Astrology And Fashion – What Can You Not Wear?

pink-and-blue-baby.jpgLoonsounds writes on Fashion Trends 2008… The Look Of Pluto In Capricorn Redux

“Oh man, I could not wear black, not even to a funeral. Pisces rising with Venus in the 1st.”

Sounds right to me!

Personally, I am a Capricorn rising and baby blue and pink… pastels in general are out!

What can you not wear? What is your rising sign?

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Astrology And Fashion – What Can You Not Wear? — 58 Comments

  1. Gemini rising, and ditto to Shannon (the other Gemini rising). I live in comfy T-shirts (men’s size smalls) and flares. I’m not comfortable in tight clothes, wide necks, deep Vs, and sleeveless stuff. Clean lines and proper shape/structure are a must. But *no* frills or ruffles…my mother (Cancer) dressed me like this as a child and I’m still traumatized, lol.

    Ooh, and funky jewellery. I don’t wear it day-to-day, but a beautiful piece = instant love. Again, clean lines & general harmony are a must. I love turquoise/silver combos, wood beads, and Celtic or quartz/other gemstone pendants.

    Shoes? Heels are hot to look at, but not wearable. Mostly trainers for me.

  2. I like most colors, but I can only wear pale yellows or my skin looks terrible; and I always seem to get white clothes dirty.

    I will not wear revealing clothing. Cleavage shirts, short skirts/shorts, short sleeves, etc. – no thank you. Same for tight clothes. And glittery or sequiny ones. No huge jewelry either.

    I don’t much like wearing bright/bold colors, unless they are restricted to makeup/nail polish/accessories. (Excepting a particular shade of green which I adore, I prefer… uh, diminished colors [sorry if that doesn’t make sense, I can’t recall the word I was trying to use}.)

    And while I like pale colors, I dislike wearing them without darks to balance them out. All black is fine with me; even, perhaps, preferred.

    I love a bit of asymmetry. (Sometimes quite a bit of asymmetry… there are reasons I’m working to improve my sewing.)

    I hate, hate, hate clothing that indicates my personal tastes in any area beyond clothing. Won’t wear it in public (if I even somehow own it). And I hate looking like a cookie-cutter cardboard-cutout of any person, any style or trend or social arena. (Another reason I’m trying to improve my sewing.[Not that I suck at it, I’m just not good -enough- yet.])

    I love lace and ruffles and velvet and mesh; super-soft cottons are my favorite fabrics (like, pajama-soft). I wear [all of the above listed] as often as I can.

    Scorpio rising. ([Pisces moon][Venus opposite Saturn/Uranus])

  3. I get a lot of compliments on my style:( I can wear a lot of different colors and looks but I tend to wear a lot of black. It makes me feel powerful and grounded. I wear a lot of sheer black or florals with a black background. I like ethnic looking prints too. I like bold jewelry. I wear a lot of dresses and rompers. I’m 5’3″ and I think these lengthen me a bit. Jeans have always been hard for me though. My proportions are kind of extreme and jeans just don’t do my body any justice. And they just don’t feel like me.
    Capricorn rising square saturn and Jupiter, trine venus in virgo.

    • Sagittarius Rising can’t deal with fussy clothes that have 50 details on them or require dry cleaning–NOOOOOOO. My wedding dress was the one exception but it came off after about an hour. Lycra, same thing. Taurus Moon likes comfort and says, “Get it off me!!” Oh yeah, and makeup? Unless I’m going to see the Queen or something I don’t bother with it. Ugh!

      My 10th house Libra Sun likes to be classic and stylish, buy I’m afraid the Rising and Moon call the shots, along with my keep-it-simple Virgo Venus. No flashiness here!!

  4. I wear mostly black only because its easy to coordinate with other colors. I don’t like spending too much time trying to match clothes. I like to throw something on and go…I’m a double Pisces. My wardrobe is 70% black. I’d like to start dressing more colorful though. I have Leo rising.

  5. I’m another one of those who wear mostly head-to-toe black : ) whenever I dare wearing something brighter I feel like I’m roaming around with a giant “NOTICE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” sign behind my back. I like to go unnoticed and I also PURPOSELY try to give off an intimidating vibe. Not because I hate people but because I’m insecure and interaction with strangers drains me. I have a couple of leather items (two pairs of shoes, that particular type that is hard to find in its vegan version and I just needed those, plus v shoes are too pricey for my student pockets) but I wear nothing that has fur, wool or is stuffed with feathers. I also can’t wear overly tight dresses because I store a lot of fat in my stomach area 🙁

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