November 10, 2021 – A Day To Watch

instant potMercury and Mars will be conjunct at 7 degrees Scorpio squaring the Moon and Saturn conjunct at 7 degrees Aquarius, midday on November 10th. Click to see the chart. You see the four bodies at 7 degrees but also look how close the minutes are. This is tight.

It’s not necessarily bad.  While Mars in combination with Saturn has a well deserved bad reputation, in this case both planets are in their home signs. Mercury is neutral. The moon is neutral.

You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this.  Yes, something could snap. But Uranus is also involved and we’re not going to know until we know!

If you have planets near 7 degrees of Fixed signs, I’d be careful but I would not be afraid. This is a chance to detach and control your rage or get a handle on your depression. I know this an odd read on this but contents under pressure can come out well in the end. Why else would Instant Pots be so popular?

It’s a chance to mentally focus you drive to achieve a goal. The goal would probably be related to family or your security (moon).  This seems a good use of your time and energy.

Might you be attacked? Sure!  But if you have your boundaries in decent shape, you should be able to defend yourself or some cases (like on the internet), just detach. I’m talking about closing a tab on your browser. Simple but effective.

If this happens to be your birthday, get a Solar Return report for sure. It’s going to be tense year.

Today is the day! Do you have planets near 7 degrees of any of the Fixed signs. What’s your hit on this?

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November 10, 2021 – A Day To Watch — 57 Comments

  1. Thanks Elsa!
    I’m 8 degrees Taurus moon, 15 degrees Cap, with 29 degree Scorpio sun. I hope to move into a completely different mindset. Something that makes my out of bounds planets sing.

  2. I have Pluto in Leo at 6.36′ conjunct my NN at 5.22′. Saturn transiting at 7.37′ in Aquarius is in uncomfortably close opposition, as is the transiting Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio — in my Fourth House! The goal I have been trying hard to achieve, since the summer of 2019, is the security of my home. This is still a work in progress … very difficult to find competent tradesmen! My security installations (CCTV and alarm system)have been sabotaged. No point in rectifying those until the intruder’s entry point is blocked up (a hidden door in our lofts’ diving wall!)This is my builder’s next task, but he cannot make a start until 13 Nov. I am scared silly, but very grateful for your confirmation, Elsa: at least now I do not have to fear that I am paranoid, as n-number of friends and neighbours think. Certainly, I shall have my machete to hand on and around the 10th.
    Many thanks, Elsa x

  3. I have a 7° Scorpio Rising closely conjunct my South Node. Both opposite 6°+ Taurus Sun. I expect I’ll feel the effects. No idea how this may manifest. Marked my calendar, thanks Elsa!

  4. Venus in Leo 8 degree. Saturn will hit in opposition for the 3rd time this year.
    Unfortunately I entered unwillingly into a divorce battle. November is critical.

  5. I’ve got natal Uranus early Leo and Chiron op early aq. I’m good with jettisoning off stresses. Some I did not even know I have.

    On the collective level women’s (moon) right to choose goes to the court in the us. Anger (mars) at women to go back to the old (Saturn) and anger (mars) by women over limits (Saturn). While choice is good for all (Aquarius) ruling both that a woman can choose to give birth or choose not to give birth, it remains a war (mars Saturn). They are making it about heartbeat (leo) even though there is no heart at six weeks. There is a little line that vibrates that eventually develops the muscle that is the heart. Science (Aquarius) will no doubtedly be discussed in the war. I doubt that the officials who want to control (Saturn) what a woman (moon) does really care, it’s the larger political war (mars Saturn). It provides them attention (Leo). A major thing on the case against TX ban is the underhanded way (mars in scorpio) they got around federal law.

    I expect to see more underhandedness. What else is new. Alls fair in love and war?

    • Senator says ‘feminism has driven men to computer gaming and pornography.’ The old blamin Eve game again. What about free will Adam ol boy? I had to look up the definition of feminism. Advocacy of women’s rights based on equality of sexes.

  6. I was going to comment on the new moon post but thought it might fit better in this post.

    Besides all that is going on what I am observing the most is Karma. It is starting to hit a lot of people all of a sudden around me especially in the last 2 weeks.

    The boomerang effect seems to be quick and swift.

      • Yes it does have a way of righting things.

        I was wondering astrology wise what to look at when it’s ‘karma’ vs ‘consequences to actions’ or maybe they are one in the same.

        • I think they are the same. Saturn is supposedly the karmic lord? So mars is actions and Saturn the consequences? With the two facing off, what you are experiencing makes sense to me

  7. I feel stressed there is no doubt about that.
    Yes like a pressure cooker on full blast!!!
    My nasty neighbor is still pretending not to see me across the alleyway.
    There is some simmering ungodly thing in the air.ugh.
    I refuse to be pulled into this.
    But there is a festival on the 4th New Moon day.
    I don’t want to be afraid or cowed .
    Nor confrontational.
    But I do know something has got to give.
    My cards said, underhanded tactics,lies,deciet,and malicious gossip.
    I might be attacked.Sure.
    But I will defend myself.
    Absolutely if push comes to shove.
    Things will come right in the end.
    And will eventually be okay.
    I m not happy being a Taurus, having a natally conjuct Mars and Mercury.
    I can see red and step on the pedal from 0-100 ,in a blink.
    But I m trying meditation instead ,??

    This has got to be over soon puleeease
    Cant wait for this to be over.

  8. I have moon and jupiter 9* in aquarius in my 5th house. I have been trying to complete renovations and have a creative home project on the go right now, but feel under the pressure of time and rage. I also am trying to do all this with 1 hand. I have so much to do with only one hand and its making me angry.

  9. Lots of astrologers are saying November is a very heated month. Any ideas about what this November 10th date could hold in terms of mundane astrology? Pressure cooking something for the eclipses maybe?

  10. Yes. Tangled up on my angles, and my Neptune and Jupiter and Mars. I had a penny drop yesterday, and Neptune veils lifted. Going into a defensive posture and I thank God for my Mars Saturn. I also thank God for all the men in the neighborhood Mars Saturn. Mars Saturn will defend boundaries against outside threats.

  11. Argh….
    Natal Uranus 7 degree scorpio
    Natal Mercury 8 degree scorpio
    Natal Sun 10 degree scorpio
    All in the 12th

    I am supposed to be making decisions on our separation this month, deciding whether I am going to take my son and move to my country or try and make it work here without any work!

    I am scared

    • May I suggest… parts of you are scared. They want to protect you – thank them.
      Parts of you are excited and confident – find them.
      Parts of you actually know what to do – listen.

      • Ohh my god that’s so true! Thank you for saying that.
        I need to protect myself and my son from this person that has become too much of an angry/heavy presence in our lives. I know that going away and making the physical distance is the short term solution. I am afraid of breaking the bond between them and removing my son from his familiar surroundings but for now I think it needs to be done so that my son unlearns some of the patterns of behaviour he learnt from him and from a toxic relationship. I need some nurturing myself that I can get when I am in a familiar environment for myself. I have tried being in this situation for over 5 years! Too much, too long and totally my fault. I am soul searching – trying to listen what is good for me and for him and for all of us.

  12. Natal moon 6 degrees Aquarius
    Natal sun 8 degrees Aquarius
    Both in my 1st house
    Already had a parent die unexpectedly last week 🙁

  13. 10 degrees Taurus Moon in 8th, 5 degrees Aquarius Saturn in 5th, 9 degrees Scorpio Venus and 11 degrees Scorpio Neptume both in 2nd and 7 degrees Leo North Node in 11th. Pressure pot indeed!

  14. I have Mars+Moon@6 Scorpio, Mercury@8 Scorpio, and Neptune@10 Scorpio; in my 3rd house. I think 8 Scorpio in the Sabian symbols has to do with dentists working on teeth, and I have an appointment tomorrow to see about possibly removing some teeth that have had root canals and replacing them with implants in an effort to maybe get rid of some rheumatoid arthritis that came up a year or two ago. Aquarius Saturn in my 6th house cj my south node- sounds like a hit to me! Also have had some scary encounters in my car recently- agressive or abusive drivers and pedestrians, a close call while driving at high speed- I am trying really hard to be as docile as possible but when someone puts my life in danger I can get angry, and it is hard not to express it.

  15. Hi Elsa,

    Thanks for the heads up! I have my Natal Neptune at 7 degrees Scorpio in the 1st house. I think my experience will be detachment? Ive had dreams of being able to control my reactions/responses as someone is going off on me…I guess that time is coming.

  16. I suggest people do a mini deep dive into the number 7 and its meaning ~ beyond a 60 second pop up google search. Overlay that on top of the situation at large we are all facing.

    • “Used 735 times (54 times in the book of Revelation alone), the number 7 is the foundation of God’s word. If we include with this count how many times ‘sevenfold’ (6) and ‘seventh’ (119) is used, our total jumps to 860 references.

      Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual). It derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to God’s creation of all things. According to some Jewish traditions, the creation of Adam occurred on September 26, 3760 B.C. (or the first day of Tishri, which is the seventh month on the Hebrew calendar). The word ‘created’ is used 7 times describing God’s creative work (Genesis 1:1, 21, 27 three times; 2:3; 2:4). There are 7 days in a week and God’s Sabbath is on the 7th day.”

  17. You say not to worry, but I do. My husband’s Moon in 7 aquarius so this is right on his Moon and in lunar return on his MC. The thing is we were goind to get vaccinated next week (we had covid in spring) and I dont know what to do now. Any advice pliz.

  18. Awww hell.
    This is just more of the same life I’ve been living most of 21 n it’ll likely continue til bout Taurus time 22.
    It’s just – for the first time this yr – from a more Scorp perspective.
    Sun-Tau -12 degrees 8th hs
    Mars-Aq – 11 degrees late 4th hs
    Moon- Aq – like 7 degrees 4th hs.

    So every fixed cycle is significant.
    Mostly this has been about self awareness, self improvement n introspection.
    The death (Pluto) has thankfully diminished to the point I’ve kinda relaxed n released the fear of another one. Guess those Pluto squares have eased up somewhat.
    But w/Sun in 8 now conjunct Rx Uranus I know I can’t really ‘relax’ as this kinda regeneration/trauma/death/darkness can kick off at any time as Mars the great catalyst opp crazy assed Uranus.
    And Mars will remain in Scorp a lil longer than usual?
    Long enough to square my Jup/Pluto Leo conj.
    Not to make too many plans.
    Just float, stick n move.
    Staying too still during this time makes one like a sitting duck squarely in the path of whatever’s coming catching the full brunt of it all.
    But being fixed should also make for self awareness helping one know to as best as possible get the hell out the way.

  19. I have Pluto at 8 degrees Scorpio in my 4th house. Then Moon at 7 degrees Sagittarius, and Neptune at 7 degrees Capricorn. I think of these planets like a little choo-choo train that runs through my 2nd quadrant (integration of self with environment). I guess I can expect to have various things going on in the different cars/houses, but all related to some larger sweeping motion? Maybe the 7th house action (square from transiting moon and Saturn) will lead, and the rest will follow…

  20. My mercury 4 Taurus (3Hse) opps. Neptune 5 (9 Hse) Uranus 12 Leo (6 Hse). l am dealing with an arrogant neighbour who is a bit of a gaslighter too.

    I have experienced rage flashes in response– there might be more to this. I am turning those feelings into poems and avoiding him for now…a 12 house position.

    Feeling a little relieved today.

  21. Two clients scheduled for breast surgery that day. One’s was cancelled due to medical not approving a breast reduction. So she is having to send in forms for re-acceptance. Actually I am thrilled it was cancelled due to the aspects. The other client is having a double mastectomy. Moon is breasts. She has cancer. Needs this to work out to be alive.

  22. OMG.
    I’ve got Pluto 7 and Jupiter 11 in Leo in 10th house and Uranus in Gemini 8 in 8th house.
    My daughter 8 mos pregnant is 8 Aquarius rising. Hopefully she makes it to her due date 2nd week in December.
    Things gonna be hopping.

    • This conjunction parks on my Natal Scorpio Mercury, and Saturn-Moon are in my 1st House Aquarius. Focused speed and patience: yay, I feel that. I’ve been initiated into Grandmotherhood, in person visitation (I am no longer young, but YOUNG AT HEART AND SOUL). That conjunction is in my 10th House where I am focusing my energy on blooming an offspring of a business from my original storytelling blog 10 years ago born. I’m excited by the initiation, and a future worth loving!!!

  23. That’s how I feel. My Mercury is 1 degree Scorpio, maybe not close enough. Mercury is septile Mars in my natal chart so I do have to watch the mouth. I’m feeling good these days… however the day is early! LOL I did have something happen last week. Wrote a big long letter to the benevolent uninvolved authority figure, didn’t send it. Glad I didn’t. I will bring it up at some point though. But not today! LOL

  24. Seven degrees Aqua Sun. I been doing exercises and this morning I noticed that although I can usually do 400 – 500 pushups in three sets, I could only do 320 this morning. Generally do 60 sit-ups. I could only do 35. I hope I don’t hurt myself doing deep knee bends or pull ups. Rested yesterday, I feel fine. It just has to be because of the planetary aspects.

  25. I have this Pluto @ 7′ 40 trine Mars/Mercury in the 10th house. Neptune in the 4th @ 7′ 16. My grandmother died today. We got the news this morning.

  26. So far so good. Awoke feeling like I got hit by a truck. From the people I spoke with today, they.had things pop up that delayed plans. Me, had to say to myself ‘man up and get to it.’ Slow but sure. Only so much time left for outside work before the snow flies.

  27. Im still dealing. Worried about my Scorpio roommate. His nerves seem frazzled. He’s hanging in there but seems stressed and overtired. Very Worried about his overall health. He tells me Im a nag LOL!
    In the meantime, My world has been full of landmines. Mostly with people around me My nerves frayed at the ends. Other peoples too. Quick to react and emotional. Edgy

  28. Hmm, I was watching this on that day; checked the transit chart before I left home to go to work, just like I do on a daily basis. (Sextile my natal Mars/Pluto & square natal Jupiter; intense fighting in a big way is how I vew this).

    Get to work, then get called into the manager’s office after about half an hour to be given a letter from the Aussie CEO of our international company that basically threatens my job with this stupid ‘no jab, no job’ policy. I will not be a guinea pig for an experimental trial vaccine, no matter what the government mandate is! My health comes before govt or big pharma/big tech/corporate media.

    My response was; ‘I will wait for my letter of termination’. Then, the plan is a Fair Work Commission lodgement for unfair dismissal, a Human Rights application for violation of Federal laws, plus joining many class actions (Aussie style).

    The girl who sits in the pod next to me told me on Friday, I want your mindset, you handled that so cool. (Did not feel like that to me, I can tell you. I call it ‘spaghetti brain’.)

    A young buck of an account manager then tried to call me an ‘anti-vaxxer’. Oh boy, did I put him straight in no time flat!! I have had all my vaccinations through life, I ensured my kids have had theirs too, but I will not consent to being a participant in this experimental trial.

    I still do not know how I did it, but I calmed down pretty quickly once I ‘grounded’ myself. My thoughts became strategic on how I would manage this. I will probably be out of work come New Year’s Day – what a shit future that looks to be. I also spoke with many truck drivers that come through our yard on a daily basis and they are talking about parking up. Coles has already backed down on their vaccine stance. Without transport, I believe we are in for a period of absolute chaos come Jan/Feb/Mar 2022 in this state.

    Oh well – a merry Christmas it will not be, neither a happy New Year. What have I got to look forward to? Mmm, bloody letter writing to the Governor-General about his oversight and protection of the Aussie Constitution ?

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