“The Year Of Capricorn?”

Dear Elsa,

In the last few years, several of my Capricorn friends have been living lives that could best be described as Hell on earth. Depression, substance abuse, betrayal, divorce, losing a parent is just the tip of the iceberg.

Last month, an old Capi girlfriend called and told me that she was unemployed and pregnant by a married man. Elsa, I would have bet the farm that all of these goats would be running big corporations or maybe even owning one.

Wasn’t this supposed to be the Year of the Capricorn? Why are my friends and ex so out of the loop?

Leo Man
United States

Leo, I am guessing you got the idea (or heard) that this was the “Year of the Capricorn” because Jupiter (supposed to bring a benefit) is in Capricorn which just goes to show you how misleading astrology is when you don’t understand it. I don’t mean that to you personally, but just in general.

First while Jupiter is known to provide opportunity it is generally just that. It’s an opportunity like a seed that does not mature for get this – 12 years! This is assuming someone recognizes and accepts the opportunity which is a hell of an assumption.

Now specific to Capricorn, Jupiter is in it’s fall in this sign which means if you hold your hand out for some kind of freebie, you are apt to be disappointed. It is the quintessential symbol of “the harder I work, the luckier I get” so with that in mind you can see that anyone expecting reward without effort is going to come up not only short but probably buried beneath the rubble.

The Capricorns (and others) who are faring well this years are those who clutched it up. As lousy as it may sound it’s a situation of you reap what you sow. If you have sewn crap well…

Keep in mind that Jupiter expands and this means for good or ill. With Jupiter in Capricorn it is perfectly possible to see your fear or your burdens expanded, particularly if you have acted in a way that is beneath Capricorn. Because lets face it: Capricorn sets the example, or they should.

Capricorn is supposed to do the right thing. They are charged with this whether they like or not, the way a Gemini is charged with getting the information spread around and when a Capricorn deviates from their (narrow) path the consequences are almost always severe as in a goat who has fallen from a mountain.

Humility is also a big piece. I cop to being a gloating Capricorn but I assure you I am more careful with that then you could possibly imagine. I got LINES bay-bee!

Here’s a cautionary song for Capricorn. I don’t mind telling you I take this stuff very seriously. I’ve been aware I am goat clinging to the side of a mountain for a very long time so obviously I understand this: You better watch your step!
Elvis Costello – Watch Your Step – 1981

So this my read – Anyone else? How are you Capricorns faring?

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“The Year Of Capricorn?” — 28 Comments

  1. You are brilliant Elsa! My father is a goat who’s been tripping over the rocks his whole life basically. Things are finally looking up for him as he has finally decided to be accountable for himself and has been getting therapy and working very hard at his marriage to my mother and his relationship with my brother and I. Hopefully it’s a turning point. Thank you Jupiter!

    Great and thoughtful question Leo Man.

  2. Capricorn Moon here. In the last 2 and a half months I lost one of my best friends, a baby, and a legal appeal for insurance I’d been pursuing for 6 years.

    I’m a very big believer in ‘that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Apparently I plan on being an Olympic-calibre power-lifter when I grow up, LOL.

  3. Hm. In short, good. Moon-Mars-Jupiter in Capricorn, so going through a Jupiter-return I guess. What does that mean? *scratches head* I’ll go research that sometime.

    Long story?
    I feel like I’ve been preparing mentally, emotionally, behaviorally non-stop for my post-college future for the past half-year… not getting as much done as I’d prefer, but I’ve worked hard, asking for little in return.

    I’m still figuring out which directions to go (i.e. which mountain to climb, which path goes up) now that my obligations for volunteering are over…. But, this year, it’s far more hopeful than the last. Mostly because I’m 1) making myself look around 2) seeing more options than barriers 3) working through my fears everyday and 4) learning to pat myself (and others) on the back after something gets completed. Cause gosh darnit, we really do need those small breaks to keep going!

    So, in short, unemployed and looking, but good. I know not everyone is doing well right now. Those living near me, I’m helping them when I can. And those not living nearby or those whom can’t help? I’ve learned part of it is they need to make their own decisions for their next step. I’m hoping they find the will and direction that they need, and I’m employing myself to cheer (digitally?) from the sidelines when they get to the finishline!

    end blog-entry >_< (sorry!)

  4. — Those whom I can’t help as one person, I’m finding that many times, they are much stronger than they know.

  5. thanks shell..I think all the loss had more to do with Pluto heading out of my 12th House, and across my ASC. Cleared the decks. Tail end of Pluto in Sag, maybe.
    Jupiter Moon/conjunct in the 1st (Jupiter in the 1st was textbook astrology for pregnancy, but square to my natal Pluto.

    What I’ve REALLY been thinking is that I’d like to start lifting weights. Capricorn=bones and weight-bearing exercise is good for your bones.
    Plus I’d have a physical body to match the mental and that would be good, hey??

  6. *nods* Strength. Running and biking feel good too. Plus you can explore the world around you. And Capricorn = going long distance, marathons and the like. *hugs kashmiri* Sending you super-Scorpio healing vibes. Let us know how you’re doing. You got through this far. You can keep going.

  7. Hope things turn up for you soon Kashmiri.

    Elsa knows her Capricorn 🙂

    I’ve had the toughest year of my life so far, the works. But I’m still here and I’m still going. I managed to survive and it feels like an accomplishment, even thought no one but me will ever know it. I have managed to earn some luck too, the seeds I planted last year are bearing fruit. The vultures have appeared, ready to take it away, but thanks to Pluto I’ve learned to claim (and hide) my fruit lest anyone else start sniffing around! If your fruit is known, unprotected, or in any way vulnerable…what’s yours will be someone else’s before you know it.

  8. “it feels like an accomplishment, even thought no one but me will ever know it”

    Now there’s a Cappy statement! 🙂 One of the things I like about ’em actually. Well there’s that double-edged sword thing but I bet you know what I mean!

  9. you are right shell- brilliant!

    kashmiri and circle dot- an Irish blessing.

    May the Road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain soft upon your fields and until we meet again may god hold you in the palm of her hand.

  10. good one Elsa.

    I have capricorn midheaven, with jupiter in capricorn, and have been thinking about what that means, these past two days and how to get from point a to point b. dispite heavy pluto square losses, I do feel lucky, and without a doubt I have to work for what I get.

  11. I’m sorry, kashmiri. That sounds like the suxxor.

    And since I have Mars in Cap, (and Progressed Sun + PMerc there as well) I suppose it should have been bad, but mostly it’s been dreary and depressing, but not (yet) horrid.

    [‘The Year of Dread.’]

  12. My thought on this is that Capricorn likes to make everything hard for themselves and/or make everything look like its seriously hard work that you’d NEVER want to tackle personally. So if you’ve got a Capricorn with constant, one after another problems, and getting in situations where they end up the victim of piles of “responsibility”… well, that’s got nothing to do with transits/timing and everything to do with the person, eh?

  13. Sorry for the tough stuff guys, must have been hard going..may I ask how many of you Capricorns have planets in Sagittarius being transitted through these times by Pluto? Just sounds so Plutonic..love and warm wishes from Lynne in Scotland

  14. I’ve got nothing going in Capricorn, but my 10th House Jupiter is aspected all over the place.

    My poor son, however…wow. He’s really getting hit from every side there is. I wish I could reach out to him, even direct him to Elsa for some guidance as I’ve done in the past, but he has shut me out completely the last few months.

    Much love to all of you going through the wringer with this.

  15. I posted to this thread – long post last night- it didn’t show. I’m wondering if if this is more same cycle of things not reaching the completion that I worked for/planned. Where is it???

  16. Ms. Scarlett – no doubt it got caught in the spam filter. I generally get everything out of there that doesn’t belong but probably missed it… sorry, I am on drugs!

  17. Ms. Scarlett – no, I am sorry I can’t. I emptied that stuff this morning in a quasi-stupor. I did can but apparently missed it. I get about 500 spam comments a day and this happens sometimes. I am sorry but it’s gone – been deleted. 🙁

  18. Maybe I can rephrase it but the angst will be missing this early in the a.m..The gist was: I am gemini sun, cap moon, cap rising. gem merc, gem venus. All of my gem seems to take a back seat to the Cap. They all seem to obey which is sad b/c I think life would be more fun as a gemini.

    Like any good capricorn I’m in the the 5th year of a 5 year plan which centered around going back to work to rebuild my practice after my divorce ( I was essentially retired), saving my house and putting my son through college- he’s in his 3rd yr now.

    So this year, the 5th year, I was supposed to make my exit. My plan was to sell my house, take my equity and a few clients, move to a tiny town seriously downsize and have never talk to anyone again unless I wanted to. Or at least not have the worlds most stressful job.

    So you can see where this is going. Due to market forces, (beyond my control) this will probably not be practical as things have really shifted even though I’ve really planned and been totally Cap about the entire deal. In fact, no one but a Cap could have pulled made the silk purse out of the sows ear i wound up with 5 years ago.

    So maybe the universe (market) has moved me back 5

    Also, at the beginning of my year, I met The Forever Guy. (all libra but Cap moon). He presents initially as a worker achiever also. But about 45 days ago I find that he has misrepresented alot of what he is– esp financial and emotional stability. I Invested completely. I’ve never done that before.

    The astrology was great but him… not so much.
    So that loss of the dream plus the friend is huge and I now question my ability to see what is in front of my eyes.

    The point is: I have rebuilt my life from ground zero at least 3 times. Each time, the outsides always look better than the previous. I’m good at the package. And it usually brought me to a place i like. It always seem worth the price.

    But this last rebuild was the least fulfilling. Sure it’s always fun in the beginning to see what you can accomplish just be putting on your lipstick, smiling and showing up and overcoming all obstacles. (Mars/Scorpio)

    But I’m over it. Over being responsible, over perservering. Each rebuild seems to bring me farther from the thing I really want which is to have a real partner and a real conversation.

    At this age, I truly no longer believe I have the luxury of taking a long term Capricorn perspective.

    And as for the outcome of the 5 year plan, right now I don’t know if I’ll be driving over the bridge in a car or living under it. And at this point, I’m just too tired to even care which it is.

    All I’m sure of is I wanna be happy NOW. I just wanna sit in a donut shop with a plain wrap guy and do a normal activity with someone I love. Am I asking too much to have a partner?

    I do not have the energy to do this all again and to what purpose???? Do you caps ever ask ‘why’ we climb??????? Because its there?????

  19. Miss Scarlett I’m really glad you reposted that because it’s good reading. I don’t think that you’re asking too much.
    I think most Capricorns take stock at some point in their lives and reevaluate in the way it seems that you are.
    As an aside, my SO is Capricorn Sun (conjunct Saturn) and is a Gemini ASC. A similar energy ‘nerve’ if you will. However with Pluto in Sagittarius opposing the pressure on a lot of Geminis has been great, as well.
    My SO has also rebuilt his life and I see first hand how exhausting it is. But you’ve left your child an incredible legacy no matter what route you take now, and that is worth A LOT.

    I hope that you’ll free yourself up to follow your path no matter how willy-nilly it gets. With Pluto off your Sun it’s likely that will get easier if you don’t give up. And I’m not suggesting you would, but as was pointed out to me (by ELSA!), Capricorn Moon is all about integrity, and if you don’t live by it, depressions sets in. I have Cap Moon as well.
    But integrity is more than how hard you work or how much you save for the future, it’s also how much you exercise your right to play in this life. How much you get to enjoy the beauty of the shortness of your stay here because man it is short.

    My question: what do you have to do again? You can abandon your plan. You can call it successful by your terms and stay just right where you are and plant a garden with the seeds you’ve got, just like that.

    Wow I’m really yapping. You’re post was really provocative, in a very good way. Thank you for that!

  20. As a Capticorn, I can look at this year as opportunities. Capricorn in Jupiter started in my 6th house and I have embraced the opportunity to better my health. I actually wonder if it’s departure from my 6th (where Pluto currently is) is part of the reason I am experience health problems – I think it might be worse off if I hadn’t embraced the Jupiter opportunity.

    Now, Jupiter in Capricorn is in my 7th. It could definitely be said that (because of an ongoing family issue with my son) I have become closer to my husband. I would be lost without our partnership. I also see that the 7th could been seen diplomatically in dealing with open enemies. In that case, THANK GOD that Jupiter is there at this point of my life!

  21. Thanks Kasmiri:

    I get your very impt point here. Just work with what you have right here, right now.

    I will try.

    The plan was really a short term (5 yr is a short term cap plan lol) means to a financial end for me that would facilitate alot of the other freedoms.

    I have to take that into consideration at this stage. I’ve always been good at pulling a rabbit out except I’ve never been in a global crash before.

    It will be very hard to do anything unless I can resolve or wait out alot of that. There’s a big physical/financial reality thing going on here for me now plus everyone else in the world.

    I know I have to hang in and keep my eyes open for the exit ramps to small freedoms. I’m now I’m feeling frustrated cause I see the clock ticking and I feel like i’m going backwards.

    I don’t see much change in the economy for at least 18 months. I think the next 6 -9 will be really challenging for EVERYONE and we will all have to find freedom within those constraints.

    I think I could do all of this normally. But the betrayal with the guy is just the straw because I was really really happy there.

    He broke up with me but suddenly has started contacting me in the oddest way. Of course, he still has my clothing 1000 miles away. So so much for cap moon integrity.

    Thanks for responding This is definitely the most challenging time I ever remember and i think it has alot to do with age and expectation of where I thought I’d be now.

    I didn’t expect to be a billionaire but i thought i’d be able to at least achieve: Happy better yet content and not alone. Alone is really hard for me right now.


  22. Hello Everyone!

    I’m the Leo who asked the question.

    I’ll be saying prayers and sending positive thoughts to all of you.

    Elsa, thank you for your answer, it helped immensely.

  23. Hi elsa
    i find many times that i look at other signs other then my own . i do this to understand others
    i was born on christmas day 1961 , exactly where that puts me in the capricorn arena im not sure.
    but i tend to agree with the statement you reap what you sew .there was a time though when i felt the harder i worked the further i fell behind
    at that time which was back in 1995 i had many things going on in my life , i did work through them and kept on pushing along . then came 2002
    and another come back of the thinking the harder i work the further im falling behind . so i stopped working for a year and took a good look at myself and came to the conclusion that the income i was earning didnt matter at all which was then just a bit over 100 k per yr . after the yr off i changed carreers and took a job for 1/2 that and realised while my income dropped big time my stress level comepletely disapeared .
    i had to change the way i lived due to the change in my income and i have to say that the last 5 years have been a change in just about all of my veiws on my life . this past years economic problems litterly had no effect on me and im in as good or better financial shape then i was 3 yrs ago . but i worked at it and i re evaluated what was my prioriietes in life and today i can say i feel good about who i am . on the other hand i have less money but it was a life choice i made to earn less . i think what it really comes down to for everyone is we need to make a decision do we want to move in a direction we truelly want to go , or do we want to be positioned to move in a way we dont want to go .
    as an example do we live beyond our means in which case we are dependant upon market forces or our jobs , or do we live with in our means in which case we have a much better control of our lives ??? everyone has some kind of issue they will have to get through at some point in there lives , in the end life is 10 percent how you take it and 90 percent what you make of it .
    thanks for the blog

  24. hi again elsa
    i have a question , i just looked up my true star sign and it say it is sagitarious . what exactly does this mean. i find that a bit ironic because i have been trying to get to know a sag woman
    so i have spent sometime trying to understand that sign . would this mean i have a bit of both signs perhaps ?? if i remember correctly
    cappy and sag are just about complete opsites
    and i do think i tend to me more of a cap
    thanks again

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