Once A Year Renewal – Sun-Mercury Ascending: RISE UP

veg faceOnce a year, the transiting Sun moves through your 12th house and over your ascendant into the first. Mercury is never far ahead or behind, so that’s a transit that happens in the same time period as well.

When the Sun and Mercury transit the 12th house, the ego, senses, communications, and attitude slip behind the veil a bit. For some, this is a magical time when tapping into inner wisdom and divine guidance brings connection into (misty, dreamlike) focus… like vaseline on the lens of life.

For many it’s a time of insecurity and the questioning of purpose, existential anxiety.

In any case, they eventually cross the ascendant, they RISE. This dawning sense of self and mental cohesion is a once a year treat.

Granted, if you have hard aspects to the ascendant/decendant axis, it’s not such a straightforward affair. It is still a new chapter and holds a basket of goodies to mull over for the rest of the year. For some it just takes more work to loosen the lid.

What was the sky like this year when the Sun and Mercury made these transits? Where is it coming up for you? Is that an annual time period you generally like or not? You might take a moment to see if they offer extra insight.

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Once A Year Renewal – Sun-Mercury Ascending: RISE UP — 15 Comments

  1. I have Uranus/Pluto/BlackMoon Lilith/Chiron squaring the Asc so it’s more of a dark night of the soul experience as it makes it’s way into my second house Sun/Merc/Venus/Mars stellium it usually lessens.

  2. This year I signed up for health insurance because I retired. This is important because it has led to me being able to help 2 of my parents friends save money on their insurance.

    In the past I have had some life altering events happen when the Sun crosses over my ascendant. Either I meet someone massively important to my life or have a car wreck. Big deal things like that.

  3. Uh, nope. Usually when sun transits my 12th is a time for celebration and joy, Christmas time or that time before Christmas, except I am most of the time not feeling well. It’s a time of the year when I am always ill or weak with no energy, sleeping a lot, not really able to help much with chores, cleaning or preparations and this has been a theme since childhood. 8th house is difficult but more bearable. I like it when sun transits my 1st, 3rd and 7th house.

  4. Sun and mercury in the 12th house scorpio.Kind of a dreary time of year for me. Once the Sun goes over my Sag asc and venus and moon,things start to cheer up.Maybe I will even decorate for the holidays this year. Something I have not done for ages.

  5. This popped into my head this morning after waking from a dream… one of those dreams that changes your life. I woke up thinking: I’m NOT a loser!

    Mercury and the Sun were straddling my ascendant (with Jupiter and Neptune pointing a yod at me).

    • Cool to dream that one up! Fits well into the transiting Two Yod Cradle Trapeze I posted on the 14th. The transiting Sun shines light onto the 12h gremlins, then on the Ascendant it brightens our view of the world and how the world sees us. The start of a new year cycle of Sun through the natal houses, and of course you are not a loser, it’s only our super-ego Saturn and it’s chains that sets the inside story on that!
      ? ?

      • Thank you for this image, I also experience my 12th house as gremlins. I don’t know if I’m right.. but it’s the dark purgatory where all my doubts and psychological suspicions live

  6. ‘For many it’s a time of insecurity and the questioning of purpose, existential anxiety.’

    My sun Neptune transit has been like this so far.. and exhaustion and pushing down panic.. it shouldn’t eclipse my mars Pluto transit or Saturn transit.. or be an excuse not to do anything

  7. The Sun always transits my 12H in late December through late January. I usually endure some kind of low-grade virus during this time. Tr Mercury is usually in my 12H the last week of December through mid-January. I draw on my overall enjoyment of the holiday season to get me through my dreary thoughts and yucky sicknesses. I truly feel refreshed once the Sun and Tr Mercury have crossed my ASC in late January. THAT is when my New Year begins!

  8. For me, it’s somewhere around Halloween. I’ve always loved that time of year anyways. I’ll pay extra attention this year to see if anything comes regarding Sun and Mercury in Scorpio transits.

  9. Mine comes in late July (12H♋️Sun). It is always a happy time, filled with love, good times, and good energy. My sister has 12H♏️Sun, she’s miserable and seriously depressed all November.

  10. Kept wanting to post,crazy weekend stuff,Moki left post about moving
    each time I find sleep I see little white picketed fence, wondering if connected to her search,chin up y’all;things change,if down ,look up 🙂 the cosmos are smiling about You

  11. Correction, it’s in September/October in Libra, passing through my 12th house. The Sun passes my ASC around Halloween.

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