Your Thoughts On Revenge??

Revenge is interesting. I never chase it. That’s sounds arrogant but I don’t mean it that way.

The last time I acted to extract revenge was about 15 years ago and I think it was pure mistake. Prior to that, I can’t even recall trying to get revenge however I just think this is me.

I know there are others who will stop at nothing to get revenge and I don’t think they are wrong in this. I like that there are people in this world who don’t let others get away with things and I think both are I call, “agents of the universe”. You pull some crap and maybe you run into someone like me, or maybe you run into someone like them and while it seems random, I doubt it is.

Revenge is Pluto ruled and with a packed 8th house it seems I should be more interested than I am and if you look closely I am probably as interested as the next person I just have a different MO. I definitely go on to live well, regardless of what someone does to me but besides that I have seen things come around over and over again and I don’t mean come around to others.

I mean every nasty thing I have ever done has come back to me in spades so I figure the person who does something wrong to me is in the process of undoing themselves one way or the other, consequently I don’t have to act.

But one of the reason I get to be in this position is because others do my acting for me. There a bigger fish out there. There are “buck stops here” types out there and sooner or later a jerk is going to run into them.

This is not to say I am not on occasion the bigger fish because I act that role too now and then. And when I do, I always know the universe has sent me to do exactly what I am doing. Like when I sued my boss for sexual harassment when I was a teenager and the concept was unheard of. He was messing with all kinds of girls and women and one of us had to take him out.

Do you seek revenge? What is position on revenge / your revenge style? Where is your Pluto?


Your Thoughts On Revenge?? — 20 Comments

  1. My view is similar to a quote that I think you may have been alluding to in your post(I forget who the quote comes from) but it is so true and goes like this:

    “A Good Life is the Best Revenge.”

    anyone remember who said that?

  2. I have pluto in loose conjunction with saturn in 11th house and also loosely conjunct with jupiter in 12th. I have taken revenge on people, but it’s a long, subtle, drawn-out process and by the end of it all, I just don’t care anymore and feel exhausted. So I don’t usually do the whole revenge thing these days because it takes more out of me than I want to give. I also believe that living well is the best revenge. But long after these scenarios are lost to time, the other party usually comes back around to tell me that they felt…how to put it? They felt threatened by me, just by me being whoever I am, that whatever they did, that was THEIR revenge. And I never knew why they would behave in this loopy maniacal manner. Weird.

  3. I am completely uninterested in revenge. I just don’t like it at all. I don’t want to hurt anyone, and sometimes I do (hot temper) but as the old saying goes ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’

  4. I have pluto conjunct my mars and sun. When someone crosses me I never blow because I just know that it will come back to them. Someone told me once that you should always let people hang themselves with their own noose and invariably this happens.

    I also have a capricorn moon and losing control in public is undignified to me!

  5. Oddly enough, I am fascinated by revenge. Mostly when I see it in movies (my favourite movies are ALLLLL about revenge or vengeance). I would suppose it’s because of my Pluto/Moon mash up in the 8th, but I can’t say for certain. In either case, I never seek it out deliberately. I will find myself acting a certain way, and certain things happen, and it’s only years later that I realize, subconsciously, that I was seeking revenge. Again, can’t say why, but I figure it has something to do w/my Neptune placement. I act subconsciously 90% of the time (or more), and don’t realize half the stuff that I do….sometimes until it is too late.

  6. I REALLY entertain the thought of revenge. I don’t go through with it cause in my gut I get a knot. Then I think about karma and all that goes with it. My pluto is in viro in the 4th conjuct my uranus and both are sextive my venus in cancer and inconjunct my moon in aquarius.

  7. Oh, revenge and I are old acquaintances. I have moon, ascendant and saturn in scorpio, so I tend to brood and stew in my own juices for a while when someone does something to me, but I seldom act on thoughts of revenge, I just boil myself in them until I get sick of myself and evict all the people living free in my head because I’m mad at them, feel betrayed, etc. etc.

    I have acted on revengeful thoughts, though, usually shutting someone down when they least expect it – I can be pretty sarcastic when I’m mad. I don’t feel very good afterward though and I don’t like myself when I do that, so usually I do the stewing thing, then the evicting thing, and now that I have lived long enough, I see the whole ‘goes around comes around’ thing happening and I’ve realized I don’t really have to do anything because people get what they send out.

    Including me. So now I try to be careful what I send out even if it’s just energy and not even words or deeds, because it’s a drag when it comes back around and bites YOU on the ass heh heh.

    Elsa this is a pretty interesting topic, esp. in view of your eye on the sky heads-up for today about getting stabbed in the back. Yikes!

  8. I’ve done lots of thinking about revenge but I always leave it up to the universe. I try to keep my hateful revengeful thoughts to myself because I am human and I am also a very kind and thoughtful person and when I encounter just mean and nasty people it just floors me. Lots of mean things happen because people are jealous and also remember this: when you carry a lot of LIGHT it attracts the DARK. So, just by being a good person you will draw forth the dark people and their actions. FYI; Cover your aura (or your ass!) In this current day and age the vibrational pattern of our planet is going so fast that those who act mean and nasty will get it back immediately! So you don’t even have to act on your revenge. Instant KARMA!

  9. I see revenge like punishment, as an attempt to get something even. We can take revenge by acting against the one who caused the pain, or by ignoring them, which is the more powerful revenge, because it’s the way they don’t expect and don’t understand. I don’t do them the favor to get it even but leave them with their action pending over their head, and I move on. Sun conjunct Pluto in the 7th, it’s a projection anyway 🙂

  10. I prefer the Biblical order for revenge:

    “But if your enemy is hungry, feed him, and if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in so doing you will heap burning coals upon his head” — NASB

    I always taught this to my kids – refuse to sink to their level. You are bigger than that.

    Still, I haven’t really had to deal with a lot of “enemies” in my life either, so I’m not sure what would happen is I did. I have a lot of air and thus the ability to detach and “consider the source”, which usually leaves me to just turn away, shake my head and trust that somehow – someday – people who are mean will get theirs. I don’t consider it my job to give out anger/hurt. The few times I have in my life I felt that it somehow dimished me more than the person it was directed towards. But when you are kind to people who are unkind to you, people do notice. And I do secretly enjoy the thought of heaping coals on their head (hey, I never said I was a saint).

  11. The moment I get swept up in the desire to exact revenge, I get clobbered over the head with clarity. These situations, for me, are usually situations where no one, not even myself, is innocent, and the pursuit of revenge is not at all effective.

    These days, I do my best to seek the clarity before someone/thing clobbers it into me. I’ve also adopted a karmic zen policy. I try to let go, knowing that what is real will be resolved, with or without me.

  12. I am vengeful also, but it’s more impulsive- i don’t plot deeply- and i usually use my words as my greatest revenge- i have “killed” ppl./situations with words because hell, some people deserve to hear the truth…i have moon in aries in the 8th, sun/mer/venus trine pluto and also pluto in the 3rd—but you know, when i love a person, revenge doesnt seem to be an option- even when they’re mean–it’s when it gets to the point of some hate- when there has been so much poking at me (from my pov) that love dies a bit- that’s when revenge comes into play. And about what you said about “agents”- sometimes, like you did with the sexual harassment trial, I feel like that person because i’m not as shy or scared of ppl. as others, and i can communicate the ideas well, so i’ve watched myself be that person to people a couple of times in my life- and i want to keep it that way, as hurtful as it can be- cus shit, someone’s got to, as you said so perfectly!

  13. I agree with Elsa– there’s not much need for me to do anything usually, because crappy people will construct their own hells better than I could, and they’ll also run into nasty m-fers who will mow them down. My conscience stays clear and they still get what’s coming to them.

    However, if you do something to me I will withdraw from you completely, which is a pretty bad punishment; you will have no access to my emotions or my pity. I will never help you in any way, and if I am in a position to be generous I will withold it. Unlike people I love or who have been kind to me, you will get neither my money if I become rich, nor my kidney if you are dying and we are a perfect match.

    Cross me at your peril. Pluto in Scorpio.

  14. I am pretty sure that my Scorp Ascendant, moon, and Neptune, all make me pretty good friends with thoughts of revenge. They are mostly thoughts, and they can consume me, and sometimes I just let myself be consumed, until I am sick of myself, and try to let it go.

  15. Bella your comment really resonates with me. I have Pluto in a T-square with my Aries Mars and Capricorn Moon. If I am really angry I’m not thinking revenge, I’m coming at you with my (not real) knife.

    But this is an interesting one. I’m a fine arts student, and there are other creative programs in our college…well respected programs city wide. There is a gal in another program who is around…I mean around. I’ve had really unpleasant interactions, which I’ve dealt with by trying to ignore.
    Last night this gal who isn’t in my program, came into the painting studio while I was in full work mode, painting (obvs) to hang around and try and bum a cigarette. It really bothered me, but I didn’t deal with it.

    This morning I thought ‘fuck it’ and went to our program co-ordinator, I didn’t name names. I said “please have them tell the theatre students to stay out of the painting studio, because if some bum I don’t know comes in to interrupt my work I am afraid of what I’ll do. I will lose it.”
    She asked for a name, I said “Describe it to the other faculty member and they will know who” because assholes generally don’t hide.

    So yeah. They are really on my case about naming this person, because it turns out they are bad news and this will be their ticket to eject her from her program. Was I seeking revenge? No. I was trying to get some EFFEN RESPECT and I feel terrible someone’s dream could die because I’m a psychotic painter.

  16. Usually, I don’t seek revenge. I did seek karmic revenge/justice over the whole ex situation and I’m glad to say I got it — via an outside source (thanks, Hecate!). Now I’m just trying to live and get my shit back together in this new configuration, and in the process show my ex what a wonderful person he let slip away / forced out by pursuing the things I couldn’t when we were together.
    So I suppose that’s “live well” with a twist. 🙂

  17. I frequently WANT revenge… With a busy 8th house it’s no wonder… But my Pluto is 2nd house Libra, so perhaps that’s why I think about it and debate it and plan it then talk myself out of it, etc.

  18. Kudos SaDiablo 🙂

    I don’t obsess over revenge because I have always seen circumstances play out the same way as SaDiablo’s happened. That makes me happy because I don’t want to suffer the guilt of actually making something negative happen to another by my own actions. *Although I do feel uneasy when I can feel joy at seeing the results*

    From the smallest to the worst of the worst, I have faith that beyond this life nothing goes unresolved. I really feel that a person can see and feel every nuance of their actions on another, in an altered state beyond this world. By this I mean no specific religious belief system is involved. Just at a soul level one will know and really feel how one’s actions have effected others, where no self rationalization can over-ride the experiences. That is my belief system and gives me comfort and also scares the hell outa me more than I can express in words.

  19. Pluto in the 8th here, and I am the type to want revenge. In the past, I have hurled curses and my temper frightens me. I will wish every nasty thing against the person that infuriates me. I did that to my father in law this past week for how he treated my husband. Then, the man got sh*t flung all over him by something he messed with a day later. He actually apologized to his son after this.
    I know that if one sends out negativity, it shall surely find its way back, but I have a terrible time controlling my temper. Mars is in my 8th as well and it is like double Scorpio to have both rulers in the 8th.

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