October 2022 – Saturn Square Uranus & Grand Trine In Air

air signs niceI was happy to discover we’ll have a Grand Trine in the Air signs for most of October. We need all the help we can get and this will help.

Mars in Gemini will trine Saturn in Aquarius all month long. The sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra will fill in the Grand Trine for various periods of time time through.

This is enough Airy energy to keep most people breezing along on the surface. This probably sounds impossible, but we’ll see.

The wild card here is Saturn squaring Uranus. This aspect will peak in October. It reminds me of squeezing toothpaste from a tube. You squish it hard enough, the paste comes out all squirrelly.

Is it possible people hang in the Air trine, detached and observant while some type of reckoning?
Or are some people squeezed while others glide around?

What do think about the astrology of October, 2022?


October 2022 – Saturn Square Uranus & Grand Trine In Air — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve got this grand trine in my solar return chart next month. I’m really pleased about it, actually, because the Saturn/Uranus tea party is really squeezing me and it is due to squeeze tighter. I feel this trine will help keep my mind in gear while I get on with the grunt work!

  2. Guess I think some people have lived with a vice around them and it’s normal and some people can not sit still , some cannot have others dictate the rules and absolutely must resist any at all !!just because they don’t like quiet &still . I think they’ll be swinging bat shit crazy, whoops is that another virus?
    We can call it virus cuckoo cachooooo!
    Or we can walk around making little circles around our temple with our pointer finger

  3. I am actually looking forward to this – must be a bit of an oddball 🙂

    Patiently, or perhaps impatiently, waiting for Mercury to turn direct then taking charge of my future that I have been strategically planning since July.

    So over the govt (at all 3 levels here in Ozzie land), big business, big tech, big pharma and their greedy overreach 😡 That gave me pause to rethink my future, and now quite happy with the direction I have chosen.

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