Mercury Retrograde – What Are We Supposed To Get Out Of This?

mercury-god-running.jpgDear Elsa,

I get that Mercury retrograde throws a wrench in Mercury-esque things (communication, travel, technology, and whatnot) up. But what is the POINT of it? What do we get out of it?

So, for example, these people we haven’t seen in a long time resurface. Is there a meaning to it? Is this a chance to heal some wrong or review a lesson we missed in the past? And what about network outages and planes that have to turn around because of glass from a broken window that got in the engine (this happened the other day to a flight in Texas) … is Mercury retrograde just a
time where gremlins get in the gears or is there some benefit?

I guess I’m just trying to understand what it’s time to celebrate and DO during Mercury retrograde, as opposed to focusing on fear of little annoyances and of being required to sign any contracts, etc.


Dear Wondering,

Good question! The best ideas I have heard regarding Mercury retrograde have come from Pisces and go something like this:

Mercury is a fast planet. Imagine the slow of information speeding, zipping through the air and ’round the world… gaining speed.

It gains speed and then more speed and then more speed and if left unchecked might we all become harried? Who can keep up with this?

Gratefully, Mercury slows and goes retrograde now and then so we can all un-twist. Those who look at it this way (as a welcome respite and opportunity to slow down and relax) fare very well.

For example, after 30 years of astrology I have learned not to shop for clothing (or any other non-essential, really) with Mercury Rx because invariably I will want to return the thing. So I can look at this as a drat and a damned shame or I can look at is as a few weeks off from even having to think about shopping for clothing and you can see one of those options take you right to bliss.

In short, people and things are not meant to go and go and go and go. Sometimes your head has to slow so your ass can catch up and if you see it this way you will have few problems with Mercury Rx.

Anyone else?

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Mercury Retrograde – What Are We Supposed To Get Out Of This? — 18 Comments

  1. I had surgery during Mercury Rx (today, in fact). I have no idea if that was a good idea or not astrologically, but I’m definitely slowed down for a bit due to it. 😉 It’s actually feeling very much like a relief — no work, nothing to do but heal for the next couple of weeks.

    And it went well. The surgery fixed a problem that was seriously impacting quality of life. So once the healing is done, my slowed-down life will be ready to speed back up with Mercury direct!

  2. I’m not sure, the untwisting thing sounds ’bout right to me though.

    I find often one rx will echo a previous one too though. This time round I broke my phone which I bought (in march/feb?) under the last rx so I’ve had to buy another one, rx again! I do think the new one will be better suited though.

  3. i think they go so much easier for me now than they used to. now, i like to think of them as “practicing your zen” times. because for me, like 90% of the pain of merc rx was always the anxiety. what’s gonna go wrong next? what’s gonna blow up? worry worry worry.

    truth is, sometimes things go wrong and blow up. but once i “got” that 1. i couldn’t fight that, and 2. my discomfort was about not letting go of the outcome, it got way easier.

    for me, i think the visits from the past indicate something that needs to be further processed somehow. like the universe sending a dish back in the oven for a few minutes. nothing to do but keep an eye on it and wait it out.

  4. Help!!! this is insane…My opinion of males: to many jerks to few men. I don’t talk to jerks. Our rabbi keeps reminding me of the monthly singles answer is: I am not looking, but if God in his wisdom wants to send a special someone accross my way I take a quick look.
    Our charts in western, as well as in Chinese Astrology match us the perfect couple.
    I was born on April 7, 1941 in Ludwigshafen,Rhein Germany shortly before one am. He was born on July 30, 1985 in San Jose, California about 7 am.
    We talk a lot…talking to him is like talking to myself. Eventhough I look much younger there is still a big age gap. I have strong feelings and a lot confusion and he mirrors that feeling. I think God goofed on sending him across my path.
    It’s insane and scary, but it also feel great. What do you advise?

  5. If this Mercury retrograde thing messes with communication, could that be the reason your blog isn’t accepting my posts? LOL

  6. Ahhhh… So that natal Merc-Saturn conjunction is why I feel harried by the “normal” pace of life. Wow, this astrology stuff might have somethin’ to it! 😉

  7. Yeah, my kid dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Got that replaced. Then the other child stepped on my ibook charger. I’m laying low over here. . .

  8. Some are worse than others, but this one has been just plain bizarre for me. People I haven’t seen in ages just showing up, old dreams and interests suddenly popping back into the picture…it’s been almost surreal.

    Not bad, not at all, but very very strange…

  9. ReBa, you are asking for a detailed and personal reading here in comments for free. Elsa is a professional astrologer and this is how she makes her living. Everything on this blog is a gift to us.

    Would you march into a grocery store and demand to be given your groceries for free? How insulting.

  10. I suppose you don’t know the answer to this confusion because so farI have not seen any response from anyone.

  11. Lupa…sorry you didn’t understand. I didn’t ask for a free reading. I just wonder if I should go with my intuition no matter how strange.
    My intuition seem to work…Friday morning I got up feeling very edgy. I told my family and friends to be prepared for bad news and it came without warning.
    One family member died, one friend died. One ex-family member’s mom was diagnsed with breast cancer, her husband had a stroke after he got off a plane.
    I suppose I go with my intuition and will not bother you again.

  12. ReBa, if you had come back and said that first you would have received a great deal of support and compassion. However, no matter how you try to backtrack now, you did ask for a personal reading based on the birth data posted and the second comment complaining of a lack of response. You said nothing about intuition in the first two comments. You asked for Elsa’s advise in so many words.

    I’m very sorry for the tragedy and loss you are experiencing. I wish for easier and happier days for you in the not too distant future.

  13. i often find myself buying things i’ve been meaning to buy for a long while. they suddenly become available int eh way i want them or whatever.

    it’s a good time for catching up on things you’ve saved “until later” and lost in the rush.

  14. Cool. Just wanted to tell you that I relaly enjoy your blog. Astrology has always seemed overwhelming to me so many details and fine points and whatnot. Frankly, it still seems that way, but what I’m noticing as I regularly check in with your blog is that I’m slowly and quietly getting a handle on some of it. I’m also quietly making small adjustments based on what I learn. What I mean is, if I read the weekly forecast and I notice that Wed. is going to be a better day for getting a lot done than Thurs. I’ll make some changes in my plans to take advantage of that possibility. I won’t change big stuff. For example, I wouldn’t move mountains to change my closing date if it turns out that it’s not the best day astrologically, but I’d go into it knowing that there might be difficulties and I feeling better prepared. In considering the planets, the stars, I feel more connected to a larger picture. And that’s always a good thing. So thank you.

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