Are Cancers Weak As Compared To Scorpios?

A reader asks:

“Why are Cancers considered weaker or less intense than Scorpios?”

What do you think?

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Are Cancers Weak As Compared To Scorpios? — 104 Comments

  1. Maybe because they keep the intensity inside and so well-hidden rather than overtly trying to manipulate events and people like Scorpio?

    In my experience, Scorpio can’t hide things for shit, though they TRY. You know what they’re after when they’re doing it. Cancer’s such a master sidestepper, you don’t know what hit you until after it’s too late.

    • I disagre. In order to see through a scorpio, one has to be either scorpionoc/plutonic him/herself or have lots of experience with that type of people or energy.

      In my opinion cancer is the one who thinks he/she is hiding but like an ostridge everything is in the open, that shell is not covering enough and creates a false sense of security. While a scorpio can totally blindside you and stung you either by hiding or being in plain sight.

      • See, you are right about the Scorpio part but not right about Cancers. They don’t always put things out in the open because they are too afraid of getting hurt.

        But Scorpions don’t care once they are on a rampage. Its all or nothing. Hence the destruction is full blown. Cancers have a much more humane side to them compared to Scorpions and I am saying so being a Scorpion myself.

        • Oh no. I am a cancer, i don’t care what people thinks about me. I can take care of it during sleep. I am currently having a fight with scorpio and she is secretive yet I am manipulative so I have everything I need to step them down just to satisfy my cravings.

    • You know may be that’s exactly what the Scorpio wants you to see. Also they don’t try to hide what they are after or what they are doing but it surely will hit you hard.

      Most Scorpios do not care about what people think about them. They simply know what they are and what they are capable of. Being Secretive for them does not mean hiding their feelings or what they covet. I think you have got it all wrong.

  2. Good question. I can’t say I definitely know the answer. However, I am a Cancer and my good Scorpio friend just told me she would never want to get on my bad side. I was thrilled, considering the source! But I am really not scary.

    I think the main difference in intensity or power between these two signs (I know a lot of both) is how they deal with anger or other intense emotion. Cancers, like me, often direct it inwards and deal with feeling hurt or angry in private, whereas Scorpios don’t mind letting someone know they are angry. And they find ways to release the anger, in ways the outside world can see.

    When I’m angry, I usually get very, very quiet, so often people won’t know I’m upset unless they know me well enough. I’ll use my anger to have a good workout or something. Therefore the intensity that I’m feeling – and it’s intense – goes unseen. Perhaps that’s why we seem weaker.

      • Im a cancer ,someone in my home is a scorpio master manipulator .As much as I’ve tried for us to get along somehow that person screws it up with attitude and selfishness horrible .She once told me shes a scorpio and she has venom that kill ! I said and i have a hard shell for defence and 2 big ass clipper to cut your tail off and hang your ass up! Watch it I love Like Most high but am the most Dangerous sign! Case closed.

  3. Well I’ve never had a Cancer after me but have been put into the hospital by Scorpio. That said, I think Indy is on to something. If a Cancer came after you, I expect it would be akin to pissing off a Southerner… who I would bet on against a New Yorker any day.

    • You can say that about Cancer with no chart in front of you? It’s a generalization about Scorpio too. So, I guess you can generalize about certain things.

    • You bet don’t piss off a Southerner!! I am a triple Cancer with Saturn in Sc. and a Southerner and what I have learned (it took 50 years or more) is that no one EVER knows what I am thinking unless I want them too. Period. It isn’t deliberate, mean
      or calculated,(which is why it took 50 years to figure out) its just that is how we have to protect ourselves, as we often seem to have to do. And I can certainly see why Ben didn’t make it out alive. His parents would have done better to pour boiling oil on him as opposed to what they did.

  4. Haha Piya, I’ve done that to people I’ve lived with! I can’t imagine dealing with the stuff I pull. It must be so annoying sometimes.

  5. I had a mentally ill Cancer stalker. 🙁

    Yeah, Elsa, because a New Yorker will flip you off and follow you to your door and yell or punch or whatever. A Southerner will stay crouched in the woods with the rifle cocked, waiting for you to unwittingly mosey on by.

  6. Elsa, the New Yorker versus Southerner is a good way to put it I think. I’m from NY and people there are direct in the moment, then they move on. Everything just moves so quickly there. I get the feeling from my Southern friends that people there come get you and you wouldn’t have an inkling they were even thinking about it due to a period of silence. And they don’t forget – very Cancerian. Correct me if I’m wrong!

  7. OMG, you don’t know the half of it… my family’s from the South, and there are feuds still raging among families in neighboring counties originating from the Civil War. They intermarry and stuff, but then you go to these family reunions and certain factions won’t talk to others. It’s insane and very Cancerian can’t-let-go.

    I once dated an Sicilian-American from Chicago long-term, and his family dynamics were pretty similar, so it can’t just be a Southern thing. I wonder if Sicilian-Italians aren’t similarly Cancer-like as a tribe. There’s certainly the food that everything centers around, like Southerners… I asked him to characterize his family in one phrase, and he answered, “Just can’t let shit go.”

  8. You can’t compare a stinger to a claw. Plus crabs taste good with lots of drawn butter {so speaketh the mighty Scorpio rising}.

    Hee Hee Hee.

  9. Interesting about the Sicilian connection – I have a Sicilian great grandfather and he actually moved his house rather than buying a new one, guess he was attached to it.

  10. Hmmm, sounds like Indy has something going against Scorpios…
    Being a Scorpio myself, and having lived with a Crab for many more years than i probably care to remember…. he could best me in a fight pretty much any time – he would say WHATEVER it took to win the fight. But we all know you can win the fight, but lose the war! Guess who always ended up having to come back and apologize? And of course, we are not together anymore, either…

    • I’m a Cancer and every Scorpio I’ve dated has still pushed me after I broke it off with them. They always come crawling back, even though I’ve hit them with the wrecking ball.

  11. Oh no Indy, I wasn’t taking that personal – it was just an observation, as you say.

    I have only recently got into astrology, so I couldn’t tell you the signs of pretty much anyone I know. People pretty much treat me well, so I can’t say that I have a lot of experience with Cancers or Scorpios, as a general lot. Just myself and my ex. But we’re none of us just our Sun signs, anyway, right?

  12. Good question, Elsa

    I’ll give a shot from the perspective of my double Pisces Ascendent.

    Lets assume that it’s a bad breakup and see how it might go for the fishy one.

    Cancer (a very cardinal energy, always moving, always seemingly moving AT one), coming after Pisces with that smothering look on its face, a dishrag thrown over its shoulder, a pot holder on one claw, a minnow in the other (“eat! you need to eat something!”) but…..

    Pisces can swim and slip and slide … Pisces can almost sashay away from the crab. Even when the tries a blind side approach Pisces can glide stealthily under a piece of seaweed or rip rap & slickly swim out the other side unseen…

    Any cardinal energy has no shot against a Pisces who doesn’t want to get hooked. Aries is a quick flash cake walk, but with Cancer it’s not easy, it’s not fun, and its now fast. but its Doable.

    Alternatively, Scorpio is not so much Annoying as it is Frightening. It doesn’t pursue because it doesn’t have to. It doesn’t chase one, it doesn’t move. Fixed Scorpio can dead on take flip floppy Pisces right out of the game with its claws tied behind its back. Theres no match here.

    What Scorpio does is it shocks or stuns, thereby immobalizing the poor fish, turning her into a floater before she has time to swim. Or, like the proverbial frog, Pisces will be easily conned and stupidly agree to swimm the scorpion across the lake by allowing the scorpion to ride on her back…

    …naively trusting the scorpion to refrain from killing them both by stinging her to death half way across (I presume that most everyone has heard the story of the scorpion and the frog).

    With Scorpio, and inevitably, there is going to be some serious long term damage, quite possibly fatal in nature. There is no escape, therefore, Pisces best swim the other direction to begin with.

    One astrologers very personal opinion LOL.

    • I really liked your analogies! And I totally agree!

      So how does a crab get what he wants then? by moving in slowly and grasping with that claw, slowly?

  13. Cancers are the biggest cry babies. No offense to anyone 🙂

    And Sicilians are Southern too, so the analogy fits. But I’d actually call them Scorpian rather than Cancerean. Historically they’ve been conquered, risen up, reconquered and transformed into a whole separate people. There’s that whole dark underbelly, omerta’ & vendetta. Operatic and tragic. An interesting side trip to this post.

  14. Snapdragon, you are the only Scorpio who doesn’t make me run away screaming, and that is probably because we are both Pisces rising.

  15. Oh, I don’t know about that. Pisces, for all its seeming cluelessness, knows the score. And escapes all slippery-like, leaving everyone else to navel-gaze and figure out what happened and how to fix it. Scorpio sometimes unwittingly stings itself in a misguided effort to sting the other guy. Why does everyone think they’re so indestructible? They’re often the source of their own very ugly and permanent undoing. Don’t yell at me, snapdragon, it’s a fact.

    So, I pose this question to you, collectively: If you put all the signs into a jar and shake them up, Thunderdome-like, who’s the last man (or woman, most likely) out? And why?

  16. Oh, yeah man Pixie, Cancer men cry like nobobies business. Just witnessing that kind of crying, in and of itself, is almost as scary as falling victim to a pissed off Scorpio. And I do say almost.

  17. Interesting Indy and, well, yeah, in that hypothetical snow globe situation I’d put my money on Pisces. Too bad life really doesn’t tend to work that way.

  18. Loonsounds, LOL, I am picturing you running away, waving both hands in the air, screaming your head off.. :oP

    Well Loons, I guess you could explain it astrologically. Or I could tell you that I was always getting my feelings hurt when I was growing up, so I made up my mind to always try to treat people well.

    But yes, I’m sure that Pisces rising affects my first Decanate (?) Scorpio Sun sign in a good way.

  19. Yes, Snapdragon, there are not very many Pisces rising people, statistically, and we are sensitive (extremely), empathic, and compassionate, all of which can be both a blessing and a curse. From the old school, it is a totally different kind of Jupiter energy, but still Jupiter, and Jupiter is going to be naive and trusting.

  20. Loonsounds, I resemble that remark! 🙂

    I am a Sun Scorp Virgo asc Pisces moon and I’ve never had anyone run from me. I don’t think I’m scary. I might even be NICER and more accomodating than the average person, actually.

    Down with the Scorp stereotype!!

  21. I was wondering the same thing!

    And mostly I was thinking to myself “Indy has not yet been stung good & hard by a Scorpio”

    don’t say you weren’t warned? lol? hopefully…lol, yeah!

  22. Maybe it has something to do with Cancer being associated with the home, the internal and the emotional. These are generally female characteristics as opposed to Scorpios highly sexualized, dominant, powerful. Cancer is associated with more female energy so of course it is considered “weaker”. Dumb, but probably true.

  23. Taken to the extreme, it’s all stereotype, all sign descriptions are stereotypes. Scorpios just don’t like their stereotype. But hey, you didn’t hear that from me

    ooooo noooooo

    swimming swimming swim…glub glub

  24. LOL Loons

    I could not agree more with your post (#25) Loons, and yours as well, Pixie. Man I am so sensitive sometimes, it is really almost unbearable.

    But yes, with my Pisces Asc. I am empathic, and I think this is reflected in other areas of my chart as well.

  25. Well, who does like to be stereotyped? Just like I always say, “Don’t peg me!”

    Loons, don’t get a cramp, eh? lol
    really, i’m not chasing you!

  26. To answer your question Snap, mine is the ASC by far. My Taurus (1st dec) essence has never been all that strong. I can explain it; I’ll tell you some other time. As for you, yes, and I’ve never known a Pisc-Scorp-Tau that I know of. You are interesting aren’t ya?

  27. Ah, Loons, know you’re just tryin ta get on my good side, aren’t ya?

    Well, I like to think I’m interesting. People certainly seem to think I’m “different”.
    :::rolls eyes:::

    I (maybe because of that Pisces?) can really feel so much of all that makes up me. Almost all of it I can relate to. Some of it, I’m like, “huh?” but then I’ve done a lot of work on myself…

  28. Crabs wisely run away from size-10 flip-flops. Scorpio will stay and posture and be summarily stomped.

    Yes, we LOVE shoes. That’s why you find so many of us hiding in them. 🙂

  29. So maybe it’s pretty special that my Aquarian daughter has a Pisces Asc. as well? hmmm, interesting combination, I’m thinking.

  30. Cancer and scorpio — both signs have a need to control

    But scorpio controls for power. Cancer controls for love….

    The sun sign is of course the essence/identity– but yeah the whole chart is needed for the big picture

    I have a 16 degree cancer sun and mercury mars in cancer as well. I dig in. I don’t forget. I’m a cry-baby. I long for home and family…

    For me, there’s something eerie about scorpio energy. Maybe it’s the fixed quality.

    • My sun and moon suck. I often hate to think that my identity/essence is bound to that materialistic, boring sign of Taurus. My essence must be really dull. No wonder I have low self-esteem. What courage could Taurus bring to the self but constant routine and security?

      And way to go Moon in Cancer for helping me, as a woman, rise out of the stereotype that all women are emotional. It’s no wonder very few women who make a difference in the world are Moon in Cancer. All the moon in caps and sun in caps are making that difference. I think my sun and moon cursed me, and the houses suck too. My sun is unaspected, and my moon has to many good aspects, ugh, aside from my moon sq saturn that’s probably the root of my issue with such benevolent sexism.

      My essence bores me to tears. Anyone want to exchange birthdays? :/

  31. Ugh. I’m currently in the middle of a bunch of pissed off Cancers (one Sun, the rest Moons). I never got along with them or understood where they were coming from–I have a lot of Aries and Libra in my chart. I have no Cancer except for the IC.

    The one that’s most pissed is Cancer rising, Cancer Moon and Venus conjunct. Never liked her, but she’s going to be carrying a huge chip on her shoulders…probably forever.

  32. Cancers, to me, are more difficult, not weaker, than Scorpios. All the Scorpios I know aren’t shy about letting you know where you stand with them. Cancers, you don’t know from moment to moment. Everything they’re mad at you about is behind the scenes, then they decide to cause a scene. Very hard for my energy to deal with.

  33. The intensity of Cancerian is MUCH more inner-directed! And they hold a grudge for a LOOONG time! Cancerians will quietly simmer..Scorpios: I had a mean-streak Scorpio mother, when she was in a bad mood eyes flashed, tongue lashed and my Moon child soul was mortally wounded. I lost myself in poetry, art,astrology.. anything to avoid that Scorpio sting. Scorpio did not NOTICE how wounded I was or how INTENSE MY FEELINGS WERE.. only her own drama.

    I think there is a huge difference between a Scorpio and a Cancer.. but intensity is not one of the difference, expression is..

  34. Hmmm. I’m with a Cancer who has Scorpio rising. And it seems like all and none of this is true at the same time. The one thing I know is true is that anywhere you have Cancer you will never let go. NEVER LET GO. And Scorpio will amputate, as Elsa says.

  35. Another pisces rising here, I’m not weak by far but I do have a lot of sag and scorp energy. My dad’s a double cancer and has had one of the hardest lives I know of. Aquarius moon though, so he’s not a cry baby. I don’t think people should categorize by sign, all cancers are this, all scorps are that, because, as in any huge generalization, it’s ignorant sounding and doesn’t hold true.

    • i had a capricorn uncle who had cancer moon. that man was tougher than nails, he also had cap mars conjunct his sun. sag venus. he had one of the hardest lives, and for some reason he likes “fixer upper” type of women, women who had terrible upbringings and were hard to “fix” or “heal” but he can’t love any other type; it was his way and any other would bore the hell out of him. he was a really good man and my pisces/aries grandma told me that when he was a baby he liked to get clocks and watches and tear them apart only to put them back together; so amazing story.

  36. Oooooooh, @ Doreen (LOL)

    Well, I guess you’re completely screwed then, Doreen. Guess you’re no good for nothing and we’ll have to throw you out!

    just joking of course ;oP

  37. Well, we all have our challenges in this life, don’t we?

    Maybe you just more than most? Hahaha, I’m just bugging you… lol

    The truth is, every sign has it’s good and bad attributes. We all have overcoming to do. (That’s not even talking house placement or aspects, right?)

  38. I’m a Sun, Venus, Mercury in Cancer, Leo Ascendant/Moon, Pluto in Libra about in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune and Uranus in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Capricorn, Pallus in Pisces, Mid-Heaven in Taurus.

    I would eat all the animals of the zodiac. Even the mystical ones. I would steal Libras balancing scales and make a grill out of it. Then I would steal the jar of Aquarius so I could drink something with it. I would get the Geminis to be some kind of dancing clowns for me. I would make Virgo do my taxes.

    Unless I turn cannibal, I’ll only eat the rest of them. Sagittarius I might eat half of.

    Scorpions are good for survival food in the desert.

  39. Fun post, blah. You have more water in your chart than any chart I have seen in a long time. Actually, I do think water is the strongest element, it puts out fire, and reduces earth to mud, and takes up all the air anywhere it resides.

  40. that should be a HUGE warning for u….no joke!!!cancers have the highest percentage of criminals and prisoners…please dont make him/her come out of that shell and they also sometimes seek revenge and they are also wayyy sneakier than scorpios…scorpios are more straight up..but a cancer will do what ever it take to get u….unless youre messing with a non experienced cancer with low self-esteem.emotional,sensitive people always turn out to be killers lmao

    • That “statistic” maybe a bit distorted, because more babies are born during the cancer season, so of course there is higher percentage of cancer signs and criminals. I believe but I can be wrong of course. I would love a real statistical report on this, but I don’t think our gouverments are up to it :/

  41. Cancers are indirect and vague. I think they’re most likely to hurt themselves by not confronting the person who has wronged and hurt them. Scorpio strikes back and eventually heal and move on

  42. As a cancer everyone looks at me as if I’m made of glass but in all reality everyone that’s been around me would rather go head to head with a Scorpio than me.

  43. All people I’ve known to be a cancer are whiny and annoying as hell… They repeat what they say MULTIPLE FROGGING TIMES just to get someone’s attention and they will annoy the shit out of you just to get what they want…

    (I’m a Scorpio BTW and this is only based on people that I’ve known to be a cancer.. This doesn’t fully apply to ALL cancers…)

  44. I was brought to tears once by the crazed alcoholic rage of a Cancer moon/Taurus sun and I have the moon in Scorpio. Cancers can be as vicious as they are nurturing but I notice this more with the moon placement than the sun.

  45. I love cancers… But they are far more dangerous than Scorpios IMO.

    You see Scorpios coming, you can feel them, but that cute little Cancer girl would never do anything to hurt you.

    Hey, where’s my liver?

    • This. Exactly.

      Cancers cloak their viciousness behind a southern-like “bless your heart” appearance. And the worst thing is they never forget, never forgive, and never let go. Meaning resentments can be held onto for decades. Once Scorpio is done, they’re done. The thing is dead and they’ve already moved on.

  46. I agree with above comments suggesting that Cancer strength is unseen (not as in stealthy, but actually invisible), and Scorpio power, however mysterious, is more overt. I think both have unique abilities to regenerate – Cancer regaining function quicker and with more efficiency, versus Scorpio which requires more time and/or energy in order to heal. In terms of who is stronger, it probably depends on the defending individual’s Moon and Mars!

  47. Weak is definitely not a word I would use to describe either sign. Firstly, I dont know why or if its just me, but every Cancer I know, especially Cancer man, is highly intelligent to the point of bordering on genius. I find all water signs can be emotionally manipulative, they just have this ability to make you feel bad for something even if you’ve done nothing wrong. The scary thing about certain water signs is when they are in a mood, no amount of reason or logic can pierce through it, they just do not see another POV in that moment. I wouldn’t want to go against either one. Scorpio appears more intimidating than Cancer, but you just never know.

  48. Well Scorpio is a fixed sign, Pluto can be cold and unforgiving.

    Cancer is a cardinal sign. Moon is changeable and not even comparable to Pluto.

    Cancer can never be as intense as scorpio. Period.

  49. “Are Cancers Weak As Compared To Scorpios?”

    My first reaction? Oh hell no. My ex/baby daddy of grown children is a double Cancer Sun and ASC), loaded 12th house (Gemini Moon there), Mars/Uranus conjunction in Leo 2nd house.

    He rules and runs everything. His way or the highway. And nasty about it. No Scorpio anywhere in the chart (occluded in the 5th house). He won the children. I had to give them up. Let’s just say there were threats involved.

    So I say “Hell to the no!”

    • I’m sorry you had to go through that 🙁 Hope all is ok now?
      Well have you looked at his progressed chart? He might have had scorpio placements there

  50. PS this is a funny thread. Lots of good info. I can see both sides, but tend to agree with Indy. Having been married to a double Cancer. With all that 12th house, he was exactly like a Southerner in the woods with the rifle cocked. Except he was born in the Near East (overseas).

  51. New Yorkers are more Aries/Leo to me, Scorpios are more like torture in North Korea.

    Cancers will poke your eyes out with their pincers.

  52. Hey, Mike Tyson is Cancer, just sayin’ 🙂
    I would not underestimate the Cancer, especially when their home is endangered, they will fight tooth and nail…

    • Tyson also has moon in Scorpio in the Jyeshta nakshatra. I don’t need too describe the energy if I give you two more jyeshta/Scorpio Moon people as illustrative: Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump. I cried when I discovered my moon is in the esta nakshatra in Scorpio. I cried because I have never liked Scorpio people, and to discover that I and one, well, it came as a shock. it is said that we should not judge one another I’ll try to pull the splinter out of our brother’s eye because we can’t even see the log to pull it out of our own eye. I always wondered why it was hard for me to make friends and why I wasn’t invited to a lot of social events. finally at the age of 56 I discovered why. It was always hidden from me because I used Western or tropical horoscope where it’s hidden in the sign of Sagittarius. when I did a Vedic chart my sun moved from Aquarius to Capricorn (but I don’t relate with Capricorn at all), my Moon moved from Sag to Scorpio (I could never relate to the sad Moon, but when I read about the Scorpio Moon, especially in that particular nakshatra, I could relate, very much to mine shock and horror, but my rising sign, the overemotional and oversensitive cancer at the 29th and 3/4 degree conjunct Regulus stays in Cancer.
      I have never known any tough cancers except for me, but it’s not my cancer that stuff it’s my moon in Scorpio. my rising sign at 29 degrees of cancer seems to merely amplify watery emotions. I never thought of cancer as vicious until reading this blog. when I reflect on it now, my younger brother, the middle brother, has cancer sun and he is kind of a pussy, face-to-face anyway. He’s a backbiting back-stabber.
      I’m not a backbiting backstabber. I’ll tell a person what I think right to their face and not give a shit what they think because I am speaking the truth, and if they don’t like it, they need to do some self evaluation, face it, and change it. that’s what I’ve had to do with my Scorpio Moon. my Scorpio moon has no sympathy. my ascending cancer has too much sympathy and wants to help everyone out to my (our?) detriment.
      I wish I hadn’t been pressed to 2 shut Scorpio in the closet and lock the door and walk away, because it turns out my Scorpio Moon was really the source of my spine/guts/courage, the few times she was able to escape, when I was defending others. I could always defend other people, just never myself, and I always thought that was weird. well it is weird. why was I a tiger coming to the aid of other people but a mouse when other people came at me?

      There was a rare alignment when I was born — that week, all the planets from sun to Saturn and the Moon and Ketu, moved into Aquarius within 17 degrees. That was on 2/4/62.

      every planet is debilitated by its proximity to the other planets. none of them work right. other than my moon, my entire chart is red. Neptune squares everything except the Moon, and the Moon is squared by Pluto. Saturn @ 4* Aquarius slammed the door shut just as Mars was coming into the house, so Mars was closed out at 29* Capricorn with his foot in the door. He’s really pissed at Saturn! and just seconds away from being exactly opposite cancer rising sign. that Mars Saturn conjunction opposite the ascendant has been one of the banes of my existence. The nodes are on the 1st and 7th house axis in tropical astrology so My Chart seems to indicate that I am to have no relationships of any kind in this life, I will have to do everything on my own, I’m a draw people who have no good intentions whatsoever and will harm me, I don’t know who I am and am prone to delusion, but I better figure out how to see without the rosey tint because no one else is going to help me do it. and that’s just the beginning.

      there is Pluto conjunct Lilith in my second house in Virgo. as if Virgo isn’t critical enough, I’ve got Lilith conjunct Pluto. Jesus Christ, talk about a tongue as a sword. It’s a horrorscope. I’ve run charts for over 80 people, not one with as many disharmonious aspects as mine.

      I escaped the “Antichrist” energy by 4 days, when the moon joined the party in my 7th house on Feb. 4th, 1962. I’m grateful I came out while the moon was still in the 5th and trine/sextile the party going planets.
      I never had anyone teach me how to be demure or feminine. I didn’t have finishing school or debutantes School. I didn’t even have parents who were present to teach me anything. They left me completely alone to fend for myself and do whatever I wanted because they were too busy to bother with me.

      so, it’s the Scorpio that makes me scary. I never knew I was scary till my Chiron return, when I began asking my friends about self. I got feedback that I can be “kinda mean”, scary, super intense, a control freak, and a drill Sargent.One friend said I’m “intelligent and authoritative”. I am all those things.

      my problem has been that I’ve spent a half century trying to be ladylike and passive and diplomatic, and it just made me a disingenuous sycophant. Now I am learning how to love the part of me the world doesn’t like because she’s harsh, blatantly truthful,cusses like a sailor, and she’s the boss.

      I’m realizing that Im tougher than almost every man I’ve met. I warn people, “please stop. Don’t piss me off. I can feel Mars getting riled, and you do not want to meet my Mars”, but they don’t believe me.

      I’ll eat the face right off of any moron who fails to heed my warning. Nobody wants to see me pissed off. I don’t like myself when I get pissed off. I’m a very non-violent person and I absolutely hate pain, inflicted or being the inflictor. I shoved a Scorpio down into the shadow, at a very young age oh, probably when I was five and a half in kindergarten and my mother was in the hospital having my youngest brother delivered prematurely because her body was going to kill him if he hung out any longer (an rh-negative thing). anyway, my dad was home making breakfast, which he never did ever, but this one particular day he was stuck with us and he burned the toast and tried to drown it in butter to make up for it; and he put chocolate milk on the Cheerios. something must have come through into this life from a past life because my cute little kindergarten self said, about the carnage on the table when my father tried to prompt me to eat it when I was reluctant, “This tastes like shit.” I was taken from my chair at the table, whisked away under my dad’s arm to the bathroom, where he shoved a bar of Lava soap in my mouth and pushed it until it foamed. Lava soap doesn’t usually foam.

      that was in 1967. no one around me cussed. I think it came through from a past life.

  53. My Mother in-law is Scorpio Sun and Rising, and sister in-law has a 5 planet stellium in Cancer… vicious as hell! Cunning, passive-aggressive, and relentless if you cross them… or should I say what they perceive as being crossed. BTW – they are this way to each other as well. Sometimes it’s fun to watch!

  54. Hi melinn, thank you… no Scorp prominent in natal, will look at progressed for time of those events… it’s way in the past except for one incident in the past year.

  55. It’s a generalisation I know but there’s no way the Cancerion archetype is any less potent than Scorpio, just a different flavour, at least not in my experience, both equally fascinating!

  56. I am a fiery…Stellium Cancer woman..
    But very Plutonian, with a Capricorn moon
    And a strong Lilith influence
    And I have been putting a Scorpio stellium person through the wringer —-for the past four years…and we’re just getting started..
    How do I know they are in torment? Because we happen to have a psychic link….also other Plutonian methods of inferrance..

    That is also how I can confirm that Scorpio is more intense than Cancer more often than not, because I literally feel it..and it feels like I’m in a microwave..with the waves beating down on me…

    But in conclusion… Deep emotional intelligence is a great Cancer strength and we can fight their battle on their plane.

  57. In my opinion the worst any Scorpio could have is a Libra ascended and Capricorn moon. Despite what you hear I really dislike Cap and I really dislike Cancers. Cap just dishonest as ever and not just that but I seem to always end up with Cancers and never have I ever been put through the ringer with anyone else. Cancers creep in take your heart and then start showing crazy stuff like mood swings insecurities and whining about their exes that left them two years ago. Caps like to play games and are boring to me. I’m a second deacon Scorpio born November 9, and I have a lot of water Earth and fire in my chart. I also seem weak to people because my ascended sign Libra. People don’t like friendly it scares them. Libra really gives me a drive and desire to love learning but my Scorpio keeps me grounded and feeling other people energy even when I don’t want to and I am attracted to Virgo and Taurus signs but Virgo has no interest and Taurus is super allusive. I talked to a Taurus and he spoke how he felt the same as me but no communication yet. I have a hard time separating my feelings from everything. It’s like I feel too much. Most of my feeling lead me in the right direction. Anyway enough about my confusion.

    Cancers and Pisces great friends but that’d it. I would not care to be romantically involved with another water sign, not even my own.

  58. Both of these signs are supremely intelligent and intense. The difference that works in Scorpio’s favor is that they fundamentally believe in their own superiority. Cancers sense their own superiority, but are too susceptible to environment to avoid feeling inferior (but intelligent enough to pretend otherwise). This conflicting energy can make them somewhat more complex and offputting to others.

    If you are a Cancer, the Moon placement can make all the difference. But nobody would really say overall that Cancers are weak, and the dominant astrology narrative that paints them as stove-hovering cry babies needs an update. Cancers are wild and unstable at worst. I keep thinking of Courtney Love.

    In general, I’ve found that all the water signs, Pisces included, are born with a deep-seated sense of superiority, because they see and sense what others often don’t. They consider this a blessing or burden, depending on the person, and express it to the benefit or detriment of others in various degrees.

  59. You summed it up pretty accurately moonsofjupiter and cancers are passive aggresive

    Cancer – Passive (to protect loved ones or don’t care to put energy into it) / agressive

    Scorpio – wont tell you (sometimes better this way if you don’t have the ability to know what they feel without words) / agressive (honestly not scary I love them)

  60. I am always surprised when people describe Cancers as weak, whiny, etc. All of the Cancer sun women I have met in my life are strong, capable woman, very often living alone after divorce, or widows, and they get along just fine. (Cancer is my 11th house and I have Uranus there.)
    Have you ever looked up how many famous women in high positions are Cancers?

  61. I think involved Scorpio’s leave such an impression on other emotionally weak people that you hear the whole ‘vicious’ label and it’s not warranted. IMO Scorpios are able sense (in others) and deal with the emotions, pain and issues that scare other people into paralysis or selective perception. I Dare say that most Scorpios know that there’s nothing they encounter that can hurt them more than they themselves. So we have very little patience for people who pretend to not see a situation for what it is or deal with people who think they are trying to pretend to be anything short of authentic. It’s easy to smile and stay silent until the din grows too great and other perspective is needed. Not sure what’s transiting but this Scorpio isn’t in the mood to sugar coat anything today. Not in a mean way, just trying to help the masses understand life better 😉

  62. I’m a Scorpio, and every Cancer I’ve met can be read like a two page book in bold colored ink. They make a point to go out of their way to be a certain way, in hopes that it will confuse their target. Ultimately, the inconsistency and lack of strategy does tell all.

  63. I don’t know anyone who would say a Cancer is weaker than a Scorpio. Cancers are very specific in how they do things and what they like. They are very caring and thoughtful when in love. They can be manipulative and complainers because they want things their way. They give but they expect kindness and gratitude in return. I have a mother, daughter and boyfriend who are all cancers and they are all different. My mom is entitled, my daughter ask for what she wants. She is very precise and knows what she likes. She remembers everything. My boyfriend however is less sure of himself, softer and I have to encourage him to speak his mind. All of them have a kindness and compassion to take care of others naturally. Cancers are not weak, just different. I’m a scorpio.

  64. Cancers generally, can get pissed over anything. Sometimes the shoe, often they don’t.
    Scorps can get outrageous and can be terrifying but usually you see this coming. So it is up to you if you let the shit happen. Scorpios most of times focus on what they think really important. Like telling lies, that will trigger their anger. Won’t explode over small things. If they do, tell them not to fuss over small things. They will grumble and agree and shut up. Tell a cancer he is fussing over small things and he will explode. To an angry crab, there is no small thing.

  65. This thread went from have we ever made a mistake in moving to a place we thought was best for us due to something we didn’t really think about or anticipate, to a thread on Scorpio and Cancers. Funny! It’s like folks aren’t reading the question but answering the last post!
    Anyway, my natal Moon is in my 9th House and I have moved 14 times in my life ( from East Coast to West Coast at Two years old and to Europe and back) and feel at home everywhere I have been so far. I did move in with a roommate once though, who at first was just great, until, poor thing went of her meds and had a bad Bi-Polar episode so bad, I was terrified and had to get out of there. Mostly though all has been well, knock on wood!

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