New Moon In Virgo: Sept 17, 2020 – Iconic Moments

virgo doll with green hairThe new moon in Virgo takes place in the morning on September 17th. It’s will oppose Neptune in Pisces but will be strongly supported by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. I expect some good to come of this.

I’m not saying that Virgo is perfect.  Virgo is a critic. They may be persnickety or whatever. I understand that not all nurses have a heart of gold but when you boil it down to what is essential, Virgo is a do-gooder.  Virgo is born to help.

You can see the moon in Virgo as a mom who helps you. This might irk people but I think the truth of this will be shown at this time. I’ll explain why.

The sun and moon conjunction in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces spells SERVE or SUFFER.  This comes easier to some than it does to others. I saw this in real life after a tornado hit the area in the middle of the night.  A lot of people were in action, to help out, within minutes. Legions of people showed up to assist as they woke the news, their neighbors were in trouble.

This scenario suits the Virgo/Pisces opposition.  Compassionate people sacrificed their time or other type of currency to help people who had been literally, wiped out.

Some people were not involved in this. They were not hit by the tornado and they did not respond in any way. This is not bad!  Not everyone is called to every emergency. I didn’t respond! I’m just trying to illustrate the astrology. This opposition is very powerful!  If you’re caught in it, you’ll know it. I’m hoping this story will help you orient yourself, should this happen.

As for the shoring up of the earthy new moon, provided by the stellium in Capricorn, it is profound.  This is an incredible time that makes me think of heroic, iconic moments in history.

I’m talking about a ball player who walks up the mound, you hear the crack of his bat and the ball goes flying as the crowd stands and cheers and your heart soars. Or how about, Virgo, Michael Jackson?

Who was not transfixed by any one of his live performances? Everyone who could, gather around the TV to watch his performance, knowing they’d not be disappointed.  As soon as he was done, you wished you could run it back and see it again.

These example serve because it takes hard work and dedication to reach a level of excellence that cannot be denied. This new moon is about putting the time in to do the right thing no matter how hard or humbling it might be.  The way this new moon is set up, you may find this ability within yourself. The components are there, grace (Jupiter) discipline (Saturn) and depth (Pluto).

new moon in virgo 2020The new moon takes place at 25 degrees Virgo. Where will it fall in your chart?

What can you work on, associated with the area of life indicated, so that you might become a better person. Someone people can rely when and if it’s your turn to pitch in?

I think this will be known to most people, courtesy of the stellium in Capricorn.

Grab the “good” that will be on offer at this time, and of course, avoid the bad.  Because do-gooding isn’t about being bad! Duh.

Your iconic moment may be when the light comes on in your mind. It’s the idea you have that changes your feelings and after that, your life.



New Moon In Virgo: Sept 17, 2020 – Iconic Moments — 23 Comments

  1. Hits me within 2 degree orb of NN and Part of Fortune in my 4th house. which opposes my natal Venus. With Neptune transiting my 10th things have been challenging at work for years now. What am I in for over here?!? I never look at the 4 th house much but realize it’s time to take a deeper look.

  2. I have Mercury at 23 Virgo 3rd house and Mars at 27 Virgo 3rd house…with a Moon at 23 Gemini 12th house. That’s a whole lot of Gemini (ruler of that 3rd house). This new Moon would be a conjunction sandwich with both my Mercury and Mars on both sides. Hopefully I say something profound instead of making an ass of myself. 🙂 Foot in mouth disease here..can count on me to say the wrong thing at some point. It’s in my DNA or something. I sometimes call it verbal diarrhea.

  3. It’s my birthday as well. I finally received a ray of hope about tomorrow’s appointment, maybe my birthday may actually have some meaning this year. I think I can finally get the medical help I need, and finally learn to trust that people can help me for once in my life. I need to be well enough to do a career that I know is a good fit for me for once, and help others, even if it’s not appreciated.

  4. The NM will be in my 8H and conjunct my natal Virgo Mercury and Venus. With the Cap stellium support (established financial instutitions), I am thinking of refinancing (8H) my house. The Mars Rx in my 2H (tangible assets; home ownership) supports this action.

  5. Oh darn. My natal Moon is 25 degrees Virgo, so exactly conjunct (in 2nd house). Is that a good or bad thing? I’m scared because this year has been my Saturn return and while it may sound like being dramatic, my whole life (job, home, mental and physical health, relationships) has been destroyed. I hope this new moon will mean something better…

        • Don’t mean to be flippant. You are certainly taking a long slow beating.
          Astrology helps me by reminding me that ALL cycles, even the slow ones, will pass. Look forward to better times, as Saturn and Pluto make their way forward, slowly, into Aquarius.

          • Thanks for your reply and blessings. <3 Aquarius is my 6th house, and I’ve heard Saturn there is scary, so I’m worried about that, too. :/ Maybe explains the mental and physical health stuff that has all popped up though…

            • I wouldn’t say Saturn is particularily rough in Aquarius or 6 th house. Not compared to having Pluto conjunct Saturn slowly grinding over your Natal Saturn. I predict you will feel a breath of fresh air in January when Saturn moves on to an air sign.
              As for this New moon in Virgo, I keep hearing that its a healing moon, and ON your moon, thats a good thing. A potentially new start, emotionally. 🤞🏼

              • I’m so late to reply, but just wanted to say a huge thanks for your insight, Pan! 🙏🏻 I’ll try to stay hopeful in the coming months. Many well-wishes to you, and thank you once more! ❤️

  6. Virgo has grabbed a good portion of my 12th house of spirituality and hidden secrets and the Ascendent in my 1st.
    Not sure what to expect.

  7. Ha. This falls between Venus in Virgo 19r on cusp of 12 th house and mercury 27 in Virgo in 12 th and square conjunction Saturn 24 and moon 22 in Gemini. Serve or suffer has been my life story. More of the same?

  8. Virgo 25 is the final degree of my 12H, so conjunct my ASC yet still in the “unconscious” 12th.

    Just this AM I had an insight come to me in contemplation, that is likely to reshape how I present myself to others.

    Virgo 25 is also involved in my natal Grand Trine of ASC, 5H Sun at Cap19 (hello, transiting stellium!) and 8H Mars at Taurus19.

    So there is a *lot* of support for this change, huge as it is.

  9. Do gooders. That threw me for a loop. Good to chew on while batching more salsa. Really helped me feel service, define Virgo service and what that expression really is. I think I might just be a Virgo after all. For those who remain in virgo nitpick land thinking, there’s a boat that is being missed. I feel like I have a secret. Or that my secret has just become known to me. I can acknowledge it and I can live with that.

  10. My Uranus is 25 Virgo, Pluto 20 Virgo, and Sun 27 Virgo. All in the 2nd house.
    I have no clue what this new moon will mean for me but it doesn’t sound like happy surprises. The mars retrograde has me running scared, too, since it’s in my 9th house and is going to directly hit my moon, saturn, and NN.

    I DO know this has been a really weird, up and down year for me. Totally lacking in stability and it sucks major butt.

    I read Elsa’s astrology newsletters like it’s my JOB because I keep hoping to hear something amazing and wonderful is coming for me but nooo…the hits just keep ON rolling!!!
    (Sometimes, you just have to shake your head and laugh)

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