Online Dating: Pisces Woman, Aries Man – Why Did He Stop Calling?

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Dear Elsa,

A couple of months ago, I did something I have never done and tried online dating. A few guys emailed me and so on but one really caught my eye and we began emailing once or twice a day for about a month. Then we exchanged numbers and he called me once then twice the next day. We met and spent the whole afternoon together and we really hit it off. I felt comfortable and very at ease with him.

He said he wanted to keep in touch with phone and email (he lives 2 hours away) and he wanted to come back up and take me for a ride on his motorcycle. We hugged and I sent him a short thank you email and he responded and asked me what type of riding I liked to do and so on. I responded but never heard back from him. That was 6 days ago.

Did something happen that I didn’t see? I am not going to contact him unless he emails or calls me first. He said he liked a woman who liked a challenge. What does that mean? He is an Aries, what do you think?

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Dear Date,

Welcome to the world of online dating where a lot of people act like flakes. I think this guy is probably gone and if not, he will be before long and it has nothing to do with you.

Aries is famous for starting things they don’t finish. This guy also has a Cancer Moon, part of a grand trine in water and I imagine he’s pretty good with women. He’s manly and sensitive, see? But that does not mean he actually wants a relationship, and if you read between the lines he pretty much told you this.

“I want a challenge” means exactly that. It means he is going out, getting women interested in him and once they are, well hell. Where’s the challenge? So you see what happened here. You liked him; he was successful in engaging you – that’s a successful mission and now on to the next.

I am very sorry if this makes you feel bad but I am not sure it should. Because you have a stellium in Pisces and fantasizing is part of your makeup. So the idea you are going to have and maintain a relationship with a man who lives two hours away is a little bit reaching – the point being, I think both parties acted in accord with their natures. Not to say he shouldn’t call or mail you but when you think about it, what’s that mail supposed to say?

“Don’t wait for me to call or write you because I start things I don’t finish, it’s my makeup?”

You get the idea. Fish another line, Pisces. And no reason to feel bad, this is just not the man you are looking for.

Good luck.


Online Dating: Pisces Woman, Aries Man – Why Did He Stop Calling? — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been in this situation and I’ve decided to look at it as having been given an opportunity: an opportunity to not waste my time. 🙂

  2. yes, i agree, flake and timewaster. likes a challenge, huh? relationships are packed with challenge…i guess he was not up to it! too bad. but Aries gets such a bad rap…starting things and not finishing them? I’m triple Aries and that is my pet peeve! lol…i guess that would be my cappy moon talking 😉 always keep your word and do what you say/imply you will!

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