New Year’s Day – Looking Forward To 2017

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I think we’ll get off to a good start in 2017. It’s early morning on January 1. Jupiter in Libra is trining the moon and Venus in Aquarius.   I feel quite light and hopeful.

I noticed this thread in the forum, regarding the horrors of 2016.  I think the Uranus Pluto square devastated pretty much everything in it’s path. 2016 was the aftermath of that.  It’s akin to living through the upheaval in the late 60’s when Uranus was conjunct Pluto.  That period passed and things calmed down.

It’s not that everyone is going to have some spectacular year. I’ve stated several times, people with planets in the later degrees of the mutable signs are going to be pressured.  But a Saturn transit does not compare to a clash between outer planets, hitting your personal planets or the angles of your chart.

To get off on the best foot this year, work with Jupiter and Saturn.

Nail down your beliefs and live in accord with them – Saturn in Sagittarius.
Be generous, forgiving and optimistic in relationships with others- Jupiter in Libra.

These two things will take you a very long way at this time.

How do you feel about 2017?

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New Year’s Day – Looking Forward To 2017 — 19 Comments

  1. Happy New Year Elsa, and everyone! from The Netherlands :-). I really don’t know what to expect for 2017. The last words of your blog are wise and valuable words; a very good advice. And I am happy we left 2016. I had so much sorrow! but proportionate I’ve got so many help, forinstance for example from this blog and your letters Elsa. However there were days with “gold edges” as well. I cherisch these days. And so gratefull for my health, my food and my little and safe home! :-).The small garden and my beautifull cat. That is personal and I hope I may keep it this way in this new year. This is my wealth!

    In March 2033 Pluto will switch and goes to Aquarius. Does that mean that a lot of the
    1960 will repeat then? It seems like this is far away; but time goes so fast!!

  2. It’s funny, just yesterday two transits to Uranus activated in my chart: Jupiter sextile and Saturn conjunct. These will last the majority of the year. I’ve frankly always sort of ignored Uranus energy because it never felt that relevant to my Saturn-bogged ass and now I feel like I will get my comeuppance. I made an egg for dinner last night and it had two yolks, I think there are several more in the dozen (they are YUGE, that poor hen). I’ve only ever gotten one double yolk in my whole life! Auspicious tiding or omen of doom? I have no idea!

  3. 2016 has been a year of completions for me. I think I have been completing some serious karma stuff with an ex. His moon were on my Chiron and my Chiron were close to his Chiron. We kept hurting in an ongoing spiral ever since February 2016, which ended in a giant break-up 9/11/16. Talk about ending on a potent date, huh?!

    I moved back home to my old neighbourhood afyerwards, where I’ve been living ever since. No word from my ex in all that time. We’ve been practically dead to each other. Proud as f*ck, both of us (triggers all the worst in each other).

    So now I’m literally starting over, looking for new opportunities, a job, a new place to live, a bit of fun. The P/U square took almost everything away from me – so I got to find my new path in life and step out on it for good…

  4. This feels like a very light and fresh start for a calendar year. I actually feel happy which is not a common occurrence with me. Life feels clean and clear right now.
    A lot of old things came back over the past month and were cleared up quite succinctly.

  5. My youngest grandchild got married on Dec. 30th. Her birthday is March 8th, 1995; don’t know his. I hope for the best, but it seemed not carefully considered.

  6. Just back from a lantern lighting ceremony, and though they ran out of lanterns before my family and I could get ours, just watching all those cares and resolutions head into the night sky and listening to all the different languages being spoken in the crowd of about 200 in a local park gave me hope and comfort. Women in saris and veils mingled with American teens with tees and jeans. I heard Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Vietnamese, English, Farsi, and even saw a group sitting around a flashlight speaking in ASL. How can you not feel hopeful in a group like that! Happy New Year!!

  7. It’s a 1 year. Will there be loneliness? Pluto will be sextiling my Mars. I am okay with that moving ahead. I kind of like it when that inner strength surges within me.

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