New Stellium in Capricorn: Feb – March, 2020 – Phenomenal

Capricorn stelliumI can’t believe I didn’t see this coming! Mars will join Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on February 16, 2020.  This stellium will be maintained four weeks, until Saturn ingresses into Aquarius on March 22nd.

Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn while Saturn is in it’s home sign. Jupiter is associated with luck and opportunity. Pluto is all about focus. Capricorn accomplishes things. This stellium will provide an exceptional opportunity to reach higher ground.

To put this energy to use, define a goal, commit to the goal, focus on the goal, as you head in your chosen direction with a plan to persevere! If you work with this frame, you have a very good chance of crossing the finish line.  Further, your work and the education you gain during this period should pay dividends for the rest of your life. Yes!

Now I want to mention the “death” part of this. I know that a lot of people have been hit hard by Saturn Pluto. I’ve been hit hard.  I know many are dealing with extreme hardship. You may be afraid of this stellium making it worse.

capricorn stellium march 2020I don’t think that will happen. I am not saying that your dying family member with be cured. I am saying that you’re likely to find yourself fortified when Mars gets involved.  Just think about a knife, cutting through crap!

If you have planets in Taurus or Virgo, this thing is really going to help you out.  Details here: Effects Of Stellium in Capricorn – Earth Signs.

Check the house in your chart where this stellium falls. That’s the area of life where you want to focus your effort to progress.

If you have a birthday in this time frame, check your Solar Return.
It will show up in Lunar Returns as well which is how I discovered this.
The stellium falls in my 2nd house. I expect to make money.

Where does the new stellium in Capricorn fall in your chart?

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New Stellium in Capricorn: Feb – March, 2020 – Phenomenal — 39 Comments

  1. My second house. Working on shoring up my health and self esteem. I have a Venus ruled sixth house in Taurus, and Moon in Virgo so it’s well supported. Money would be nice but it would have to fall out of the sky!

  2. My mental health has been trashed (this is in my 8th house) and I’ve been dealing with delays/obstacles with seeing my partners. This has also allllll been rubbing against my natal placements as I oh-so-happen to have a natal Capricorn/8th house stellium – hoping the addition of Mars & Jupiter will give me the will to push through and release what it is I need to let go to find wellness again D:

  3. Top of the third opposition natal venus, sextile natal saturn and mars, trine natal PoF.

    PS. You previously asked about Jupiter in Capricorn and rewards. Got my reward this am. A long awaited answer to a mystery. It just kind of all came together. And of course, once the gong rang, it seems so simple. Everything had gotten all mucked up by outer world confusion.

  4. Second house. This would help if my Taurus grandson would get a job. I need a light job working in the public . Ten hours a week would give me a reason to get out of the house.

  5. The stellium is in my first house. Pluto conjuncts my Capricorn moon on 3/24. Moon is at 24 degrees and 46 minutes. Days before Mars conjuncts her and days after Jupiter conjuncts moon. Saturn is sitting on her now. I’m wondering what all this activity in the first house will bring. I was actually going to ask if I should plan on getting out of town before 3/24, but there’s no money to do so.

  6. All in my 7th house which includes my mars return at 7 degrees Capricorn! I will have to order a report because it’s also my birthday on march 11 while all this going on!

  7. Wow, my 11th house will look very busy indeed. My solar return has a packed 7th which emphasises relationships/interactions/ people as well.

  8. 5th house where it conjuncts my natal 23*Saturn and my 27*Jupiter. I am seeing that a very speculative investment is rising at it trines my 21*Virgo Venus, and my daughter is coming back into my life a bit more.

  9. Phenomenal indeed!

    My thoughts are that Saturn is the show stopper in the Stellium; at an anarectic 29° in a cardinal sign – that is definitely some potent energy driving urgency towards a possible conclusion or resolution that leads to whatever the Great Conjunction represents to you. It is so important that it begins now, and Saturn gets to 29° thrice this year.

    March 9-21st
    Starting on the 9th flanked by the 1st of three consecutive super full moons (in Virgo) ……… we might possible feel like we’re “shored up and supported”, as Elsa said.

    July 1-15th
    Half of this time Saturn will be quincunx the North Node at 29° Gemini ……… I’m sensing a Mercurial theme to Saturn’s motives, perhaps even karmic.

    December 7-16th
    For 3 days both Jupiter and Saturn will be at 29° Cap and they go on to conjoin a few days later at 0° Aquarius for the famed Great Conjunction.

    Who’s your daddy now?!

    • Whew weeee! This is all happening on my 26 degree Cap Ascendant! Saturn is smack on my Ascendant this very second and will eventually move on then retrograde back over it. Pluto is 3 degrees away right now. This is all in my 12th house and my natal Mars is in my 12th in Cap.

  10. Wow great post. Great read. I have watched this since the 80’s. I have a 26 SA CAP, 2 JUP AQU, 4 ASC JUP. Cap progressed in my 8th. I have a Virgo and Cap son. Cap son has 5 planets in Cap. 1990 Baby. My mother, Cancer is in hospice and I am flying out to Seattle tomorrow to see her. Then a knee replacement March 3. I plan on laying real low after my return flight. Work on legal issues. This 12th house Pluto transit has been so hard emotionally and financially but I love who I am. Strong, independent, kind, loving mature woman. Wow.. I said that !!!!!
    I know the transits that cross my ASC will be hard but I am ready. I am so grateful that this is almost over and hope I live through it. I don’t think my mom will pass yet and plan on spending a couple weeks letting her know how much I love her. Thanks for listening. Oh I am a Leo BTW 7/25. Wishing you all the best. Thank you Elsa got all you do ??

  11. Stellium in my 6th, Cappy is 29°on the 7th house cusp.
    Feb. 16th happens to be the day that I planned on retrieving my personal belongings from someone that recently and unexpectedly broke off a relationship with me. Hmm. In a way I can envision that day as a completion. A day of celebration? Perhaps. I’m not feeling the celebratory vibes just yet.
    In other news a very good for me relocation from one state to another is taking place during the month of March. Back to my home town that I left in 1971, in fact. I’m eager to return to my roots.

  12. It’s all happening in my second house, too! However Saturn in the eighth is weighing me down emotionally and physically. Some days I just don’t want to get out of bed-when Mars arrives I’ll have more energy or an accident?

  13. Elsa,

    This stellium, now inclusive of Mars,
    seems to have invigorated
    Trump’s focus, aggression and intensity.
    Do you see this happening?

  14. It is all in my 12th house… the nature of this house is not really earthly or material. I have been working very hard on overcoming old patterns and trying to understand myself, but I don’t see much progress. Meanwhile I have gotten quite poor and don’t have peace in my house but no money to move elsewhere. No money, no love and creatively stuck. How can I put this stellium to a good use?

  15. The 11th house near the 12th cusp is where this Capricorn stellium is for me. I have been more active on the internet but as far as hopes and dreams go it’s been slow to no go! My networks if anything are smaller. I’m trying to set new goals for myself and dread health problems once all this action moves into my 12th house!

    • I already have health problems but hey my 12th house starts at 9 degr Cap! Anyway, I recognise this feeling of ‘going slow’. Every process seems to go slow and choices (will it be a good thing to do? Is there a benefit in the future?) are very difficult. My network has become really small since Pluto transited my 11th house. But, (slow, but benefit!) I am much better in choosing the right people! So, quality beats quantity! ?

  16. I am cap rising and its in my 1st house. I am hoping for relief with physical health and healing my physical body. Ive been doing amd learning so much to help with debilitating arthritis.

    • I have arthritis too. It’s an ongoing process but exercising, or at least moving (walking) helps. I really hurt my knee against my table. It seems not to be broken but there is certainly something wrong since then, at night I can’t move that leg. So examination is needed… (expensive) what can I say with transiting Saturn in my 12th, just opposed my natal Saturn?! Backlash (kneelash ?). I hope it will heal. Btw, I think Saturn in the 1st house is not particularly bad, it gives a kind of toughness I think.

  17. End of 10th and early 11th. Mars and Jupiter will also oppose the lunar eclipse degree at 20 from January.I’m looking at the lunations, too, for more clues.

  18. Elsa: “It falls in my 2nd house. I expect to make money!”
    Me: “It falls in my 8th house, house of OPM (other people’s money)… I expect them to gimme their money!!!”

  19. Huh.,as mentioned this is happening in my Second house and my 401K is suddenly growing nicely! I looked yesterday and I usually try to ignore it. Glad I looked. It can go back down again of course but the trend seems to be otherwise!?.

    @Brex, We are usually directed to the boards for questions. You can get support with your chart there too. Good Luck! ?

  20. This stellium is in my 6th house conj my Saturn at 24° Cap. I have changed what I eat drastically to Vegan to regain my health after breaking 11 bones 16 months ago. I’ve lost 7 lbs in 4 weeks so far and health has noticeably improved already.40 lbs to go!
    My business has been super slow to nonexistent as I predicted for Winter so I’m taking 5 online college classes and mercury retrograde hit me hard even in it’s shadow so this has been a struggle. I think as long as I focus on my 6th house health and work hard at it I’m using the energy wisely. So far so good.

  21. Your work is the only work, offering a positive perspective and purposeful direction.
    I’m so grateful to have reread this email.
    Thank you.

  22. Things have been so hard in my life for years & years. Sometimes I just want to pull the sheets over my head and lie there wailing because I simply don’t know what to do. But your posts always – somehow – help, Elsa. And the next morning, I can see my way forward a little bit. So, thank you from me too, for the way you don’t gloss over the difficulties, but still manage to say positive things.
    I’ve been looking at Lunar Returns since you wrote about them, too. And I saw that my Moon (at 28Gem59) is quincunx Saturn, and will be for a little while still, but I’m still here! (Pluto’s next…).

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