New Moon (Partial Solar Eclipse) in Leo: August 11, 2018: Effects By House

The new moon takes place early in the morning on August 11th.  This should be a great day!  Let’s talk about Leo and more specifically, the creative self.

It’s fashionable to label everything in ways that are simple. These labels tend to negative. The effects of this trend are grave. Knowledge has become more and more superficial.

I was taking to a client the other day. He has a Cancer sun.  He didn’t know a lot of astrology. I found myself talking to him about defining his creative self. Leo! The Sun!

Every single one of us was born for some purpose. I’m not talking about your misery or your backache. I’m talking about how you shine.  What’s your role in this lifetime?  How can your creativity shine through?

You don’t have to be artist in the classic sense of that work. A secretary can radiate warmth. If I show up at your house or your office with platter of scones, you will know I am a creative person.

As you can see, the new moon is conjunct Mercury.  But just as importantly, it’s square Jupiter in Scorpio.

Think (Mercury) about your creative self (Sun) and feelings (Moon). I am not talking about feelings that may have been assigned to you.  How do you feel in your heart (Leo)?

Jupiter in Scorpio suggests this information (Mercury) can be discovered at this time. Turn up that which has been hidden and possibly festering and expose it to the light.

We set intentions ahead of a new moon. Here are some ideas, based on the house in your chart where the new moon falls.

New Moon in the 1st house – Get out there and shine!
New Moon in the 2nd house – Creative spin on hard goods or money.
New Moon in the 3rd house – Creative writing, entertaining dialogue.
New Moon in the 4th house – Open the shades; let the sun shine into your home.
New Moon in the 5th house – Play with children. Shine as an entertainer.
New Moon in the 6th house – Warmth in the workplace. Zip in your step.
New Moon in the 7th house – Renew your partnerships. Be a light for others.
New Moon in the 8th house – Bring light to a dark situation. I’m talking about visiting the ill, they dying or the person you know is suffering.
New Moon in the 9th house – Exuberant teaching. Expand your sphere of positive contribution.
New Moon the 10th house – Set an example as a parent.
New Moon in the 11th house – Be a light for your friends or any groups you’re involved in.
New Moon in the 12th house – Creativity that flows through you from an ethereal source.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? What’s your intention?

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New Moon (Partial Solar Eclipse) in Leo: August 11, 2018: Effects By House — 36 Comments

  1. I am super-duper excited about this one, because….it’s on my Ascendant and Part of Fortune!

    I am already anticipating a few pretty major things coming. A couple of which have been a looong time coming and one is a complete surprise. I am currently up on luck and I think I understand why I have been seeing 8888 constantly lately.

    Spreading good vibes far and wide. I even started praying for my enemies.

  2. Could anyone give me some insight with this eclipse directly conjunct my natal Saturn in the 12th house and sextile my natal venus in the 10th please? This will be the final eclipse that have hit my 12th/6th house axis. Last August’s super eclipse kicked off a world of hell in regards to my physical and mental health. I’m truly exhausted. Hoping this final 12th house eclipse directly on Saturn at 18 degrees finally leads me to the healer who can finally relieve this. Did I mention I’m also finishing up Neptune square Neptune 2 degrees from my DC and Uranus in 8th house square natal Sun in 11th all at the same time??? Exhausted is an understatement.

      • Thanks so much! I believe Saturn will be helpful as well. I’m already starting to feel the effects of the correct healer coming into my life the past couple of weeks. Hoping this eclipse is what turns it all around. Lord knows, I’ve put in the work and Saturn definitely appreciates that. Here’s to being hopeful!

  3. Interesting… it will be activating my Uranus in 7H (partnerships). And I just last night received the message that I needed to leave my Libra parts aside for a while and focus on my Uranus (Uranus is also my chart ruler).

    I like when guidance from various sources all comes together like that, confirming each other.

  4. New Moon eclipse lights up my 7th House Pluto in Leo. The dark brought out into the light … what a great perspective to have for setting intentions. I will be doing a storytelling gig on August 12th with a new group of ukulele folks; a first gig in several years, with a twist: “sharing the stage, sharing the light” transforming my thinking and feelings.

    Thanks for the insight!!

    • Interesting. I don’t know many people with a 7th house Pluto (which I myself have).

      Leo is intercepted in my 7th so I’m sure the eclipse will highlight my relationships. I’m working in a new environment that is very eclectic and electrifying, lots of chaos and upheavals but also very friendly. New job started late in June…..

    • Me too. North Node in 8th house. My book “Eclipses and You” says that is a “powerful jumpstart over the Dharma point-the work that is right for you to do”.

      • I own a corporate farm with my husband. The 8th house can have to do with “other people’s money”. Would our corporation be like other money because it is a separate legal entity from us? It seemed like last years August eclipse impacted our business hugely, bringing in new financing that saved our business. I am now trying to start a new business entity aligned to a new career that may be more about the work that is “right for me to do” (transiting Jupiter is moving back and forth over my 10 house cusp).

  5. In 10th, sandwiched between nPluto & nSaturn/Sun conjunction.
    I have no children, so how to set an example as a parent???
    Maybe something to do with my inner child?
    Wanna have fun, but need to feel safe. (Pats small person on head.. not too hard!)

  6. Leo is my asc,mars 24 dgrees leo,Part of fortune 2dgrees in leo,black moon lilith at 2 dgrees leo.Leo is my 12th House. What should i espect?

  7. The eclipse is on my Part of Fortune 🙂 The issue of “searching for my true self” surfices for some time now. Maybe it’s going to be fun?

    • Wow. Exact same degree? How close?
      I experienced a few eclipses within two degrees of my POF and once exactly opposite but never exact.

      I’ve been trying to keep track of where eclipses hit and what I notice. Celeste Teal wrote a book “Eclipses” and it has a listing at the back from 1900 to 2050. Great resource. I went through and highlighted eclipses that touched within a few degrees of connecting to my chart. Mostly conjunctions. My progressed Jupiter is opposite my POF now. Interesting energy.

  8. So my natal mercury is in leo at 18 degrees, the exact degree that the August 11 eclipse hits! What does that mean for me? My natal sun is Virgo.

        • My book, Eclipses and You, says a Leo eclipse for Virgo is about old karma, spiritual work, charitable work. Strange unforeseen events can occur in love, secret love or children. Impulse pleasure urges stirred up. The eclipse in your 5th house is also related to children and romantic love, love affairs, hobbies,fun and play. With Mercury conjunct this you get a power surge of the mind so lots of mental activity and communication in the above areas. It is good for writers, speakers, could be extra demand on your nerves or stress, play relaxing music and get enough movement to minimize stress. Busy phone…and it says small pets can enter your life. Best of luck and hope your day goes well, I have been feeling the effects of the eclipses a few days before each one though.

  9. Anyone open my eyes…Natal sun in Virgo,and leo Asc. My mars is in leo @ 24 degrees, My part of fortune is in leo @ 2 degrees, Black moon Lilith in leo @ 2 degrees.
    Leo eclipse occurs in my 12th H. Someone help me.Am not good in astrology.

  10. Remember eclipses have a longer term effect than just a general transit.

    Mars can activate the effects too whenever it connects with the eclipse degree

    • So just to understand how to look for these effects activating the degree, do you mean it works like this – a transiting planet comes to the degree where the eclipse was at anytime in the next months / year? I would then expect the conjunction of my natal planet at the eclipse point to be energized by the transiting planet more so than usual?

  11. So how did this play out so far for me? The eclipse happened in my 8th house on the 2nd/8th axis. I woke up at 4 am about an hour or so after the eclipse with thoughts of seeing all the blocks I carried regarding abundance and financial success (some from childhood that I had not ever noticed before). In my half awake state, I used a meditation / visualization I use regularly and drained away all these blocks from me, and then saw that everything I needed was available and could be there for me as I needed it. I expect to see the effect of the North Node conjunct to the eclipse more so as time passes in the next few months, as nothing more obvious happened that day.

  12. I mostly watch and try to remember the eclipse degrees. They tend to be active for two to three years. Transiting Mars can trigger an eclipse degree and increase any effects one may already be feeling. I find eclipses a bit elusive to track. I never spend enough time with studying them.

    • Thanks, I will do the same and keep those degrees in mind. I think Mars has been transiting the eclipse degrees right before the eclipse and this had my anger flair up around my eclipse issues, pointing the way for what I need to notice and change.

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