On Being A Cutting Type Astrologer

I am halfway through the charts for my Bawdy Astrology class.  The class is focused on people with difficult challenges when it comes to forming relationships and my writing has been cutting.  I was thinking about this last night and  feeling bad.

I don’t want to say things that cause people pain but it seems to be my job. I envy astrologers who can get away with telling a person something in such a soft-pedal way that both parties are excused. The astrologer is excused because they did tell them. The client is excused because the piece the need is swaddled in syrupy love, it can be easily denied.

That the client walks away no better off than when they showed up is beside the point, I guess.  There has been a happy, if ineffectual exchange and this is something I just can’t manage.

Now I know there is room in the world for a person like me. I know that I am doing what I was made to do. I know I am supposed to skin it back but this heavy, I’ll tell you that. Sometimes it’s crushing, however, I also think it’s got to be done.

It’s like a surgeon who cuts open a person’s abdomen to save their life.  I don’t like that picture in my head, myself.  But I am glad there are people willing to do this because it not, we would all have to die from our rotten insides, I guess.

I don’t know that anyone has ever claimed that therapy was easy. I really think you’ve got to be willing to take a punch if you want to get from here…to there.  I just don’t see how a person can progress without meeting some kind of resistance or poison patch of something. You can’t move if you won’t deal.

I do hate this at times. Sometimes it is painful to be the one who lays out the cards that will ultimately help to liberate a person. Sometimes it makes a person hate you, at least for awhile and maybe forever and that’s hard.

I wonder if there are oncologists out there who feel bad sending someone in for chemotherapy.  I would hate to initiate something like that as well.  You’ve got to introduce something into a person’s body that is going to make them heave and puke and lose their hair. It’s so sad but my hat is off to the men and women who do this day after day after day after day.

Last night, I tried to think of another astrologer as cutting as I am but I don’t think there is one. It is hard for me to articulate how I feel about this beyond saying I feel bereft. I wish I could be in the flowers and snails and puppy dog tails set but I just can’t hide my knife.



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  1. God I love Scorpio season.

    Great writing Elsa- To me you personify ‘being authentic’. Knowing who you are and what your purpose is, and ‘living’ it, even if it hurts.

    This a huge gift- no doubt… but, the reality is, as you have admitted, it isn’t always flowers and puppy dog tails.

    Maybe in your next life you’ll be able to trade that knife in for a paint brush and your purpose will be to create beautiful pictures. 😉

  2. Elsa,

    Believe it or not you really are brave. It takes a special person to assert how they feel about something, especially when that something requires them to be abrupt and direct. In psychotherapy, sometimes shocking the person into reality is the best way to reach them.

    Keep up the Great Work! Here’s hoping you keep on keeping on.

  3. Thank you, annonymous.

    I know I have got to do this – I *know* it. It just can’t be done without a backlash and the backlash can come from inside, like it’s doing now.

    I don’t want to be at the end of the continuum but I am here and energy courses through my body all the time.

  4. The truth pisses people off. But I’d rather have the truth, even if I have to mull it over and over before I “get it”.

    You have no idea all the people who are grateful for what you do. Even the ones who are gnashing their teeth right now.

  5. I think that it is a real service that you provide by speaking the truth. You receive backlash because you’ve cut to the heart of what the person knows to be true but they do not want to accept. They are going to attack you because they want to live in denial or fear or just don’t want to accept what you’re telling them.

    I prefer to be told bluntly and not have things sugar-coated as subtlety isn’t my strong suit.

  6. I agree with Anita, the truth pisses people off. I totally don’t get why, as everyone is always saying speak the truth, but really no one wants to hear the truth.

    I personally want the truth delivered as plain and simple as possible. Without mincing it or candy-coating it. This is what I do when I someone asks me my opinion or asks me about something. All it does is alienate me, and I don’t mean for it to. I think I’m doing people a favor by telling the truth plain and simple, but no one else sees it that way. :/

  7. Elsa,

    There are those in life who are called “Truth Seekers” and seeking the truth is not only THEIR gift, but their GIFT to others. It is a necessity that the truth be told and even though there may be many who don’t want to hear, if only one hears the truth and their life is changed, then you have been faithful to your gift and have gifted that “one”. Keep doing what your doing and have faith that at least one life will be changed by your willingness to choose a path that can be painful.

  8. My mom is a nurse practitioner and she has done both oncology and hospice. I imagine it is something akin to this. I know she would say something similar: sometimes you need to hurt to get better. Or to pass over to the other side.

    Elsa, you’ve done two readings for me that were both focused on relationships and saved me a TON of pain. Knowing where your limits are helps you from repeatedly crashing into them! Very Saturnian. It is not easy to be a Saturn figure, but you do it well.

  9. Snorted at the visual of flowers, snails, puppies and little Elsa there with her knife!

    I’m sorry it’s heavy for you. I always wish you could feel the help and lightness that you bring. All I can say is that I went to the ‘flowers, snails & puppies’ astrologer and they sent me away feeling just horrid about my chart and myself. I literally wanted to move to my own country(or the bottom of the ocean), crawl in a hole and never some out.

    But what I’ve learned from you is what a waste of strength and light that would have been. So I’m not ‘made’ for somethings, I’m made for others that are much better suited to me. So, for what’s it worth, I wish I could transcend the pain for you so you could see the light and happiness you’ve helped so many to.
    <3 to you,

  10. It depends on who you’re talking to. I have no problem getting my ass kicked, but in every reading I’ve gotten from you I’ve never felt you did that. The truth, to my ninth house sun, is very healing and it *will* set you free.

  11. elsa cheer up! please! so many of us have drank the kool-aid that we need MORE people like you to talk us off the ledge.

    i just told my brother about you. he’s in his 30s, never had a relationship. i know if there’s anyone who can give him hope it’d be you.

    sometimes i also feel like a stick-in-the-mud because i’m willing to see the miserable side of things. last night i had an epiphany that it is my WILLINGNESS to peer into the dark that set the foundation for my modest acts of bravery. DENIAL is by far the darkest of human experiences. you are a compassionate soul and your genuine desire to guide people out of their comfort zone, to find REAL fulfillment, is all over this website.

  12. Elsa, here is the difference, from my perspective. I feel it’s qualified because i’ve had several consultations with you over the years.

    When giving truth or bad news or stating the reality of things, you are not cruel about it. THAT is how you are different in a great way.

    The feel good astrologers don’t really help. It’s couched in confusing doublespeak. Psychics and others into new age consulting and helping others…there are many who are cruel when delivering the “truth” they see. Elsa, you don’t do any of that. You say it, you explain to the client why they might have trouble grasping this but that they have to get it or they’re not going to be helped by this. That is worth a lot.

    Thank you and please try not to beat yourself up about this. ((Hug))

  13. Psychics are the bane of my existence. They tell everyone, all the time, that everything is going to work out wonderfully, just around the corner. Some people go to 5 or 6 or 10 or 12 of them and then they run into me. Gah.

    I get to be the heavy and these other people are just raking in the dough, I figure. What is it worth to be told what you want to hear? Quite a bit from what I can tell.

  14. LOL. i’ve been to more psychics than i want to admit. however they like to tell me gloom-and-doom, that i have ‘negative energy’ following me around and for an extra fee it can be removed. sigh.

    and how perfect and funny, when i got my reading from you, you pointed out how incredibly lucky i am 😀

  15. I return to you cos you give it straight. Previously I’ve wasted too much time investing in a situation which took everything out of me. I’m no longer putting all my energy into it. I’m concentrating on me. Thanks to you.

    I met the surgeon that gave me a huge scar on my stomach this week. This man saved my life! How can you get better than that. I love my scar.

  16. I think waitwhat brings up a really good point here. Perspective and/or experience. See it’s been my experience that others astrologers have been cutting and hurtful to me. While my experiences with you, Elsa, have been not cutting, but healing.

    I also take the perspective that if being honest about what the ‘problem’ really is, is hurtful. Then maybe the person with the problem is not being honest with themselves (that seems to be quite a problem these days). I get that it can be very hurtful to be the one that ‘lays the cards out on the table’ as far as where to go, what to do. But you are able to do that in a way that is direct & enlightening (that is a gift).

    Anyway, I hope that makes sense to you. Warm wishes that you find a way to see this 🙂

  17. Thanks, Angie. I am never, ever, trying to hurt someone. It’s not in my psychological make-up. I was born of grave pain and that’s that.
    I realize people see various things but I live here, inside of me. 🙂

  18. You’re welcome Elsa :).
    I wanted to clarify something, when I said “I get that it can be hurtful….” in the middle paragraph. What I meant was I understand that it can feel that way to you. I know from my experinces, that to have someone (be it friend, astrologer, boss, stranger, whatever) that can ‘lay the cards on the table’ for me, is of great value. That combined with the fact that, like you said, you are inside of you and I’m over here (me). Well, that just supports the need to communicate and clarify, over and over and over and over. It’s the best way to get an inkling of the differences,

  19. Elsa, I am very impressed with how honest and forthright you are, especially with the chart readings in which you have more “tough love” to convey than “wonderful opportunities”…not that they aren’t there, but I really like how you reframe issues, in order to help the person see things from a completely different angle. That’s not easy to do, it’s an art form xoxox

  20. I’ve been to a couple of real and great psychics. They don’t advertise. Not your carney website call a psychic or gypsy tarot type. One suggested I go to an astrologer for timing. I did! It worked out and I learned a lot that couple of years. It was a brutal 1st Saturn return. I grew up.
    Thank you for cutting to the chase Elsa. No pain no gain!

    I appreciate your pearls of wisdom!

  21. My experience of you is that you are honest and frank. And you know your subject. I’ve never found you either nasty or malicious.

    As others have said, the truth is healing if sometimes uncomfortable to hear. So being a truthteller is a great service.

  22. I used to consult a ” flowers, snails and puppies” type of astrologer – only to realize I was getting ripped off. She was telling me what I wanted to hear rather than what she really saw in my chart. So I lost a lot of time, money, emotional energy, a chunk of my lif, barking up the wrong tree. Its like the oncologist giving you chocolate and saying that will make you better. In the near term the chocolate is yummy but you would ultimately end up dead.

    I have found the writing in the colosseum to be deeplycaring, compassionate and hopeful – a real action plan for the person to follow.

  23. you’ve given me the map to cut out some of the worse parts of myself that i have been blind to.

    then again, i’ve always rather have the medicine than the disease, even if it tastes horrible and makes me question the foolishness that got me there :/
    i think maybe the most difficult part is recognizing A) that our problems are our own fault and B) we are responsible for fixing them… ourselves.

  24. people go to a psychic, by and large, to hear that country song in reverse. rarely do they want to hear anything else.
    at least, that’s why i quit after a couple months.
    though i did actually seem to help a couple people who actually wanted to listen *shrug
    (one of whom i’m pretty darn sure was simply trying to accept herself as a lesbian. though that element didn’t come out in so many words, it was pretty strong in the cards.)

    that probably is the real reason why i haven’t touched my cards in years.

  25. Do you have Mars-Pluto interactions? I do, and feel it gives me a propensity for dealing death blows. Sometimes for good, sometimes for evil. If it’s a death blow to someone’s outdated behavior that isn’t helping them, great! I just need to remember not to eviscerate people in arguments. I have a knack for just destroying people in the most intimate ways, getting close and just utterly demolishing someone after they cross me…. it’s not good and I need to constantly remind myself to channel this energy into positive avenues.

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