On Demand, No Waiting, Astrology Consultations

Virgo goddessIt’s 5 AM and I’ve already had my first (impromptu) phone consultation.  I have always offered no-wait consultations but they are becoming more and more common. I enjoy working like this. It’s got to be my Mars Mercury conjunction. You’re here, I’m here, why wait?

I can’t do this in the evening.  It’s because I’m an early-riser, obviously. I’m tired in the evening. But I just want people to know – no need to be shy, especially now.

Most of my clients at this time, have either their ascendant in a late degree of a Cardinal sign, just like I do. We’re under a lot of pressure, clearly. I get it, to the bone. 

If you’re a daytime person, or can’t sleep or whatever; I love the early morning. One cup of coffee and I’m good to go. It’s a way to get the day off on a good foot.  Good for both of us, which is how it should be.

Just email to check availability. Why suffer?


On Demand, No Waiting, Astrology Consultations — 4 Comments

  1. Elsa – just wanted you to know I ordered and received your “Child Astrological” Report. I can’t believe what a succinct description of my childhood and parental influences it describes! Nailed it!

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