Oppositions! The Supposedly Nice Elsa P Gets Married

Wedding control 101!!! Confessions Of A Control Freak




Oppositions! The Supposedly Nice Elsa P Gets Married — 4 Comments

  1. As a Taurus I say anyplace where there is an abundance of food, music, love and laughter is a good time.:)
    I hope no matter what happens, you and the Soldier have a hell of a time. Er, you know what I mean.
    “It just appears that I’m nice” ha ha ha.

  2. Oh God, when I look back on myself I cringe at my verbal interaction with others and how blunt and naive I was.

    Mercury in Sagittarius!

    And, Elsa, even though I am a wild Sagittarius, I have learned to tame the ‘horse’ part of myself when I’m with others. Lmao.

  3. Congratulations Elsa! Like-minds who are evolved usually are the best matches because you understand each others needs so well and understand each others energies. Good luck to you

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