On Turning Your Life Around

For a client:

“You can consider yourself a just-sober drug addict. You’ve got to establish yourself as a sober person now and it’s not something you can rush. Just forget it’s you and think of a garden variety alcoholic. Some of them (a few of them) do pull up and become seen as someone who has left a certain lifestyle behind but this does not occur the minute they put down their drink.

Basically, you have to just start living right – right as you define it, and if you are consistent, people will notice eventually. If you are a baby and run around telling people they should notice…well that’s just gross.”

With Saturn wrapping up in Libra, it’s important to be seen as a credible person.

Do people feel you are a credible person? Have you ever lost credibility and had to try to reestablish yourself?



On Turning Your Life Around — 7 Comments

  1. “Basically, you have to just start living right – right as you define it, and if you are consistent, people will notice eventually.”

    Such wise advice, Elsa. There’s no other way to live.

  2. Yes, I’ve been there and am there, reestablishing my definitions of ‘credible’ and learning to ‘put the hought/chip on my shoulder/ shunt in my brain’ down one day, one interaction at a time.

  3. I don’t know. I probably do most of the time, but with regards to the whole “I am going to move to LA!” plan, which I have had to renege on once I realized I’m not cut out to do it at all, uh…no credibility. I don’t even believe me, why should anyone else.

  4. I just had a similar conversation with a friend of mine.

    A lady we know is well known in the world of the entertainment industry, ironically who had struggled with alcohol. She is known for being on a particular show when she was younger. Now she is not too publicized, even now she is on a new show.

    What I find odd is she hasn’t received much publicity, but has had more tabloid and paparazzi attention as of late. But she’s embracing it and seeming to milk it for all its worth, reposting on blogs and social networking sites.

    Fantastic woman, but I guess it is hard to reestablish yourself once you are carved in history for being one way and attempting to break that mold the world has cast on you.

    I hope I’m credible.

  5. Yesssss, this was me! What a difference in 2 years when u make a conscious decision to change your life for the better. It all hit the fan in 2010 and everything I had been used to getting away with before was no longer working. My whole life was a house of cards and I didn’t even realize it. I look at posts I made on this site from 2010 and say Wow! Seems like it was somebody else. No, it wasn’t easy or fast, but it was all for the better. I can honestly say Saturn in Libra turned my life around and got me on the right track…but the work was deep, very very deep.

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