New Moon & Stellium In Virgo 2019 – Effects By House

Virgo Vintage chalkware statueThe new moon in Virgo takes place early in the morning, on Friday, August 30th.  I expect a significant impact, considering the sun and moon will be  conjunct, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Note that this array includes all the personal planets and the conjunct is tight.  It’s quite unusual to see all the planets bunched up like this.  It’s is going to impact every single one of us in an intimate way.

The moon in Virgo is emotionally nourished by working to serve others.  The new moon is concerned with new beginnings.  Even if you’re not particularly geared towards helping out, this is month where you might consider it.  The emphasis on Virgo at this time just can’t be denied.

We set intentions under the new moon. Here are some ideas, depending on where the new moon falls in your natal chart:

New moon in Virgo 2019New Moon & Stellium in the 1st house – Act on one of your ideas. Clean up your act.  Offer to help (without being asked).
New Moon & Stellium in the 2nd house – Clean and sort and fix your possessions. Get rid of clutter.
New Moon & Stellium in the 3rd house –  Tremendous emphasis on communication of all kinds. Try to hook people up with the help they need, rather than gossip.
New Moon & Stellium in the 4th house – Communicate with your family. Work to bring them together. Clean your home.
New Moon & Stellium in the 5th house –  Help to facilitate creativity. Help children. Act on your creative ideas.
New Moon & Stellium in the 6th house – Volunteer.  Organize for yourself or others. Begin a diet or exercise routine. Help those in need.
New Moon & Stellium in the 7th house – Serve your partner. Help “the other”.   Take care not to pick other people apart.
New Moon & Stellium in the 8th house – Dig into your own psychology / pathology and fix it. Visit or help or call, those you know who are in dire situations, suffering, or actually dying.
New Moon & Stellium in the 9th house – Communicate an helpful, upbeat perspective.  Chat with people outside your usual realm. Also, small gestures go a long way!
New Moon & Stellium the 10th house –  Set an example as person willing to pitch in and work to improve things.  Model efficiency and a crisp work ethic.
New Moon & Stellium in the 11th house –  Volunteer to help your friends.  Work to connect people for a good cause.
New Moon & Stellium in the 12th house – Pray. Listen for God’s voice. Act with compassion, put others first and do no harm.

Where does the new moon and stellium fall in your chart?  What’s your intention?



New Moon & Stellium In Virgo 2019 – Effects By House — 52 Comments

  1. This Moon falls in my 12th house. Five days earlier I will be 65 years old.

    This New Moon is on the birthday of my most dear friend. I know him for 50 years round this time. We have never lost sight of each other.

    I keep my eyes open and my mouth closed. I am alert and I will be where it is needed.

    But I also feel festive!! 65 Years and in good health!1 : – ) : – )

  2. So I am Virgo sun and moon, with a stellium in Virgo (sun 4 degrees, moon 23, uranus 14, pluto 15). My sun is at 4 degrees which is the same as the full moon, I think. What does this hyper charged-ness mean for me? It’s been a tough two years capped off by being RIFed (laid off) in July so I’m on the job hunt and looking for things to turn positive. Any guidance welcomed!

  3. It’s all in my 4th house. I am opening my home to my friends who are currently homeless. It’s not a big place, so I need to make some adjustments and get it ready.

  4. Wow, that’s really nice of you, cosmicbeast.

    In my 7th house. Moon in ♎️, so this is alrighty; familiar with this energy.

    • Thanks, I’m hoping it will be mutually beneficial. I can be incredibly lazy, living on my own, so this will be external motivation to address that. For example, I think I’d be much more inspired to cook at home if I had people to share the food with.

  5. New Moon will be just half a degree shy of conjunction with my 12th house Mars, and half a day after my Mars return — so, two new cycles at once.

    The stellium (with the Moon still in late Leo), however, shows up in the 10th house of my Mars return chart.

    Seems like some sort of proactive spiritual engagement with the world is on the menu…

  6. Stellium falls in my 8th house…which has been intense lately. Perhaps this new moon will bring service oriented energy to the fore…need a fresh start in this area 🙂

  7. The transit planets around the cusp will be sitting right on natal Pluto in the 7th for me (some are already there). I am not partnered. I don’t do that well, apparently, if not for want of trying. I always feel much better when I’m not. I hope this doesn’t stir up trouble.

  8. The Stellium falls on my Uranus Pluto ascendant and Moon Mars conjunction plus a number of asteroids I seriously hope that this breaks down the barriers that I’ve been working too release and that it clears mental fog and a direction emerges from it. Unfortunately with Virgo moons I sit and wait for all hell to break loose anyway.

  9. Elsa,

    I have 4 planets in Virgo including my sun and Mercury Rx in my 2nd house…between 3.15 degrees.

    I am feeling much at peace despite any and all things around me and I am making progress on things in life. I am actually not having a hard time. Thee is someone trying to micromanage me and being critical and nitpicky, but I am rather detached and doing what I need to do to reach certain goals. For the first time in many years, I am not having such a hard time.

    Uranus in Taurus, beaming at me from my 10th house, seems to be quite good for me. Professionally, and financially things are starting to heal and progress…..and not even Uranus retrograde appears to be changing that. I am reviewing the last few months since March, and having moved very slowly and carefully about my actions and decisions, I am alright. I’ve been admittedly stubborn about some things I want that will improve my standard of living and my resources, but nothing is backing up on me. I’ve got confidence and calm.

    I like this stellium coming up. I have a birthday next week and I am going to bask in it.

    Thanks Elsa for the post

  10. 5th House, and it triggers my Uranus-Pluto-Sun-Venus conjunction in Virgo. Oh yay. This should be interesting. I have become interested in (obsessed with!) crocheting and I expect this will become even more intense for me as the parade into Virgo continues. I am also expecting to be called for an interview to a job I applied to within my organization. I am more than qualified but nothing is ever guaranteed in this place. I just know that I need to get out of my current situation because I am tired of working for crazy. I will never advance in my current position and the job I applied for is in a new department so I’d get to create all the processes. And I understand the Chief is a nice person. That would be a wonderful change for me!

  11. I have a question about the new moon and solar return charts. Next month’s new moon in Libra is about three hours before my solar return moment (wow right?!)

    Would you still use the solar return chart (eg houses etc) for the prediction of the year ahead or would you take the new moon as such a significant event to be happening at that time that you would use the new moon lunation chart instead?

  12. 4th House. The Sun/Moon are closely conjunct my natal Pluto. I’m quite excited about this. When the Sun opposes my PLuto in late February,I lose people. An extraordinary number of close family deaths have happened over the years over the same 3 days in February. When the Sun conjuncts Pluto in late August, people and friends come into my life – I met most of my friends at the end of August; both my beloved dogs came – serendipitously – into my life at this time. So I’m looking forward to this new moon, it looks pretty good to me. 🙂

  13. In my first house. Actually, today, the transit Venus and Mars ae exactly conjunct my ascendent. I was supposed to have a wonderfully attractive and energizing day, but ell sick for the first time in ages, looking haggard, and low on energy. I am taking care of myself in high fever because partner is at work. Astrology works in mysterious ways.

  14. it will be in my 8H. i definitely need to dig into my psych because my mental health is deteriorating. im a 12H capricorn stellium and i have transit saturn and pluto conjuncting my natal sun. i spend alot of my time laying in bed doing nothing with my life and its been a really dark hopeless time for me. im currently trying to find astrologers that are also therapists.

  15. This falls smack on my 6th house Pluto. I imagine a transformation of some sort. Health or job-related remains to be seen. I hope it’s positive! I will have this stellium in my solar return as well.

  16. I had a full-fledged ritual pop into my head earlier tonight, one that will clear the decks entirely. New moon stellium is conjunct my sun-Merc-Saturn conjunction and trining n. Neptune.

    Check, check, and check. Roger that. We are a go!

    In other news, I’ve finally gotten over the depression that’s dogged me for over a year now. Had to allow myself to, yanno, actually feel it, instead of pretending everything was okay. Five months of bitchiness and wallowing later and I’m *shakes like a wet dog* hopeful again. New moon, new me. 🙂

    (PS: Sorry for all the canine language. It wasn’t intentional? I just noticed it when I proofread. *lol* Left it as it was because it amused me.)

  17. I had the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo when I was born but I dont have a single house of Virgo.

    Where does all the energy go if it’s not in a specific house?

  18. This hits just shy of my NN (8 degrees Virgo), ASC (10 degrees), and Saturn (11 degrees). I need to relax into this so my anxiety doesn’t shoot off the charts. I am actively negotiating a lawsuit without an attorney, and this stellium crossing my ASC is empowering me, but I have to remember the reasons I filed it. The truth is on my side, and my intentions are a continued service to my deceased mother. This is my affirmation for the week.

    Thank you Elsa for providing a safe space!

  19. The Virgo stellium joins my Vertex and Pallas in my 7H on Friday. Boy, it certainly has been all about helping people very close to me! And I’ve been happy to do so.

  20. stellium falls in 9th house will do spiritual work for Mother Earth especiallly the Amazon at this date (Venus 6´virgo, Pluto 8´virgo)

  21. In the 7th near the Desc. Signing work contracts this week and with Neptune in the first opp all that Virgo and square Sag Jupiter in the 9th. I hope the terms don’t work against me! Yikes.

  22. This falls in my 9th house. Being upbeat will prove a bit if a challenge. Ever since the planets started lining up in Virgo, I’ve felt a subtle irritation. Let’s just lay it out there–I’m feeling a little testy! I sense this from others as well, even if everyone is wearing a smile. Virgo energy is NOT relaxed.

  23. Stellium is just on the cusp of my 8th and 9th houses (9 degrees Virgo) I just got an ear infection about 2 weeks ago and can’t hear anything on my right side. One of my freelance work is affected. I wonder how much this has to do with it and if this infection will be a one-shot or will be recurrent from now on! xDDD

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