What Do You Make Of Josef Fritzl?

josef_fritzl_080430_mn.jpgDear Elsa,

There is a woman who just got “freed” from her dad in Austria. She was abducted on the first day Pluto made its second entry into Scorpio in 1984. So she was in the family cellar for all of Pluto in Scorpio, and all of Pluto in Sagittarius.

What do you think is this woman’s purpose, or what’s the message with her getting out just when Pluto goes into Capricorn.


I think it speaks to the shadow side (Pluto) of the father (Saturn) in the plainest way possible.”

Anyone else?

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What Do You Make Of Josef Fritzl? — 9 Comments

  1. I looked at the solar chart of this man (according to Wikipedia, he was born 9 April 1935). He has Pluto conjunct South Node, forming a (wide) grand cross with sun opposition Mars, and his Saturn squares Chiron. So, his own chart shows hard Saturn and Pluto aspects. But also, Venus opposes Jupiter, which might account for why some of the neighbors have said he seemed friendly and funny.

  2. The guy’s got a natal Pluto-Ceres conjunction in Cancer: you know the myth! And Austria has a natal Pluto-Ceres opposition, and they had Natasha Kampusch, the other abductee, a couple of years ago.

  3. I was wondering when you would post this Elsa. Thought this would make a much bigger stink on the news than it has so far, but this man is profoundly disturbing. I think they’ve just skimmed the surface so far, there will be much more to come. But what is fascinating to me is that this is only one of a cluster of cases this month where we see parents (or authority figures) abusing their kids in horrific ways. The Texas FLDS cult case, another one in New Mexico unearthed today. What does it say about our society when children can no longer trust their parents? I guess it is a good thing that the state/police have intervened and are looking out for the welfare of these people. Pluto in Capricorn => violation/betrayal by parental figures? Where are the mothers in all of this?? This is a phenomenal failure to act. How can a mother not know her daughter is being sexually abused for 7 years? and not look for her after she disappears? all the while their cellar is forbidden them to enter for 24 years…how could she not be curious???

  4. For me that chart is acute, I think that is what I could to expect for this man. A psychopat is sometimes an outgoing person, optimistic fun loving and appreciated (the seductive side of his jackal nature) – there is The grand trine with Jupiter involved.
    On the other hand, the characteropathic structure -I think that is the true pattern- talk about a rigid conservative pattern (Pluto cancer – south node t-squared) moon cancer (strng) and venus taurus (strong).
    Where is the perversion here? I think the most showy thing is the Chiron isolated in the (sophistic) geminni. I think Chiron is tied to the self-scrutiny, self-critic, that is painfull and may result in depression, however what make us to grow – to heal and so on. However I hope more data about this case could be released, that is just speculation. (Please forget my grammar, I just want to express my thoughts about a case that haver perturbed so much my well being these days)

  5. Ana, it’s my perspective that there are always lots of horrific parents, all the time, always have been. I think more about what a miracle it is when it comes to light and the kids get out. I try to focus on that. so the more we hear about, the better it is, the more kids got out. I worry more about the ones we will never hear about.

  6. The guy is beyond words for me at the moment, but as soon as I saw the story hit the news I noticed that the daughter is 42, Uranus opposition…liberation, indeed.

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