Someone Cuts In Front Of You In Line…

This came up in the comments…

Someone cuts in front of you in line, what do you do and where is your Mars?

Personally, I am embarrassed of this but I allow it… feel superior because I have better manners. πŸ˜‰

(Libra Mars)




Someone Cuts In Front Of You In Line… — 37 Comments

  1. Meh. Depends how tired I am. And how deluded the person is, thinking they’re first. I have Mars in Aries opposed Pluto and I know it’s better for all involved if I let the idiot go first. Like, whatever. I don’t need to have blood on my hands, ha ha ha.

    Oh Elsa, that is Libra. Ha ha ha!

  2. Scorp here with Mars in Virgo in 4th

    I rarely get cut off while driving because I drive defensively, always aware of cars around me. But when I do, I just let them go. Better to be safe.

  3. I used to allow it all the time, now I inform them I am next 95% of the time. I make myself,lol. Libra mars in 4th opposite my aries saturn in 10th.

    But like kash said it depends on how deluded the person is,lol. I give slack to some with cloudy brains,lol.

  4. i have a tight moon-mars conjunction in aries, haha (2 degree separation). But my venus falls in libra/9th house ( doesn’t oppose my mars by aspect, just by sign ).. i don’t know what i’d do.. because i can say whatever now but when the situation presents itself, anything can happen. I’d definetely be irritated, but if it seemed like they did it on accident i might hold my tongue, but if its clear that they did it on purpose i might say something like, “Excuse me, sorry but I was in line” or something. I don’t think my libra venus would allow me to go beyond that. I don’t recall being in this situation before though I’m sure something similar has happened.

    Oh, but i definetely feel a huge push-pull with manners, because i went to watch Valkyrie with my brother over holidays and this young woman sitting beside me would periodically talk on her phone during the course of the entire movie.. meaning like, she would find people to call during the movie. And if she wasn’t talking on it, she was punching in numbers and fiddling around with it ( being that the movie theatre was nearly pitch dark, it wasn’t unnoticeable either ).. but it was apparent that she was a foreigner ( English not being her native language ) so I didn’t say anything, I was afraid that she might not understand me or she might think i’m rude ( as there’s no really “nice” way to ask a stranger who seems completely oblivious as to what they’re doing to turn off their phone .. or maybe there is– but there’s no guarantee that it will be taken in kind) so.. though inside i was on the verge of breaking, hah i didn’t actually “do” anything, though i definetely felt much like a boiling, steaming kettle on a hot stove. I did go on a bit of a rant about it in the car ride home though.

  5. When they cut in front of me (and if I notice it) I just look at them because I don’t want to waste my words, and they either look the other way or start justifying themselves. I’m sure everyone knows when they’re doing wrong, what do you think?
    But I would never fight to get a place ahead of them because I wouldn’t like to feel them in my back. The same reason why I don’t pass certain people on the sidewalk, it’s safer to keep them in front of you than walking behind you…

  6. I start talking really loud about how RUDE some people can be, when it’s OBVIOUS there’s a line and all. πŸ˜‰ I don’t do direct confrontation…I just shame them…very loudly! Gemini Mars πŸ˜€

  7. This sort of happened to me the other day! I was standing in the tea aisle, surveying the selection, when these two ladies just walked and stood right in front of me without saying excuse me or anything. I gave ’em a face, shook my head, made a scene of trying to see around them, sighed very loudly and walked away. That’s just wrong. Mars in Sagittarius in the 4th house.

  8. Mars in Leo. Mars totally afflicted, no soft aspect to anyone, so it took time to understand this.

    The more I used to get angry over it, the more it happened. For the past few years, I’m zen. And it doesn’t happen anymore. Kind of coincided with Mars going direct by progression. Strange, now that I think of it, but it also makes sense.

  9. My mars is in Leo as well, but I’m usually pretty tolerant of the public and of nonsense like being cut in line. Eh. I wouldn’t want to make a scene and have to get all aggressive.

  10. Mars in Virgo in the 10th here. It doesn’t happen to me that I recall because I have Scorpio but I will champion someone else’s cause. Bit of a Joan of Arc syndrome going on I imagine.

  11. Mars in Cancer in the 11th conjunct (in stellium with sun and mercury). Mars is well-aspectect but has a Jupiter square

    Sometimes I say (politely) i was here
    Sometimes i sigh really loudly

    It does piss me off though. I mean, it can be just you, standing there for 5 minutes waiting for the cashier, with no one in front of you, and then someone just walks right up in front. I get impatient and annoyed (feels like the mars/jupiter square)

  12. Some moron kid did this to me at the dmv as if he were entitled orhis friend was saving his spot. It was confusing as are all my injustes because I couldn’t tell if he was just siting down on the side and new where his place was or what. But he didn’t say anything to me like, I was here before, etc. Mars in leo,wanted to chop his head off and tell him to get the fuck out. Its in the 12th so I just stewed over it and my face turned red, then I thought about it for a long time. Moon and Mercury in libra, I just kept thinking about it. Its really funny when you think about it. We are what we are but I still think we should be able to be aware of it and decide to tap in to some other mars energy, I don’t know…

  13. mars in gemini — i communicate to him/her that there’s a bunch of us waiting here and that maybe he/she didn’t notice that the end of the line is ‘back there’. πŸ˜‰

  14. It usually makes me genuinely laugh out loud (and I have a disproportionally loud Elmer-Gantryish laugh) in an “OMG can you believe that” kind of way because I am always surprised at rudeness like that.

    Sometimes I say something, sometimes I don’t. Mostly not, because that is a small not worth it battle.

    Mars in Sag in 12th conj Asc trine Jupiter, Sextile Sun and square a bunch of stuff.

  15. Mars in Cancer.I tend to just be laid back and figure what a shame they are in such a hurry–I try not to DO “hurry..”– I like reading the magazines at the check out anyway– so– go ahead, you go first.

  16. Mars in Aries in 10th – same as Becca and Miss.

    Sometimes people aren’t trying to be rude, they’re just clueless. Usually give them a chance to save face, before I get mad. Most people don’t go so far as to prove they are overtly rude, unless they think you’re stupid.

  17. Depends on how mad I already was before the incident. Usually I compromise and say loudly, “Gosh, don’t you hate it when people cut in line? It’s like some people never really left elementary school.”

    I realize the irony, but it’s satisfying enough. Most of the time I just roll my eyes, scoff out loud and let it go.

  18. Ugh I hate when people cut in front of me!!

    Sometimes I let it go, but usually I’ll try to say something polite (I was next – the line forms back here)

    Most people will take that and go. The people that get pissy, though, oh gods I just get SO angry and I know it’s inappropriate. I try to let it go, but sometimes I’ll actually move myself back and cut in front of them. Mostly though I try to remind myself that it’s not important and I wasn’t in a hurry anyway. (And if they’d asked? I’d probably let them go with a smile and help them unpack their stuff in front of mine)

    Mars conj Venus, 2H Cancer
    bunch of other stuff in there too

  19. mars in aries, 4th house. i survey the room- and ask who is before me (lines in italy are not actual lines- they are chaos- funneled, sort of). so once i understand who is before me (often there are randoms- who are just hanging out, and are not actually in ‘the line’) then i keep track of who comes in after… if they look like suspect ‘line cutters’ ‘funnel fakers’ or are openly impatient- i engage in conversation- yep, we are all in the same boat type thing…obviously the unspoken weighing much more. if someone is a total freak i will directly confront them with ‘hey, its not your turn’. the trickest ones are usually the old people (they like to use their age to cut, or to get your seat at mass)and this is the difficult one- because you are thinking, why didn’t you get your sorry ass here early like i did to get a seat- especially since your old. but then, you turn and cringe and remember your in church, or remember your grandma- and get up.

  20. mars in cancer…i play around a little…i like to pretend i’m totally oblivious…and watch how the karma plays out….& if my son (with some kind of good luck) happens to be with me… i smile as the line opens up πŸ˜‰

  21. Aquarius with Mars in Cancer checking in. I hate standing in lines and go to great lengths to avoid it. But when someone cuts in front, I tell them firmly but politely. If everyone would do that, the line cutters would stop if they knew they would be called out on it. In a world with such a large population, it’s important for people to re-learn courtesy and the concept of waiting for your turn. It makes living on planet earth so much more pleasant.

  22. Mars in Pisces here.. you know, thinking about it, when people cut in front of me, they usually realize it (asking “Were you already in line?”) and when they do, they go and find their place. I usually never have to say anything… maybe they can just feel my annoyance lol

  23. My mars is in Aries, but I’d probably do the same as you. Plus, I don’t sweat small stuff like this. If this person REALLY feels that cutting in line is necessary ’cause they can’t wait TWO SECONDS, then…wtf ever, dude. Let ’em have it.

  24. Mars in Leo and I keep my mouth shut. I don’t want to make myself a target for someone else’s rage if I say something to them, and someone who’s cutting in line may not exactly be rational or pleasant to deal with as is. Not very Leo, but I’ve spent enough time as a target in life to try to avoid deliberately making myself one.

  25. I usually take a deap breath…so I don’t get upset.
    Then say it like I see it.
    ‘You’re in my place.’
    It almost never happens…thank goodness, because I can get really angry.
    Mars in Sagittarius conj asc square Sun in Pisces.

  26. If they ask me before cutting in, I usually let them. Or ask the people behind me if they are okay with it, then let them.
    If they are rude/inconsiderate/don’t ask permission, they get a polite but very final redirection to the back of the line.

  27. That actually happened to me about an hour ago in walmart. This lady clearly saw me walking towards the check out line & did a hop, skipping motion pushing her basket in front of mine. I was thinkin Nope not today so i kinda shuvved(sun,venus,merc in libra 9h) my basket infront of hers(mars in virgo 8h) & our baskets probably made an extremely loud noise i dont remember i think i was too upset to hear it. But she politely walked off & i guess found another check out line to hop in. I didnt care to look where she went after she was out of my way. Lol wow at the time it didnt seem like an over reaction now that im actually typed what happened..maybe i over reacted just a tiny bit (it wasnt me mars square uranus made me do it…? maybe lol)

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