Notes On The Outer Planet Transits – 2016

logs floating down riverThe newsletters this week all dealt with the challenges of moving about on shifting sand. It reminds me of some cartoon I saw when I was a kid. You’re supposed to cross the river, stepping on floating-by logs. Er…what’s cute on TV is less fun in real life!  Especially when you’re in the mood for games!

The Saturn Neptune square insures we’ll be coping with this type of thing, through 2016. But this week it’s been really acute. I feel like I’m getting somewhere and I bet most of you feel the same. But  so much is unknown, we’ve no choice but to move ahead on faith.

This is particularly hard for people who like to keep a handle on their lives.  By the time this square resolves, most everyone around the world is going to really understand how prominent unseen forces act in our lives and how everything ties together in ways you never dreamed.

I started blogging fifteen years ago. It was popular back then, to list all the things you could never stand or survive. “If I lost one of my children…”  Many, if not most of us have had these exact things happen to us and more!  The world has changed so much.  You come to realize you’re minutiae in the grand scheme.

Pluto is associated with transformation. Uranus with surprise and liberation. Most of us are living radically different lives than what we wanted or imagined, just ten short years ago.

I’m not saying it’s bad. But look at those men in that picture, taken in the 1800s. They’re just people like you and me.  Men with families, most likely. Men with a job to do.

Can you see you have a lot in common with them?

I can.

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Notes On The Outer Planet Transits – 2016 — 8 Comments

  1. Looking at that picture makes me feel like a pawn of fate but I guess we all are. I look forward to all the information about to come crashing through though. At every level I want to see all the narcissists and psychopaths who destroy the quality of people’s lives exposed and stripped of their ammunition. Is a Saturn/Neptune transit good for that?

  2. Great post. Yeah , I feel the connection , and this last year I’ve really tried to focus on just what you write here , we are a second of time. It’s very comforting after it’s been a bit ego crushing. It very freeing for my soul , opposed to my body. My mom said recently , in regards to the focus on design (ala design watch) ..”everything is design ” . And it makes me think that our whole life’s value is obscured to ourselves , but part of an unbelievable construction.

  3. I can relate to that picture, but no, it isn’t fun at all in real life. Saturn is conjunct my Sun and square t. Neptune. I’m the kind of person that likes to get things done according to my plan, but lately I can’t seem to accomplish what I want to do. It just ain’t happening.

    Initially, this drove me crazy, but now I think I’ve finally learned how to deal with this energy the right way. Get rid of the plan, get rid of the rule book and just let things flow and work out however they will. Since I’ve started doing that recently, I’m much happier and have a kind of serenity in my life that I’ve never known. I was always busy planning, doing and running through life, but now I’m starting to see a completely different side of life that I totally missed. I got rid of all of my expectations and stopped to smell the flowers.

    I attribute my new attitude to the Neptune square with Saturn. It really has challenged the Saturn demands in my life and showed me a whole new world and maybe a new path.

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