New Moon & Uranus in Taurus: May 15, 2018: Effects By House

The new moon in Taurus takes place on the morning on May 15th, 2018. You can see the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 24 degrees. I cropped the picture to show Uranus teetering at the last degree and minute of Aries. Uranus will ingress into Taurus a few hours post the the time of the new moon. If you’re in the US, this will all be wrapped up by noon. It’s a terrific shift.

It’s not easy to interpret this because the Sun and Moon in Taurus represent one thing – stability. Uranus in Taurus will upset Taurus-ruled things over the next seven years.

I’ve mentioned the inevitable change on the love and money front – Financial instability. Everything I wrote there will be a fact, but I want to offer something more so you get an idea of the pervasive effects of this transit.

Taurus is often compared to an “oak cabinet”. They’re sturdy and they’re reliable. This is what is going to change. Just imagine an oak cabinet flying around the room in an unstable manner. I’m not sure that ducking will help.

I know this scares people, and I’m sorry. But I am married to Taurus (at an early degree) and I can see this, clear as a bell.

Generally speaking, Taurus is considered a boring sign. If nothing else, this transit should increase your appreciation for the reliable people and things in your life. They say, you don’t miss your water ’till your well run dry. I associate that quote with Scorpio. This will be the opposite. When the stable and predictable things and people in your life behave erratically and become unpredictable, you realize how much you needed that anchor.

As for the effects on the 15th, the new moon is separated from Uranus as shown in the picture. Chances are, the Sun and Moon will land in one house of your chart with Uranus in another.

The ideas below are for the new moon, alone. I just couldn’t write about, May 15th, without mentioning, Uranus’ ingress into Taurus. This only happens every 84 years!

We set intentions ahead of a new moon. Here are some ideas, based on the house in your chart where the new moon falls.

New Moon in the 1st house – Invest in your appearance.
New Moon in the 2nd house – Save money (which often means buying quality).
New Moon in the 3rd house – Your word is your bond.  Help a neighbor move.
New Moon in the 4th house – Invest in your home and family.
New Moon in the 5th house – Create art.
New Moon in the 6th house – Be reliable in the workplace.
New Moon in the 7th house – Love, Solid As A Rock.
New Moon in the 8th house – KISS (Keep it simple, Stupid).
New Moon in the 9th house – Solid education. Teaching the basics.
New Moon the 10th house – Stable authority. Parent you can count on.
New Moon in the 11th house – Long-lasting friendship.
New Moon in the 12th house – Otherworldly art.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? What’s your intention?



New Moon & Uranus in Taurus: May 15, 2018: Effects By House — 24 Comments

  1. I am loving this Uranus approaching Taurus. I have been explaining this ingress to my friends and family. Taurus ruled subjects that will be effected have been a great way to introduce the concept. Then I explained the upcoming Capricorn conjunction in November 2020.

    I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to to know about a configuration in his natal chart. He said no, that he wanted me to explain more about Uranus ingress Taurus. He was interested because of the upcoming Taurus ruled subjects being effected and how unforeseen and sudden it may be.

  2. So are the taureans going off their rockers? Or having the overdue nervous breakdowns? Or telling the rest of the world they have to deal with their own shit because the taureans wish to have a good nights sleep?

    – tempted taurus
    (Feeling slightly ornery and aiming for a laugh)

    Also – what happened last time taurus had such a transit? Any events anyone would attribute to such influence??

    • So worrying about that.

      Well, we got a new big boss at work and she wants to meet with everyone one on one about their issues here. I actually admitted my long history of being bullied/ostracized by my so called “team” (asked to get moved out of that office but I think that’s a no dice) in mine today, which is saying something. I really want someone to do something about the trainwreck emotional drama and stress going on here, so I hope she does something. We’ll see.

    • I’m a Taurus Sun, Moon and Venus. Sun and Venus in the 10th / Moon in the 11th. Uranus has been conjunct my natal Mercury Rx at 28* for about 2 years now. I have felt this energy strongly now for awhile. What I am experiencing is a need to escape my day to day reality. Its a tug and pull between my full time job and my responsibilities at home. I have 0 independence and a family (husband and kids) that fail to understand that I need time and have my own needs outside of the home. Its this desire to follow the path of what I love most at this moment and where spirit is leading me, but all the while not wanting to mess up my life at home or neglect those responsibilities.

    • The last time Uranus was in Taurus (material world) was 1934-41. Just think of how shockingly our view of the world changed, with the effects of WW2, and the role of women in society. Before that, during the last transit in 1850-1859, we experienced an industrial revolution, applying new inventions to the material world and changing our lifestyles. You can’t gt more Uranus in Taurus than that! I think this time around we’ll be seeing changes related to how we view money (cryptocurrency and the digital economy comes to mind) as well as gender-related issues. Hold on tight!

  3. My Taurus ascendant is thinking about investing in my appearance! Not cosmetic surgery. I’m too much of a wimp for that. Looking at some less invasive treatments…but am unsure and weighing up my options and the risks. My finances allow it now, having been working poor for 20 years!Recently had some dentistry done to improve my smile, after 10 years of no dentist at all. I’m so looking forward to some Uranus crazy, as long as I keep my job tho.

  4. “…and I can see this, clear as a bell” :))) I loved this one ♥

    Being a Taurus with a Taurus moon, though both in late degrees, I can tell you I’ve started thinking long trips, good-buys, I don’t care attitudes, and other unimaginable things for my deeply rooted self. Actually, I got sick of me and the way I’ve chosen my secure family ties and musts and have to’s. I’ve been there for everyone and eventually I’m just taken for granted. Why have I done this? For security. Which I never attained. Waking up now.

  5. New Moon in house 9, the Sun as well. Uranus in house 8, trines my Virgo Sun and later Mercury in house 12. Pisces on descendant. I am curious! I said before: I don’t expect a new lover! 🙂

  6. new moon and Uranus in Taurus all in the 11th house. It will be opposite natal Neptune at 0 degrees scorpio. So, unstable and foggy? Very hard to imagine.

  7. Transiting Uranus will conjunct my IC (@1dg.4th house) … opposing natal Uranus on the MC..Lol. Still in a square with natal Saturn in the 7th and transiting Saturn over ascendant.

    Hell of a mid-life crisis BUT I’ve learned to expect the unexpected from the third house racket of zigzagging around all over the place. Natal Jupiter within a few degrees of IC too.. vivah Gypsy life.

  8. The first thing that I think of with Uranus’ lightning bolts hitting Taurus is that nothing will ever be the same again. Then I start thinking that the earth is going to rock and roll under this transit. Pluto’s destruction of Capricorn also makes me think of how things will never be the same again. In one way it is sad, but in another, it is time for big changes everywhere.

  9. The new moon will be in my 2nd house. Hoping Uranus in Taurus brings about good changes with my finances. I guess we’ll see. **crossing fingers**

  10. I have 5 planets in Taurus — Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn (all conjunct in the early degrees) and Mars. My Aries sun is in the 2nd house, with Aquarius rising.

    I’m very anxious about climate change and the destruction of the earth by humanity’s greed, selfishness, and short-sightedness. I get really frustrated with people’s apathy and blissful ignorance, driving and flying at their whim, consuming so much plastic and wasteful crap, supporting the expansion of the oil and gas industry, and ignoring the wisdom of traditional indigenous knowledge and disrespecting their land rights. I am guilty too – I rely on fossil energy, and global slave labour for some of my food and products – but I try to live with respect for the earth and its creatures.

    I despair over the fate of the planet. I’m just glad I didn’t breed, and will return to the earth and spirit world having left as small an eco-footprint as possible, given my privileged life. I am grateful for my life but ready to go anytime. My bike says “one less car” and my funeral pyre will say “one less human.”

  11. I feel you Taurus wannabe, I woke up this morning thinking about the huge barges full of trash and garbage that are hauled out into the ocean and dumped. Then we wonder why pollution washes up on beaches and the fish are dying and unhealthy. I was picturing that huge area of plastic in the ocean and it breaks my heart.

    • I feel both of you Taurus wannabe and Watergal; this is a reminder of Awareness once more.
      I have the New Moon in the 9th house – Solid education. Teaching the basics.
      Yes we still have to teach the Basics indeed beyond borders. (I am in France now with Chiron return on natal Chiron in the 8th House) beyond death and birth, beyond biais.

  12. Taurus is on my IC. My maternal grandmother is a Taurus, and she is 77. My grandfather is 78. They both have Saturn in Taurus, so Uranus in Taurus might be hard on them.

  13. WHOA!This New moon is within a degree of my 10th house south node: The following day when Uranus enters Taurus is my EXACT Uranus opposition which is also square my Saturn, also exact degree – (My Uranus and Saturn both at 0 degrees Leo and Scorpio respectively). Sooo, when Mars comes in a squares Uranus it will form the 4th leg of a grand square in my chart – SIMULTANEOUSLY with my Uranus opposition AND New moon on my south Node! I better strap in for a wild ride… or stay quietly at home and keep my mouth shut! Heeeelp!

  14. Late degree Taurus ascendant here and the New Moon will hit my 12th house. A series of minor-ish events the past week had me thinking about taking better care of myself in terms of diet and exercise since I’m not getting any younger. Weighed myself this morning and OMG, I nearly had a stroke when I saw the number. So, my intent for this New Moon is to embark on a better eating/healthy exercise plan.

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