New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Cancer: July 12, 2018 – Effects By House

The dramatic solar eclipse in Cancer takes place on the evening of July 12th.  This thing is a piece of work, however I don’t mean that in a bad way.

First, the sun and moon will oppose Pluto to the exact degree.  Before you click to look at the chart, I want to point out that there are two grand trines in this chart as well. Yep!

If you’re a newbie, check the red line between the Sun and Moon and Pluto (stress).  But also note the two green triangles that denotes grace and ease and grounding and all kinds of things that help a person in ways that are significant. See the chart full size.

Cancer is associated with emotion, family, your roots.  Pluto is associated with transformation. Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs. This looks like a power struggle to me. It may also signify a death in the family and/or some kind of upheaval. Frankly, it makes me think of vomit (stomach erupting), but the grand trines are so powerful, this might actually bring family together.

This would be sensible. We’re constantly bombarded by forces telling us how everyone around us sucks. Maybe that’s not the case?  Maybe you don’t want to hack your arm off, hmm?

You’ll definitely want to set an intention under this new moon solar eclipse. Here are some ideas, depending on where the eclipse falls in your chart:

  • Solar eclipse in the 1st house:  Family hero.
  • Solar eclipse in the 2nd house: Save money for a rainy day.
  • Solar eclipse in the 3rd house: Feed your neighbor.
  • Solar eclipse in the 4th: Nurture your family.
  • Solar eclipse in the 5th: Cook dinner for your date / lover.
  • Solar eclipse in the 6th house:  Support your workmates.
  • Solar eclipse in the 7th: Shore up relationships with your in-laws / your partner’s family.
  • Solar eclipse in the 8th house: Make a will to protect your family in the case of your death.
  • Solar eclipse in the 9th: Family outing; go somewhere you’ve been.
  • Solar eclipse in the 10th: Comfort food at work.
  • Solar eclipse in the 11th: Nurture your friendships.
  • Solar eclipse in the 12th: Commune with dead relatives.

Where does the solar eclipse fall in your chart? Set your intention here!



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New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Cancer: July 12, 2018 – Effects By House — 63 Comments

  1. 6th house.

    But the eclipse trine my almost-conjunction of Venus-Jupiter-Sun in Scorpio, 10th house.
    not only that, trans. Pluto sextiles these 3 natal planets this year, bringing powerful transformations everywhere from the 12th house. So this is like a mega dose of everything earth/cardinal/death/transformation in my life.

    The day after the eclipse I am leaving a temp position in a large company, which has been a really big struggle the past year, several layoffs and massive changes. It fits this like a glove. An eclipse which will be very potent and a blessing for me.

    My mother and I are not on speaking terms, but I think this eclipse could bring a transformation through a death in the family. Either this or the relationship will be severed which will lead me to be nuturing for me, not expecting her to do more.

    I don’t know which way the cards will land but I think this eclipse will be profound in many ways.

    I start a new job 1st of August 😉

    • Also, Jupiter will be turning direct, smack on my Mercury, only 2 days before…. This is POTENCY in a raw form, bringing blessings and solutions and whatnot. Also tension, but a lot of easing up as well, methinks.

  2. Those 2 triangles form a Star of David. Beautiful geometry in this eclipse. Thanks for these charts that highlight that.

  3. This is in my 1st house. I am more worried about my dad, who is a Capricorn and elderly. He is in great health but 94 yrs old and I am so afraid of losing him. With pluto transiting his sun sign that scares me. Also my son’s birthday is July 13 and Im sure this will affect him . He is my problem child-31 and still lives at home. cant seem to launch. doesn’t even seem to try. He has lots of problems I wont get into here, but would love to see ( and pray for) a transformation for him to grow up and be productive.

  4. As you stated, Elsa, this eclipse will be in opposition to Pluto, but Pluto will also be crossing its S Node. The Sun-Moon eclipse will be conjunct Pluto’s N Node and Earth will occult the Sun from Pluto’s perspective.

    “These ‘special’ oppositions take place when the planet is near what is called the Line of Nodes at the time of opposition. The Line of Nodes is the intersection of the plane of the Earth’s orbit and a planet’s orbit. If the planet is near one of these intersection points at the time of opposition, it is in near-perfect alignment with the Earth and sun. Pluto was last near one of these intersection points in 1931 and will be again in 2018. After that, because of the eccentricity of Pluto’s orbit, it will be another 161 years until the next perfect alignment opportunity. … What will happen when Pluto and its moons cross their Line of Nodes on July 12, 2018?”

  5. I am still very ignorant as to astrology. Does the eclipse fall in the house where one’s moon was when you were born, ie 8th house for me and I am a Capricorn. (Sorta freaks me out….).

  6. Thank you, I tried but it is beyond me. Too much like math and my brains freezes and I get sulky and want to cry. Bad Sylvia.

  7. Wow, this will form a tsquare with my sun in Libra. The new moon in my seventh house. I feel partnership is on the horizon for me. Just clearing out some ideas that dont support that right now. Maybe Ill put together a partnership themed altar on the new moon.

  8. Oy. That darn eclipse falls in my 8th house conjunct my Saturn.
    The eclipse’s Jupiter squares my natal Sun & Pluto, and I’m a Leo.
    Eclipse Neptune squares Natal Uranus.
    But tr Venus, Mars and Nodes are making a few nice aspects to my natal stuff too, so maybe they will carry me through.
    Those two grand trines make a Star of David that’s only slightly skew.

  9. I suppose I should have read the comments above before I opened my big mouth. I came straight from the email after reading Dismissive & Haughty. Somehow got mixed up with those comments…
    Fortunately all my loved ones’ charts look good for this eclipse. I hope yours does too, Else.

  10. Okay….”Shore up relationships with your in-laws/your partner’s family” (7th house)

    What if your spouse or partner died recently?

      • What I do if I don’t know what else to do, is walk very, very carefully and be vigilant.
        You have a clue – if your partner or spouse recently died – and I am very sorry if that is the case -, perhaps be kind to your in-laws?
        Also, remember that the 7th house is also the house of open enemies. I hope you have none of those, but it’s always possible, sometimes they just come out of the woodwork without any cause that you can see. This is all very unlikely, though – look at those lovely trines! (Perhaps you could “transform” (Pluto) any enmity into friendship of a kind?).
        If the eclipse is in your 7th house, Pluto will be in your first. So any “transformation” would change YOU and the way you project yourself onto the world. Saturn is also in the first, so maybe you don’t have to do anything at all! Just change inside yourself, and the world will see you differently?
        Often when an eclipse if over, I think it has not touched me at all, and I say “humph!” to myself. But then, as time goes by, I notice that something has subtly changed in the areas where the eclipse has touched my chart.

        • Thanks!

          My sister and I talked tonight. Her advice to me has been very freeing to me inside, and transformative. She pointed out that I lost myself in this relationship (very true–he was severely disabled and his health issues compounded with time) and that it’s time to come alive again, get back in touch with who I am and basically live more authentically and intentionally moving forward. Embrace it and create a new future.
          I like this idea, I want to set myself free and I think ST would have loved to see this happen. His strength is inside me now. I am trying to be sensitive to his parents though. They are drowning in grief and will likely never be okay again. Even letting go of any of his things–I have to be careful. Found this out the hard way last week. So I’ll see how this new moon plays out over the next couple of weeks. Mom and my sister plan to help me declutter my apartment because there’s too much of our stuff in the new space–it’s too small. I can’t hold on to everything! But I have to respect his family and be cautious in how I go about this.

          • It’s so good to hear you sounding a bit better.
            Grief is a terrible thing, no way to cut it short, you just have to push through it. It’s very much to your credit that you find it in yourself to be compassionate towards your partner’s parents while you yourself are still working through your own reactions. They are in such a state that EVERYTHING hurts, even if it isn’t meant to.
            Is it possible for you to put some of your partner’s stuff into storage, pending a future decision when a bit of time has passed? Could you give some of his things to his parents to remember him by?

  11. Irmi what about 1sept virgo with leo asc 24dgrs.What will happen?Can someone please help? am not good in astrology

  12. @Francis – I think the eclipse would most likely fall in your 12th house. So maybe you’ll be thinking of people in your family who are no longer with you.

  13. Hi Mw
    The eclipse of the 27th (which is a total Lunar Eclipse) will almost definitely fall in your 6th house. But don’t read the 6th house interpretation / suggestion for setting an intention on this page, I’m pretty sure it only applies to this Solar Eclipse on the 12th!
    The eclipse of the 27th could be quite something. As it’s a total eclipse, the Moon will turn an eerie red colour that is really quite beautiful. The astronomy site says the eclipse will be the longest total Lunar Eclipse in a 100 years (whatever THAT will turn out to mean astrologically…).
    I can’t wait to hear what Elsa will say about it!

  14. Dear Elsa, a relative was airlifted to a hospital after a drowning and swimming incident. Im checking his chart now, i tried to stop him from swimming after reading your newsletter but no one would listen to me cause they dont believe in astrology.pray for him please, thank you for all you do.

  15. For some reason I cannot figure out how to find what house this solar eclipse lands in my chart. Ive read the whole thread but can someone explain it to me again?

  16. This year I’ve been doing the new moon intentions since the new moon in Aries and it’s been great. But I don’t understand very well how to make intentions for “feed your neighbor” (3rd house). A day after the new moon I’ll be travelling (3rd house) to my hometown to be with my family (Cancer). I have some gifts for them, generally food. And recently the family dog died of old age, I’ll be visiting her grave. Can’t think of anything else.

  17. I suggest people click on the full image. That’s quite a chart!! And if you’re learning, the visual might help you see some of the aspects.

  18. Eclipse in my first house – conjunct ASC by a half a degree. I certainly don’t feel like a family hero right now. I’ve been feeling very stressed/anxious about my work – which is quite usual for me. I work for my dad’s business. Lately I have had major trouble completing projects and achieving the things that I envision, despite the fact that I have plenty of time and support. I just don’t have the focus. I tend to indulge in escapism. Saturn is transiting my 6th house – I quit sugar 4 days ago, have been clean from weed for nearly 5 months, and am trying to revamp my routines. Pluto is on my DSC. I’m getting married to a person who helps by pushing me to do my best. I want to FINISH things that I have in the works, so I can start new things! 12th house Mars in Gemini is so hard to work with :/

  19. Well this should be interesting. This eclipse in the 8th forms a T square from my sister in law’s Sun in Aries 4th, and Pluto in Libra 10th.

    It will hit my sister in law’s boyfriend’s chart from the 10th on his Saturn in Cancer and squaring his Chiron in Aries in the 7th along with hitting his Mercury/Venus in Cap in the 4th

    My husband’s Cancer AC, Cap DC and Pluto in Libra in the 4th takes a hit.

    My mother’s Moon in Cancer in the 1st takes a direct hit and it will affect her Neptune in Libra in the 4th and her Mercury/Venus in the 7th.

    And it happens in my 6th with no aspects to other natal planets. My daily routine may get shook up.

      • Oh man the eclipse hit hard! My 39 yr old sister in law had 2 strokes, an aunt of theirs has stage 4 stomach cancer that has eaten to the outside and another family member died suddenly.

          • Sorry for your troubles, Tonya.
            Your daily routines have sure been shaken up. Looks like you’ll have to be there for a number of people.
            I wish you strength. Lots of it…

            • Thank you. I am still hearing bad news. A friend nearly died suddenly when her heart just went out of control and had to be rushed to the hospital and they don’t know what is wrong. Just found out a friend of my husband’s died suddenly last night and another friend’s relative died last night.

              And others around me are about to get hit with this new eclipse this Friday. Within the last week, it has been awful.

  20. What does it mean if the chart for the eclipse on Aug 11th lines up EXACT with my Natal chart’s AC, MC, ALL houses and Vertex? Transit Juno is also EXACT conjunct to my Natal 17tau06 Jupiter, lots of other conjuncts including my 21cap12 Moon with Pluto but Juno’s conjunct is exact.

      • The house system I am using is Astrodienst’s Default not equal houses but if I switch to equal houses it still lines up the same except the for placement of houses. No other eclipse or event that I have charted has ever lined up exact like this. 🙂

        • I had a Lunar Eclipse on my Bday June 26 2010, the following Solar Eclipse on July 11th, 2010 was @ 19can24 opposing my 21cap12 Moon, my younger brother died on July 15th in Iraq. The Eclipses that are coming up worry me. July 12/13th eclipse is @ 20 cancer and it is opposing my 21cap Moon AND Pluto is there also. AND the Aug 11th Eclipse lines up exact with my chart. Should I by a lotto ticket or should I get my house in order 😉

  21. My natal Moon is at 22 Cancer in 6H and today I felt rather crappy at my new job for the first time. Had to give myself a good talking to when I got home. Then I saw your two posts re: this new Moon and the eclipse. So I will go in tomorrow with the attitude and intention to “support my workmates” as you suggest. Can’t hurt and hopefully will help.

  22. “Frankly, it makes me think of vomit (stomach erupting), but the grand trines are so powerful, this might actually bring family together.”
    That’s really interesting. I’ve been looking for physical affects of this eclipse because I’ve been quite nauseous this past hour. Perhaps my suspicion was correct.

  23. I had a vomit attack ! But it was so weird. Yesterday, I had tea as usual. I went to get more water and I vomited all the tea. Been having tea first time in the morning for YEARS and this violent puke had never happened to me. Of course I thought of this being related to these transits. I also sprained my ankle last friday and has been healing this week. Pluto is transiting my 6th..

    So, the eclipse happens on my 12th. Certainly have been thinking about my mother’s passing 8 years ago. She passed on july 22, 2010. I also sort of lost my father, but for different reasons. I just cant seem to forgive the things he did, the lies and the damage done. Ive been thinking about all this. Yesterday I felt like releasing him. It just seems still hard to do. Ive been trying to process… The thing is I found out after my mom died that he was physically violent with her and my sisters before I was born. Then I realized he did some disgusting things to me (a child knows not what is going on an trusts her parents) and my sisters. People say forgiveness, comprehension and love is the way, but I still can’t seem to forgive. He is a narcissist no matter how you look at him, a hidden one, those that seem perfect to the outer world.

    So during this dark moon, I once again tried, as I have for the past 4 years (since I decided to stay away from him), to deal with this. I tried to let go of this, I try all the time. It hurts so much that I honestly don’t know how to deal with it,I haven’t found a solution. Im hoping this eclipse resets something in my subconscious mind. I hope this eclipse cleanses my hidden past and fears. I hope all the lies come to light.

    Thanks you all for reading. And Elsa, thank you for posting your Blog’s chart! I was writing a reply but I didnt finish my analysis yet (was traveling). Thank you for holding this space for us. Happy eclipsing…!

    • The release may be facilitated by some body work. Our minds often want to release and doing the rituals support this, but the trauma is stored in the body and also needs to be released. You may be helped by a good network chiropractor, deep tissue massage therapist or other type of body worker trained in trauma release. There is also the possibility that you are clearing not just for yourself, but for your ancestors and family karma. Keep the faith and seek the support that will be transformative. My best to you, as a 12th house new moon eclipser!

    • You might benefit from getting your natal chart at The ascendant is always on the cusp of the first house. So it is confusing when you say 5th house. I’m sure folks will help you here, but you need to provide some clearer info. xo

      • Yes, hello apologies it was a typo. Aries 5 degrees is my ascendant and I was born under a completely new moon so I was wondering if the void moon aspect would have a equal footing with this eclipse.

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