. My answer went something like this, He says, I have given them everything they need, the ability to love one another, a beautiful world with great oceans, lakes, forests, mountains, the ability to grow anything they need to eat and survive, doctors to heal them, religious people to spread my word and tell all humans how much I do love them. The love of family, children, creativity of all kinds, paintings, poetry, great writings, beautiful music, rainbows, the list is endless. My fear, He just might be running out of patience with us. My feelings, can we blame him. And yes I am a Catholic.

  17. Oh, it’s global all right.
    If it weren’t for places like Elsaelsa’s blog I would not be able to read stuff like this or know that there are people all over the world feeling frustrated just like I am in my small Eastern European country by all segments of life – from politics to technology.
    Thank you Elsa!

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