On Being Super Suggestible, My Reality Porous And The Color, Red

I have always liked the color red. Red makes me feel good. I can wear it.Ā  Red is Mars-y, it’s Christmas-y, it’s associated with the heart and Valentine’s day and I just like the color for just about anything.Ā  Then I read a book.

The book said, if you were going from point A to point B with something important to accomplish (let’s say you’re headed to a job interview) and you happened to see the color red on the way, it would thwart you.Ā  It would read like a stop sign in your subconscious, basically.

Now there is no way of knowing if this is a true statement but when I read it, I thought it would probably be true for me. Based on this, I started thinking about the color, red differently. I could see it as off-putting for example. I started thinking about wearing a stop sign when I was trying to get along with people. I just wondered along these lines and some weeks passed.

The yesterday, someone posted on the boards about the color, red and I started thinking about it some more and today I mentioned it to my husband… who is not suggestible and who DOES NOT have a porous reality at all. He knows I do though and I told him about what I’d read about red.

“When I was in NY, I went to NYU with HQ and they have these purple flags hanging overhead as you walk along the blocks that mark the university. I can remember walking under them, I remember the feeling. I have a strong visceral memory of that.Ā  If those flags were red, I’m sure I would have had a different feeling…”

I chalk this up to the Saturn Neptune signature in my chart.

How porous is your reality?



On Being Super Suggestible, My Reality Porous And The Color, Red — 42 Comments

  1. I’m extremely suggestible to colour and so are most of the people I know – many of them are artists, or work with artists and in the art business.

    I wear red when I’m sending a certain message out or rather I used to (I’m too old for red now and don’t much wear it). It’s for when I’m making a splash! I have a bright red knee length wool ‘cardigan coat’ which is very striking, and worn only for gala days when I’m feeling absolutely self-confident. I do choose my colours for mood.

    One of my men friends was very obsessed with Soviet Russia and used to go there a lot before it disintegrated. He also wore red (red shirts mainly) when he was in a certain mood and has red in his house. I’m sure his obsession with the Soviet Union was partly triggered by all the red in Russia at that point – flags, posters etc were everywhere. He doesn’t go there any longer! He has five planets in fire signs

  2. Funny, I never thought of red as a “thwarting” color, but it definitely has that kind of stressful feel to it — not bad, just…redirecting.

    In any case, I’m a Cap, so the whole idea of wearing color stresses me out. It’s black, and then black, and the rest of the week: black. Maybe brown one day I’m feeling playful.

    It makes laundry easy.

  3. Sophie Loren said a lady should always carry a red object (a red wallet, etc.) to keep her lucky. I believe her, I am very holey so I always buy red lighters.

  4. In China red is considered a very lucky colour and I’ve always gone along with that – I think it’s cheerful and upbeat, not threatening.

    But I know when I wore red to a certain London club I used to frequent, my buddy at the end of the bar would usually chuckle and say “Oh oh, who’s going to be in your firing line tonight?!”. It does seem to be a trigger for men in some sense – it gets their danger radar on high alert!

  5. I’m porous but usually I’m not aware of it until after the fact. My mother used to send me ‘messages’ to do things and I would become a zombie and wonder as I went to do something why in hell I was doing it.
    Color is imprinted so deep in our brains by mother nature, and then overlaid by culture, that it’s difficult not to respond to in predictable ways. It’s Chinese New Year tomorrow and red is lucky for them, while I think in the west it’s about power and sensuality. They wear white to funerals, which is kind of cool – like ghosts or smoke or purity. And yet we send white roses as tokens of remembrance so there is overlap.
    I’ve noticed for the last many years how little color there is in winter clothing in the cold parts of our countries. Everyone wears dark – and I think gloomy – colors. I would love to see color in the bleak wintertime. Everything is grey and white here now but yesterday I saw a robin, so, yes, red is a standout.

  6. I don’t thunk I’m much in the way of porous, even though the logic makes a lot of sense.We think of red as stop and green as go.I don’t doubt at all that there is a subconscious knee jerk reaction to the color.I don’t own a lot of red clothing , I dye my hair red and have red makeup and accessories (various shades) but I think it would too overwhelming to my senses to have a whole room painted red but having deep red sheers/ pillows/throws etc is perfect for me.

  7. Saturn trine Neptune–8th/12th. My reality is porous. With colours I subscribe to chakra theory–it resonates. So for me, purple would be the perfect colour for a university campus and its banners above head; purple represents the crown chakra and the ability to access the higher realms of knowledge. Red is something far more basic. Sure it represents sexuality and not for a small reason is it used for stop signs. It also represents security.
    I feel safe with red in my house:)

  8. This is why banks and businesses generally use Blue.

    But I think it must be different if one is wearing, say, a red dress. That doesn’t seem to have the same effect as hanging red flags or putting up red signs, to me. So I make an exception to these theories for clothes. (Someone oughtta do a study!)

  9. Porous “like a collander” ….funny!

    When I become ‘aware’ I can easily become suggestive. Neptune affects my Saturn too, and for years the illusion of things took over.

    I do pay attention to the colors that fuel me ie. the colors of numerology and the vibe that supports or weighs me down. Yellow is my color … expression and we painted our vardo a squash-sorta yellow to lift us up when all that Neptune took the sand out from under us.

    Yeh, I’m porous.

  10. I think the “red as thwarting” thing is entirely cultural. Here, in the US, the red lights mean “stop.” But they could just as easily mean go- in fact in some parts of the world, a red light does mean “go.” (or so I’ve heard) In some ways this makes more sense- if you’re hyped up it makes sense to want to push the accelerator. Red is a noticable color. Whether you take it as a warning or a sign to push further is a cultural thing.

  11. @morelikeheather:) My son is a Sun Cap w/ a stellium in Cap and all thru his high school years he only wore black. I eventually worked some color into his wardrobe starting with gray, then olive green, brown and shades of blue. Anyone know if Johnny Cash was Capricorn??

    Yeah, I’d say my reality is a bit porous. And Elsa, I see your point about the red means stop, however, mostly I associate red with Mars Energy. My favorite color will probably always be Purple, but I’ve got to have some red around me. The only fire in my chart is Pluto in Leo so I think it helps. I saw the male cardinal in my snow covered yard this morning and to me this is a positive sign. I also bought a lovely Red Begonia today.

    In the summer I always have a pot of some type of Red Flowers near the front door because it just feels right to me and tend to mix a lot of Red and Purple petunias and really Orange marigolds.

  12. @beth:) I have 2 bulgarian girlfriends (both Gemini, of course) and it’s funny that we nod our head up & down for yes and side to side for no. Bulgarian people do the opposite.

  13. @denise — I can’t wait to plant my spring garden! I brought home some primroses the other day to brighten things up.

    Johnny Cash was a Pisces sun, mercury, mars and rising, but with a Scorpio moon and a LOUD venus in aries.

  14. I’m wishing that I’d worn it more when I was younger – I mean in the way of a pretty dress, rather than just a top combined with trousers or jeans. I’m not sure I could pull it off now, even though I was shyer then, and didn’t want the attention it would have brought, I wish I’d had the attitude to pull it off. It’s been so long since i wore a dress for anything other than Halloween, and I feel as though I’ve rediscovered my girly-girl genes.

    I wear it when I’m feeling good enough to pull it off, for festive occasions, and occasionally when I need a boost. I wonder if my painting the dining room red (with white ceiling, and borders), was my somehow displaying on the outside, what I wished I felt comfortable showing in myself,if that makes any sense.

    I just had an idea of a piece of music for the ‘Aries songs’ thread on the boards…

  15. @morelikeheather:) I’m in Chicago and ready with my candles and flashlites cuz the “blizzard” is on. But yeah, I’m ready for spring and really happy that my parsley and lavender plants have survived indoors. Love primroses but haven’t seen any at the stores yet. Thanks for the info re: Johnny Cash. Been a fan of his for 40 years. His TV show was on when I was 15 and my friends would meet every week to watch.

  16. Oh, extremely. I was going to start a topic about it. Sometimes when someone has their point of view about something about myself or about life or even the piece of food I’m about to eat, I don’t know. My old friend used to think being suggestible like not wanting to hear about other people’s memories of a thing in your life because it will alter the way you remember it, and not looking at the cover because you will imagine the book differently, as a sign of weakness. It is the most offensive thing for me when I asked him to please stop something or else it would adulterate my memory of a very important class and he kept going saying “yeah, well my memory is valid!” and I was like, “please, please honor my quirk.” Sometimes I have to not read certain topics on this blog or else I start feeling sad. I have Saturn quincunx Neptune and Moon/Mercury opposition Neptune.

  17. I’m pretty porous, until I’m not.
    Like, I’ll entertain a theory for a while, depends on how it resonates, and then I’ll forget it and go back to however I was before. I’ve got lots of fixed energy. šŸ™‚

    I’m curious — what does Rhino say about red??

  18. SaDiablo, I asked and he said that red was nice. He went on to say he didn’t know that colors has an effect on people but if he did, he would wear the color that pissed them off the most, all the time.


  19. I love red, orange-red, deep red. Also, sea greens and blues. I love brights, period. I love to look at brights, they do make me feel good.
    But what do I wear-mostly black, grey, navy.
    Sometimes I will wear brights.

  20. Elsa,

    I get what you’re sayin. I’m a sponge. Color does absolutely affect me in my environment. I love red for others! I cannot live with red and only have 3 things red in my house at the moment. Dark red candles on my dining table, a small dark red/ maroon encaustic artwork piece, and a red chunk of glass art. Otherwise, red rubs me wrong. It feels angry, agressive, and too energetic in my space. Because I have alot of Mars “within” I think I reject it externally. Like I need to soften and soothe or counter my Mars?

    Also, I was told that red is associated with my root chakra and the mother. And, of course due to my abandonment and mama issues, I said, “yes, I cannot handle the color red. I can barely paint with it in fact.” She then suggested I try to make art then with some red in it. So, I have some pieces with red. The paintings deal with these conflicts and have some anger release portrayed, even though they’re abstract.

    Very fascinating Elsa! Thanks;)

  21. I have Saturn Neptune too and am very influenced by colour. I do wear red occasionally after having been advised not to many years ago by a friend of mine. She felt that I was too “big” already and that red just added to that and I’d scare people away ! Up until that point, I always felt great in red…then I started feeling self conscious and stopped wearing it for many years. I was supposed to wear beige and taupe to tone myself down. Silly. Yes, I’m pretty opinionated and Mars-y so might not have needed the extra energy it brings.

    But now I see red as sexy and daring. I wear it when I’m trying to attract a man.

    And yes, I do agree that colour is culturally determined.

  22. My husband also mentioned they used to have nurses where green uniforms because it was “calming” but then decided that flowered patterns were more calming so this is probably something that changes.

    On the University, purple is a Jupiter color – higher education… šŸ™‚

  23. I haven’t read all the comments but red is sexy and alive to me. I love wearing it, but I don’t wear it to interviews or (obviously) a funeral or any such serious situation– I’d opt for grays or navy (neutrals) in those cases.

    Red is creative, fiery, active, sexual and associated with the root chakra: http://www.algonet.se/~anki-p/Rootchakra.html

    I’ve included that link, Elsa, to see if you resonate with the descriptions of the root chakra. Sometimes we’re attracted to a particular color for certain reasons, known or not :).

  24. My room is red with gold glitter mixed in =) and I always feel warm and expressive when I go home
    (I live @ my bf’s now w/ white walls.. BORING!)

    Before painting it red, my room was baby blue and it was ALWAYS cold! I’d feel timid and thoughtful and even had the BLuEzz frequently šŸ˜‰

    I think my Red Room really helped to bring out the spark and spunk in me ^_^

  25. Porous Reality! I love it. Jeeze, thats me. Saturn in Pisces, Neptune opposite Moon.

    I see red as being very earthy. Earth has firm boundaries.
    Like others have said, red is a sign of prosperity in Asia, as are dreams of Blood. The vitality of Life itself.

    Thanks for the great post Elsa.

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