New Moon (Solar Eclipse) In Aquarius: February 15, 2018 – Effects By House

The new moon in Aquarius takes place in the middle of the day (in the US) on February 15th. This is a partial solar eclipse.

As you can see from the graphic, the new moon will be 27 degrees Aquarius. The sun and moon are tightly conjunct Mercury.

Mercury’s involvement virtually guarantees this will be interesting. Mercury in Aquarius is associated with brilliant, innovative ideas.   You better believe, I’m lovin’ this.

Further, Jupiter in Scorpio will square the stellium in Aquarius. I think in terms of big news that travels. Or shocking news around the world.  But there are endless ways this might manifest.  Here’s a short list:

  • Bright ideas that provide opportunity
  • Change of heart (Sun) feelings (moon), thoughts (Mercury) or perspective (Jupiter)
  • Shocking family news…that provides a benefit (Jupiter)

blankRemember, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the Awakener.  Something is going to break loose with this, in your personal life. But we’ll also see it play in the headlines. This is virtually guaranteed with Mercury and Jupiter involved.  News will spread!

This eclipse is very powerful. I can already see it coming and feel it’s effects.  This might be because 27 Aquarius activates my chart, but I’m telling you, lots of ideas will come from this.

Be open to anything and everything  that is offered to your intellect.

Don’t be the annoying swine that looks at the pearls thrown before them and mistakes them as swill!

We set intentions ahead of a new moon. Here are some ideas, based on the house in your chart where the new moon falls.

New Moon in the 1st house – Reinvent yourself. Present your new, fresh ideas.
New Moon in the 2nd house – Are your values out of date? Liberate yourself from clutter.
New Moon in the 3rd house – Think independently. Talk to interesting people outside your normal confines.
New Moon in the 4th house – What constitutes security in your world? Free yourself from dependency.
New Moon in the 5th house – Experiment creatively. Parents, try something new with your kids.  Something fun.
New Moon in the 6th house – Innovation in the workplace.
New Moon in the 7th house – Give your partner space to breathe and/or take some space yourself.  Find new things to talk about.
New Moon in the 8th house – Sexual experimentation. Also, liberation from your pathology or unhealthy obsessions.
New Moon in the 9th house – This position begs you take some kind of risk. Fortuitous time to expand.
New Moon the 10th house – How are you seen in the world? What do you stand for. Update!
New Moon in the 11th house – Form new friendships or reunite with people you’re drifted away from, if the idea strikes.
New Moon in the 12th house – Pay mind your dreams. Your best ideas may come to you in this way.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? What’s your intention?



New Moon (Solar Eclipse) In Aquarius: February 15, 2018 – Effects By House — 32 Comments

  1. I am curious Elsa! My progressive Uranus is on 29 degrees Cancer (house 11) and progressive Jupiter is 29 (house 3)(Gemini on Mid Heaven) degrees Scorpio. Progressive Moon is 29 degrees Virgo (house 6) Aquarius is on the cusp of house 6. I don’t think there will be a job offer (I am 63 years old) and I sure not expect a new love (big smile). We’ll see what will happen.
    I am a little bit unquiet, that is what I feel. And I am not sure where it comes from. It makes me alert!
    Reading what you tell here about it helps a lot. TY so much Elsa

  2. New Moon will be on the cusp between the 1st and 2nd Houses. I’ve fresh ideas coming through as my values are truly getting updated. My husband and I are having grand conversations about how this will attract a lovely outcome. With Saturn and Pluto honing things down my 12th House and ASC … it’s quite a make-over.

  3. This eclipse conjunct my IC and Mercury in Aquarius and sextiles and trines a few planets.

    This will be interesting for my home and work lives where there is already movement. I am soon having my progressed sun change to Taurus in March…everything feels restless and heavy onwards and outwards!

    Will put on my seatbelt and eat popcorn while whatever happens happens…for now I feel a lot of anxiety which I’m having to manage (without meds or substances.)

    Here comes the eclipse!

  4. I have aries at 27 degrees and 54 minutes with a jupiter in scorpio retrograde at 1 degrees in my 6th house and leo in my 5th house with aquarius in my 11th house at 23 degrees, my ascendant is gemini 23 degrees, please can anyone help tell me if this lunar eclipse will have any impact me.

    • msid, if you launch your question as a topic in the forum, possibly people will respond with their ideas… If you do that, you’ll get more replies if you include a picture of your chart. offers an anonymized version, which you can then save, and add as an attachment. That’s the best way to get others’ insight. Including some mention of why you’re worried about this now, even better.

      The short answer to your question is, we’re *all of us* affected by eclipses. 🙂 I hope you post your concerns in the Astrology forum. 🙂

  5. In my husband’s chart it will day #2 of getting his first hearing aids. There is huge stellium of All the Pisces Planets in his 12th, plus the sun, moon and Juno in Aquarius. He is a 29 degee Pisces rising. His 12th house is packed. When Chiron entered Pisces in his 12th house, and Uranus entered Aries in his 1st house, he started losing weight. He lost 40 pounds. He totally change his eating habits. His former root canals started failing, one by one until in middle of 2017, he had had 9 implants to replace the teeth ( First house). I never related that Chiron in the 12th meant that some of this problem was his own undoing ( eating too much candy, not eating veggies) but now I look back and see that Chiron has been in Pisces since 2012 and in his 12th house. He had to have eye surgery 2015, prostrate surgery 2016 and 2017. ( Hospitals). OH my. I think Pisces had a lot to do with this. I appreciate the comments and learn so much from this blog. Thanks for the postings.

  6. This new moon falls in my 4th house of home and family.if I
    Freed from dependency , I will be thankful so much to you.

  7. I am having mars at 29 degrees in areis. Uranus conjoining mars. My future is revealed last lunar ecilipse jan 31st except my job.if job come to me on or after solar ecilipse in aquarius.I am a jackpot winner in my life.because my scorpio midlife crisys is in ending stage.

  8. This eclipse will happen in my 12th house on my natal Saturn, tightly squaring my Pluto.
    I know there is a lot of growth in store for me. Whether painful or pleasant, I’m looking forward to this.

        • 8th house ruler is is deep sharing house .higher highs or Lower lows posible. Big lessons by male finance jupiter unexpectedly uranus.teacher is jupiter.even 27 degree is a critical degree. Now you are having uranus 10th house sextile jupiter 8th house. See march 2018 higher high. But after april 1st it will be either side.

  9. Becarefull in april.your job includes conflicts.conflicts inbetween you and your partner in a major cool in april because uranus aries opposing ur mars that time you are more prone to irritability.shut your mouth valgar words coming from your mouth unexpectedly at that time.mars is transiting your communication zone it effects inyour job and also your partner.stay cool and control your mind and mouth.

  10. It’s on my MC in 10th H (Aquarius) and on my husband’s AC H1, (Aquarius). It feels like a house and job and city move to me! Gosh it’s felt like a freight train coming through the whole week. Today this NM is in my head!

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