Oppositions in Astrology: Shot In The Chest By A Whore!

Oppositions are far and away my favorite thing in astrology. This is a story about people on separate sides with something in common.

Genius, friend and criminal mind, Arie, joined Special Forces as a teenager. He retired after one term (or whatever you call it). He went to work as a detective for the San Francisco Police Department….for the next 30 years. One day he got a call.

Apparently some person or persons was in a gas station restroom, creating some kind of problem for the other customers so the owner of the station called the police.

Arie responded. He banged on the door of the ladies restroom and when there was no response, he opened the door and entered the small room. He knew there was someone in one of the stalls. Apparently he could see someone’s clothes hanging down, because the woman, a whore, was standing on the toilet.

“I was just going to ask her to shoot up elsewhere,” he explained. But when he pushed the door to the stall open, the gal who was standing on the toliet, had a gun pointed at him and she fired it before he could speak!

The bullet, Arie in the chest. It hit his breast bone, specifically and being highly trained he immediately emptied the bullets in his gun into the woman’s head and that was that was the end of her.

This is an example of people with very different lives but it’s hard to believe they don’t have something in common, when they both wind up in a toilet with a gun pointed at another person at close range, and then they both shoot to kill!

I think this is akin to the signs that oppose each other in astrology. They relate and that’s all there is to it.

Have you ever two people face off like this?

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Oppositions in Astrology: Shot In The Chest By A Whore! — 22 Comments

  1. You just described my last relationship. *lol* Going toe-to-toe and head-to-head, battling in a most heated manner, both bound and determined to come out on top. Baaaaaaad stuff.

  2. I had two friends a few years back who took martial arts together. One had Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Virgo, Gemini rising and Mars in Libra. The other had Sun in Taurus, Moon in Pisces, Sagittarius rising and Mars in Aries. I saw them fight each other “playfully” on a few occaisions when they weren’t bickering. Can ya guess who won? 🙂

  3. Holy shit is right! Do you have their charts? I would LOVE to see those!

    Oh gods I’m sorry… your friend got shot! Damn! Obviously he survived, but that’s scary. Yikes!

    I can’t think of anyone, offhand, with a story even remotely similar to that. Maybe my second oldest brother and his current wife. They’re always at each others throats. I avoid them because I can’t deal with the anger levels.

  4. I have loads of Libra, my Husband even more Aries. I truly hope things won’t ever come to this between us, but definitely can relate. 😉

  5. Yep, just started dating a Libra whose Sun and Mercury oppose mine in Aries. We have these amazingly intense conversations and interactions that are definitely not a miss, tho we haven’t had a real fight yet… kinda scary to contemplate how that might go… His Mars trines his Libra planets, so he’s more willing to get aggressive than most Libras, too. I feel challenged by him a lot, which of course my Aries stellium loves!

  6. This story makes me ponder, with trepidation, the opposition between my Mars in Libra opposite my daughter’s Mars in Aries.

  7. Aside from the clearly illustrated opposition message, that story just blew my mind. Saw the movement in the words and I wanted to keep on reading, wanted to see what happened to Arie. Incredible!
    Also made me wonder about people who have no oppositions in their charts or those who have way way too many?

  8. I have several pretty strong oppositions in my chart and I feel like this kind of thing happens inside ME a lot of the time…. It’s usually a case of Ms. Logic vs Ms. Intuition.

    • Hmmm I have that Taurus moon Saturn Scorpio. And slight Scorpio on the rising or most depending. Yup it’s a pull push toy oh and Libra Neptune. Confusing!

  9. Dorathy, I can relate. Have Libra Neptune (opposing Aries Sun), Scorpio Saturn opposing Taurus Venus. My mind, my heart, my life is a pull push toy!

  10. I have always liked the energy of a Taurus. I feel so relaxed when I am with them.I feel as if I might have the same affect on them.

  11. I used to (sometimes still do) face off like this with myself (natal full moon). What I’ve learned is that instead of dying a senseless death every day, I’ve learned to find the commonality that runs between my opposition (sun/moon). From there it’s usually a pretty easy tie that binds the two and then work from there to find a solution that is more balanced. Of course, there are still days…..

  12. Oh glad he survived! Also a bit aggressive of him just bursting in without any means.

    Dunno I have quite a few oppositions. And one of them I actually like! My Pluto in scorpio 3rd house Opposite my Sun and Mercury in 9th house. I think Taurus and Scorpio are very alike and I really like the extra depth and the dynamic energy Pluto gives to my Sun and Mercury! Although my communication skills would have been less “dogmatic” if it was not for Pluto I guess. But I like it anyway.

    The hardest oppositions for me in my chart is the ones to my moon and Mars, Oppo Saturn and Uranus. Those do not feel nice at all!

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