Is There A Correlation Between Risk-Taking And Feelings Of Joy?

Vintage Sagittarius pendantMy husband has Jupiter in Sagittarius. He feels you can’t have any joy in your life if you don’t take risks.

“You can get a little security that way. You might be able to get some money together and live a more comfortable life because of of it but I don’t think you can have any real joys in your life unless you take risks…”

Do you agree?


Is There A Correlation Between Risk-Taking And Feelings Of Joy? — 47 Comments

  1. As a Gemini who was once married to a Taurus, I wholeheartedly agree with the soldier. I swear I nearly died from all the security and comfort.

    I’m fine and happy out here on the edge. 🙂

  2. I think it depends on what you consider risky. I’ve seen a lot of people who are happy in their security, and I’ve seen many, many people who take risks all the time and are some of the joyless people I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, those people also tend to take other people down with them.

    And there are many people like the soldier, who seem to thrive on it.

  3. Absolutely. There have been very few big risks in my life that I have regretted… but quite a few lost chances, and those I do regret.

  4. Yes, Soldier’s got it. To get the big joys in life you have to risk big!

    Diana – ha! me too. This is second nature to me. But if I really, really want something that has potential to affect me negatively longterm…I’ll calculate my odds, cover my ass, and jump from the best spot. It depends what my odds are 🙂

  5. shell–ha ha! Security is great, too!

    I have Taurus Sun, so it makes sense to me…the people who I’m closest to are extremely stable, with-it, sound people who have their shit together, which allows me to make impulsive risks and know I’ve got people who love me when I return to Earth. 🙂

  6. Haha..! Same here, shell.

    Throw in a Taurus sun while we’re at it….

    That said, I think there’s more to joy than risk.. Risk’s a part of it but… personally, knowing I have this thing to go back to let’s me enjoy all the other stuff so much more.. Security gives me freedom, paradoxically. Without it, I’m pretty much miserable….

    The stifling kind of security is another matter altogether….

  7. I really had to think hard about this. part of me wants to say no, but I don’t think that’s right either. cos, well, I want security, but I guess I take risks to get that security.

    I suppose all action takes a risk. Buffy said (::smirk::): the hardest thing in this world is to live in it.

    even going with the flow (which gives me joy) requires effort, cos you have to find the flow and take action: jump in, surrender to it. even surrendering amounts to a risk– you might lose yourself.

  8. Interesting, Dim. I recently discovered this . . . I need something to shackle me a bit – a homebase. But, like you said, not the stifling kind . . . so I’m just working on that balance now.

    Still not sure where my joy comes from. Lately, it’s been surrendering and letting go. (Feels kind of risky!) 🙂

  9. My husband has the view that “when you stop taking risks you start to get old”. (Aries Sun, Leo Asc & Moon)

    I think it’s a question of balance, as in all things. Risking life and limb isn’t ever going to be on my agenda unless it’s absolutely essential, but I’m usually up for risks of a less extreme kind. (Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon likes a challenge)

  10. emotional risks- moving out of your comfort zone… following your instincts and true calling- gutsy risky things that have a meaningful purpose, why yes, i think those are necessary for manifesting joy. but risk for risks’ sake is just stupid.

  11. How do we know if we are following our “true calling”? Eh, maybe it’s another topic for another open question.

    I think I thought I was following it for the last 29 years. Then, all of a sudden . . .

    And if it’s your true calling, can it just suddenly change after 29 years?


  12. I don’t know, I have Jupiter in Sagittarius too, but I don’t know.

    p.s. satori, you are so cute. Next time I jinx somebody (or is it vice versa?) I’ll owe them a coke.

  13. Leaving my ex, and striking out on my own with my kids was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

    But since then, I’ve never felt more alive in my life. And what do you know? The world didn’t end.

    Sometimes you have no choice but to take the risks – jump right off that cliff, and hope there’s water down below!

  14. Like anything there are degrees in how risk taking can be fulfilling ones life. A person can become quite addicted to risk taking for example. The intensity and excitement and scare involved in risk taking can take the place of other feelings that the person has difficulty integrating in personality. The same way that comfort eating for some people replaces the idea of nurturing (or the lack of it) in their life.


  15. or that the cliff is an illusion created by your fears and that your feet find solid ground after all as yours did.

  16. Every single moment of your life is a risk you’re taking. Every breath. Waking up in the morning precludes that you’re going to take a risk at some point in the day! 🙂
    On point, though, no I don’t think you can be truly happy without taking at least some calculated risks. I feel that to gain any success or joy you need to put something on the line — time, money, energy, your health, your emotions. All of it is an investment and you could harm, break, or lose any of it. That’s risky! *smiles* But, just to be clear, I don’t think we’re talking about the bungee-jumping, fire-walking, scuba-diving kind of risks here; it’s more the personal risks you need to attempt.

    And not to step on any toes here (because I don’t know you guys well enough to make this kind of call), but all of my friends and family who choose stability and routine over risking possible failure are neurotic, unhappy people. Some of them even have the diagnosis. And that’s where I’m coming from.

    One would think Jupiter rising in Cancer would be more risk-averse, eh? 😉

  17. Yes, SaDiablo, then of course there are those of us who do not even know how to get stability, routine, and security – and we’re still neurotic.


    But I like your point.

  18. “to gain any success or joy you need to put something on the line — time, money, energy, your health, your emotions. All of it is an investment you could harm, break, or lose any of it.”

    SaDiablo – Yes. It is indeed a gamble, and when it is successful it becomes an investment in happiness!

    I find the more I have to put on the line for something, the more personally meaningful it becomes. It’s exhilarating to be willing to lose something in order to invest in something better. External security seems like a kind of illusion, because you are always in a position to lose something! May as well risk losing your fear, and stand a chance at gaining genuine security – freedom from fear and loss. Nobody can take that away 🙂

  19. Ana- excellent comment! When you are in those moments when you are afraid of the pain that the choices you have made about pushing through fear have caused you to feel…[although as I say that, I realize that the cause and effect is only the emotional and vulnerable part of yourself trying to relate to the soul dancer part of yourself that really has no fear] it can be difficult for you to see that in that moment you are holding the key in the palm of your hand. Paulo Coelho writes about this in ‘The Alchemist’ It is difficult to put this kind of thing into words but Coelho does it very well

  20. Totally agree! I have Jupiter in Sag too, and the most joyful experiences were quite risky. For example, going to live to a country you’ve never been, where you don’t know anyone and everything is new with no money or help awaiting. I moved countries twice.
    The last ricky/joyful experience was climbing on the glacier- that was amazing!

  21. Everything in life involves risk. Not taking a risk is a risk – the risk that your potential is squandered.

    My profession, trading, involves me in risk all the time. But I try to take only calculated risks where my upside outweighs my downside.

    There is no better feeling than being on the right side of a large trade. None.

  22. This is probably true, but I can’t get past the feeling of wanting to throw the hell up at the idea of having no safety and security. To me that seems even worse–the guaranteed total blinding terror does not seem worth the possible joy. And I so far cannot get past the feeling like I’m gonna die of sexual assault/beating on the streets of the city if I take a chance.

  23. Unless you count having children as ‘a risk’, which I don’t, risk to me implies danger. I have jupiter in cappy and would tend to disagree, but them again, I live across the cancer/capppy axis. My kids are one of the greatest joys I’ve known in my life 🙂

  24. I agree partially with what billp says. I do think risk taking behavior can cause adrenaline and endorphin releases leading to joy. But, here’s the thing, astrologically I’m inclined to get a rush out of that with Mars/Pluto/Uranus lined up in my chart. However, there are some people who don’t feel comfortable in “rush” situations. Instead of feeling it as something positive they get scared or stressed or whatever. For me, your husband’s philosophy is true. But for others, with different asto placements (and differing life philosophies), the fear, stress, and worry over risk taking can completely steer them away from it and may equate to more chaos than joy for them. And, these people may not agree with the soldier.

  25. I disagree with billp. There are plenty of risks and challenge that does not involve adrenaline. For example, my husband is trying to start a business now, he’s old and going against tough odds. This process is slow and arduous but still brings joy or the potential of it.

  26. We all take risks every day in my opinion. Unless you never ever leave the house for any reason (like food, a job, entertainment, etc).

    All the earth signs I know take risks. Sometimes sticking with something is a risk, too.

  27. I should add that there’s a fine line as well between “risky” and “stupid”. No offense to anyone in particular. Sometimes we think we’re being adventurous, and the next thing you know– crisis.

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