What Is Your Temper Like?

ask the collectiveI don’t think I have a bad temper but I am not sure others would agree. Many people have characterized me as hotheaded. There are too many to ignore.

“Do you think I have a bad temper?” I asked my husband.

“No. I think you have a temper but I would not say it’s a bad temper…”

That was reassuring. Perhaps I have a healthy temper. Perhaps the people who call me a hot head wish to control me, or perhaps they come from less boisterous culture but in whatever case there are definitely people out there who DO have a bad temper and invariably Mars is involved.

Do you have a bad temper? Where is Mars in your chart?


What Is Your Temper Like? — 13 Comments

  1. I don’t think mine is bad either, but I definitely have one. My Mars has got Venus on one side & Saturn on the other w/Neptune above it 😉 I don’t recall, but I think it must aspect my Moon in Libra or something b/c I tend to get the most ticked off when I sense an injustice or that something is unfair.

  2. I have Sun square Mars, so yes, I have one. But I’m a Taurus, so it will be a long time (2 years at the shortest) before I blow my stack at you in public. I am excellent at suppression. So does that count as a bad temper if people rarely see it, but it’s bad when you do?

  3. Naw I don’t think I have a bad temper. I rarely, get enraged but when I have in the past I’ve responded physically. I throw things at people and once when I was a kid I rammed my bike into this other girl’s bike because she was just horrible and she pissed me off. My Mars is heavily aspected (conjunct Saturn and Uranus, opp. Midheaven, and squaring the Sun, ascendant and Venus, it’s in Sagittarius in the 4th) but anger never seems to sit with me long.

    The thing that frustrates me is I cry uncontrollably when angry then then get more angry because no one takes you seriously when you cry. Yikes, I just want to avoid that feeling.

  4. I don’t think I have a bad temper- but I do get irritable or sharp sometimes when annoyed/stressed. I always feel terrible though afterwards-
    Mercury Mars in Cancer conjunct.
    I try to be careful though esp on a day like today!

  5. Char, just read what you wrote — I do that too – cry uncontrollably. But for me it can be out of fear…. Or maybe there is anger underneath that….

  6. I can be hot headed, especially this past week. But I am not sure if it is just me finally standing up for myself instead of stewing in silence. I am too the point of confronting people who I feel are being, umm how can I put this….. well assholes!! haha I normally let things go and go and go till I pop. I have Mars in Libra opposing my Saturn in Aries. Maybe in my past whenever I would take a stand good ‘ol Saturn would pound me in the dirt. Well now I am ready for it!!

  7. Elsa, I have been asked if my family is Italian. We speak loadly and get very passionate about certain things we believe in.

  8. Yes I do – won’t try to pretty it up. Mars in Taurus, in 7th, opposed Moon in Scorpio.

    Can I defend myself by saying I (mostly) only blow-up at assholes – people who are rude, arrogant, and mean to others? Or who are stupid enough to try and push me around? I am not a bully – if anything, I am very sensitive to people who are shy, intimidated, etc. I like to protect them from the assholes that I am screaming at 🙂

  9. Saturn sits on top of my Mars in Scorpio. It takes a lot to activate my Mars, but it’s wickedly quiet and powerfully seething once it gets set off.

  10. I get irritated fast, but can tolerate a lot. When things do go past my threshold, however, I EXPLODE. Not pretty, and can be destructive. Mars (Aquarius, 8th house) square Pluto (Scorpio, 5th house).

  11. I have mars in leo but its in the 12th opposing saturn. Lately I’ve been extremely pissed off and have been very difficult where needed. I have a problem expressing anger because I wait too long to draw any boundary lines. Its complicated so I just usually freeze people out in the end instead of blowing up.

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