Not All Secrets Are Created Equally, Nor Do They Have The Same Attributes

A few days ago, I started this thread on the boards: Under The Scorpio Moon – Deepest Secrets.  I said I was sitting on a secret like a chicken sitting on an egg and I was uncomfortable because I am not very chicken-like.  Sue Ellen said she didn’t want to know anyone’s secrets and I thought it was interesting.

I agreed with her.  You can be quite burdened with a person’s secret but other secrets open doors. Some secrets illuminate things and expand a person.

I think I could go ten years on one good secret.  It’s the first door you’re stuck on see? Once someone unlocks it for you, there is often a trove of doors.  Chances are some of the doors will lead to treasure you’d never have been able to access had someone not shared their secret.

I guess I wanted to stand up for secrets. I’d be out of business on all levels without ’em, I’ll say that.

Have you ever been told a secret that changed your life for the better?

pictured – Loves Secret, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1896



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Not All Secrets Are Created Equally, Nor Do They Have The Same Attributes — 13 Comments

  1. I’m don’t like keeping other peoples secrets, but I will. But if someone was saying bad about a person, who shared the secret with me, I would want to defend them to the fullest and show them evidence why they are worthy of a better light. But you have to defend them with half truths and this makes them less credible.

    But have I had a secret revealed that changed me? Yes, it kind of destroyed me abit.

  2. Two that I can think of. Both from my father. And yes, they changed my outlook completely.

    I kept my own secret for a very long time. But it isn’t my secret anymore. Not by my choice. It’s really been an adjustment in my approach to life without it.

  3. People tell me secrets, most of which I don’t want to know. Getting better at not letting it get to me though. At work it is particularly bad because my discretion leaves me with a lot of mixed information about a lot of people.

    A lot of those secrets change my life for the better when I learn about different people, their lives, and the world grows for me. More clarity, I guess. But sometimes it changes it for the worse because I don’t want to know how horrible some people are. There’s still a bit of innocence there.

  4. I dont know what I would be without secrets myself. I have a few of my own but Im often a keeper for other people. It can be burdensome and painful but also at times incredibly healing. There is such a gift in not knowing secrets and not being told secrets but I’ve held the secrets of others from a young age and well there is a gift in that too. I often lose people to secrets. Someone will unload a secret on me and then avoid me like the plague because I think they are in shock that they told me. Thats hard but many a secret has opened me up to prespectives and emotions that would been unexplored. I have to much 8th house and scorpio not have them

  5. Yes. When my husband told me he loved me. I had no idea he felt the same way I did (to that point I had never behaved toward him as anything but friend). Circumstances made it a secret at the time – although my husband at the time had dumped me, we were not yet divorced and I didn’t trust him (it turns out rightly) not to try to use this as a weapon against me even though I was the one who got dumped for another woman.

    I suppose in some ways I think that kind of emotional tie is a secret even if it’s out in public. The real nature of the relationship is only ever known by the couple.

  6. Friends have always come up to me to tell their secrets, from elementary school onward. Maybe it’s the Aquarius ASC, and the Moon Chiron Pisces 1st that makes me seem like someone who would understand and not betray them.

    The funny thing is that four women from different areas of my life all told me the same secret. I know many more people with this same secret that I heard from their “friends.”

    I think it helps for people to tell at least one person something they feel is “bad.” It unburdens them. They need confirmation that just because they have a bad secret, they are not a bad person.

    I have always felt honored to be told, and never spill a secret. Mercury in Pisces – I keep secrets like they are locked in a vault (but I enjoy knowing them)!

  7. I don’t mind keeping secrets and good thing too because I hear them all the time.

    The only person who is now forbidden from telling me secrets is my mother.


  8. Changed my life for the better? Yes. My ex’s step-mother told me several secrets that helped me understand his childhood better, which in turn helped me understand him better. As a result of this I’m able to have a lot less animosity towards him (because I feel empathy for him).

  9. Fascinating post, thanks Elsa. Yes; a family secret I was recently told and when I was told I felt a weight just lift off me – without knowing I’d been carrying that one in my bones as mine. Lightening bolt. It has made me reevaluate EVERYTHING I felt on that particular (huge) subject in my life, how I carry that in my body etc. I’ve always kind of prided myself on being a person people (excepting my family) tell secrets to and I keep them. Now I’m seeing the possibility that at times telling them can free other people.

  10. Yeah, J, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

    I wanted to tell this secret because it would open all these doors to fascinating things for the person who heard it. Uncommon knowledge can be very healing and empowering beyond what most can imagine.

  11. yes. family secrets have made many things open up and become clear.
    they’ve helped both in forgiveness and understanding.
    discovering the people i adore/idolize the most have made crucial mistakes helps me realize that maybe i can forgive myself too.

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