Obsessing In Relationship and Various Other Sundries: Saturn Transit the 7th House

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Hello There,

I have a question about myself. I feel like there is something wrong with me. I feel like I have some trouble living life and getting along with people. I feel like interacting with other human beings is so stressful.

For example:

1) When I meet men I feel attracted to, I can’t stop obsessing about them. It seems like my feelings of weirdness pass on to the other person, and sometimes scares them away.

2) I feel it’s hard to keep up the give and take involved in making friends

I feel like I am having a hard time with this, at work and in general. Can you offer any insight or remedy? I am tired of being alone and unfulfilled. I want to be a happy, healthy human being.


Dear Struggling,

Everything is okay. You have Saturn transiting your 7th house (relationships) and you are doing exactly what you need to be doing – that is, learning about how you interact with others.

It is very easy to feel like something is wrong with you when things aren’t going well, but this is not productive. Allowing yourself to become depressed (provided you can help it) or allowing yourself to become paralyzed by fear (and fear of rejection) will get you nowhere. Instead look at this like a job.

Your job right now is to manage yourself in relationship. If you consume people, you need to do something about that. And I’ll give you a tip. It’s all about integrity.

For example, you have a Scorpio Moon. That’s code for the fact you’re an intense piece of work. So how can you be yourself, without eating people alive, hmm? It’s your job to figure this out. You need an outlet, obviously. You need a place to channel some of your passion and emotion. Like I have this blog. Or someone else runs marathons. Get it?

If you will decide to consciously take responsibility for how you play with others, you will be amazed at how the universe will support you. Hang in. From here, every day can be better than the last – and the things you learn now will serve you for the next 28 years. How’s that for motivation?

Good luck.


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Obsessing In Relationship and Various Other Sundries: Saturn Transit the 7th House — 1 Comment

  1. I’m doing well with Saturn’s transit through ~my~ 7.

    But I’m still struggling with my Scorpioness (this morning in particular — how did you know?!). Working on it though! Thanks for being there. You’re the fuel in my gas tank.

    Much love, and appreciation.

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