Transit Watch: New Moon In Taurus – April 21, 2012 – Take This To The Bank!

The new moon at 1 degree Taurus takes place in the wee hours of the morning on April 21st.  The Moon is extremely well aspected.  The Sun Moon conjunction form a Grand Trine with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn which suggests that work is profitable.

The Moon also enjoys a sextile from Neptune in it’s own sign, Pisces.  Pleasant (Taurus) feelings (Moon) and creative (Sun) or artistic (Taurus) inspiration is accessible courtesy the ethereal.  Exalted Saturn in Libra also aspects the Sun and Moon so you should have every opportunity to experience real love in some from…and bank it if you know what I mean.

You definitely want to set an intention for this New Moon. Think in terms of a solid gain.  The New Moon falls in my 3rd house. I’d like to solidify relationships (Taurus) with my neighbors (3rd house) as well as profit (Taurus/Venus) from my writing (3rd).

Where does the new moon fall in your chart?  What is your intention?

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Transit Watch: New Moon In Taurus – April 21, 2012 – Take This To The Bank! — 43 Comments

  1. It also falls in my 3rd. Trans Mars is in my 7th, Trans Pluto 11th, Trans Neptune 1st conj my Moon.

    I want to visit (3rd) friends (11th), having fun and feeling good about myself (1st) – and maybe even meet a new boyfriend (7th) through that.

  2. 5th house! I’m already pregnant so that’s out. i definitely would to like to create some romance with my child’s father. that would be nice. This aspects our composite chart very well could be good news finally.

  3. I am currently working on a mix cd for my long lost frienemy’s birthday (4/25) which I will hopefully have done and will leave at their doorstep, as well as dispersing some wildflower seedbombs in their empty flower bed.

    Cuz I stalk with care, damnit.

  4. This will fall in my 6th house. I don’t know how this will manifest though because I am having issues at work. It seems to be hitting my Pluto very strongly rather than my Virgo Moon on my MC and affecting my Venus in Capricorn in my 2nd house. I am hoping that this New Moon will jump start something I am thinking of though!

  5. The new moon will fall late in my 7th house and will trine my natal Uranus. I’m launching a new work-related blog that day in hopes that it will help bring me more clients.

  6. It’s a couple of degrees shy of my ascendant, 12th house, in Virgo. Not sure what intention to set? I’m always confused by the 12th house. 🙂

  7. Oops, it’s in my natal Aries, not Virgo, together with my natal Chiron. OK, so…
    I’m going to create a comfortable pretty space in my house(Taurus/Venus) where I can ground myself (Taurus) in a spiritual practice (12th house) to comfort (Taurus) myself and heal old wounds and create a new beginning(Chiron/12th house,Aries).

  8. I’m still learning so if by “new moon falls in X house” means “my natal Taurus is X house” then this is the 6th, day to day working & health.

    It’s silly but lately I’ve been feel like Seabiscuit. My best is in shackles on the inside and I’m a mess on the outside. Like there’s no chance of finding a channel for that best to be expressed. So all others see is distracted, lazy, & pessimistic.

  9. It’s in my 7th house, opposite my natal Pluto. I’d like to solidify (Taurus) my relationship (7th house) with a resurrected (Pluto) guy in my life and show him that I can be consistent and reliable (Taurus).

  10. Ummm, I might be slightly creeped out…

    The moon will be in almost the same place it was when I was born, at the end of the 7th house, though I suppose it’s better at 1 dgree Taurus than 29 degrees Aries. (I have one of those afflicted thingies going on with my moon so that Astrodienst was right that the FH had “fluctuating affections,” to an extreme degree.) The moon’s squared my natal Mercury, which Pluto at my IC is messing with. And the moon’s doing an “interesting” opposition tango with my natal Saturn. On the plus side (I think), the moon is trine my natal Mars and sextile my natal Neptune. So with any luck I’ll be creative and able to express myself that way.

    ::crosses fingers and toes::

  11. One of the things that has messed me up lately is trying to figure out how to interpret the house placements of my Virgo crap.

    For years I’ve been using Placidus, which puts NN/Mars/Jupiter in my 3rd house, and Saturn right on my 4th on my IC/MC. In equal house, my NN/Mars/Jupiter falls in the 2nd and Saturn in my 3rd (still on my IC/MC, obviously).
    I do not know how to feel about this, or myself anymore.
    It also skews the way I view my Venus/Cap/6th placement because I have a good Venus/Mars trine but I don’t know how to express it when Mars doesn’t know what house it’s in. With emphasis on the 2nd house, I’ve been thinking a lot about values. Specifically, I don’t know what my values are or should be anymore, and are they really valid? I’ve also spent A LOT of time trying to figure out MY value/worth as a person. And then I think about relationships, dating, sex etc and sometimes I wonder if it’s MY JOB (Mars/Virgo/2nd) to LOVE/SERVE (Venus/Cap/6th) shy/dorky dudes who would otherwise not get laid very often. GFE, if you will. But if you treat me like it’s my job to serve you, you can fuck right off!

    T-Sun in my 10th, makes some nice trines to my Venus, Mars, Jupiter and NN.

    T-Moon in my 10th and conjoins my N-Moon in Aries on 4/20 and trine Neptune/6th, Opp/Pluto/4th. According to Astrodienst, on 4/21 it will make nice trines to my Venus & Mars

    T-Merc/Uranus/9th(E)/10th(P) trine my Sun/5th

    T-Venus is just about to go into my 12th(E) or just checked in(P) squaring my Mars and opposing my Sun and Neptune and trine Pluto.

    T-Mars is right on top of my natal Mars/NN, and closely conj Jupiter, as well as making a trine to my Venus/Cap/6th. It is square my Sun.

    T-Jupiter is opp my Merc/Uranus, inconjunct my Neptune

    Blah blah blah, Pluto is still conj my Venus but pretty much moved on, but making trines to my Mars, *Jupiter* and Chiron.

    Anyway, like I said, I’m making a mix cd for a heavy Taurus individual. And I’m going to spread wildflower seeds in his yard. I think that’s very Taurusy, don’t you?

    In order, Chiron 1*(12th), Rising 2*, Sun 5*, Merc 13* opposing Uranus 9*/Scorpio/7th

    Moon in Cancer conj IC/MC, 4th in placidus, 3rd in equal. According to the depositor charts, he’s ruled by the Moon… and Venus due to his Taurus rising etc.

    Mars/Pisces/12th in Placidus, 11th in Equal. The only aspects his Mars makes is a trine to Moon and 10* conjunction to Venus/Aries/12th.

    I wonder what will happen as Uranus closes in on his Venus over the next few years. He’s got a close trine with Saturn/Leo/4th, and loose trine w/ Neptune/Sag/8th. He also has Venus inconjunct Uranus and opp Pluto.

    His Mercury/1st is the head of a yod w/ Neptune/8th and Pluto/6th and he can be a real slippery shit. He’s left anonymous messages for me before, and when I called him on it, he denied it, then when I reach out to him he says “how many times did I try and reach out to you?” and I countered with “reaching out whilst drunk does not count” and he says “can you make a list of what counts?”

    I should probably just wise up and accept this guy is a born player and he is never going to settle down with anyone, least of all me. But that’s okay cuz I have a boyfriend.

  12. The moon is in my 4th House, mars is in my 8th house, and Pluto is in my 1st house. What does this mean for me? My birthday is coming up on May 3rd, anything good for me? It’s been a rough 5-6 months. Please show me the light at the end of the tunnel.

  13. I just put this together. I am getting hypnosis to quit smoking on April 19..two days away from the 21st…and it’s not cheap. Also spending a bit to see a Personal Trainer to get a program started for me as I am out of shape. So I am “banking” on my health to improve. My intention is to definitely improve my health, eat a healthier diet and make a daily commitment to following through.

  14. 12th House for me! It will trine my 8th house stellium in early Cap which is still being visited by Pluto and also trine Uranus in Virgo in the 4th.
    I would like to transcend the definitions of reality that confine me. I would like to release any emotional blocks, addiction to unconscious behaviors, or automatic responses that no longer serve me. I would also like to use it to explore higher states of consciousness and connect with the divine.

  15. This new moon is conjunct my natal mercury which is on the cusp of my 6th house. Well….let’s see the 6th house rules daily matters such as routine, work and health, right? Well I know that I have made a doctors appointment for the day before the transit; maybe I’ll get on the medication that I want to under this transit?

  16. Similar charts, Mere. The new moon is conj my natal Merc on my 6th cusp (which rules my 7th and 10th houses) and will trine my 10th Virgo natal UR (plus trans Mars) and will trine trans Pluto in 2nd. Yay! More work opps! Better health!

  17. within 1degree of my midheaven. which happens to have eros and pallas on either side, also within 1degree! not sure if that’s good or bad.

  18. Will someone please explain in simple terms how I can find where the new moon (or any orb) falls in my chart? I’m extremely mathematically challenged and find that this is no different. Thank you!

  19. Wow it falls in my 4th and my asc is 2 degree Cap. I’m having weight lost surgery on the 24th i’m hoping this all goes well. I’m so excited!! With my sun, moon, merc, saturn, jup, uranus all in venus ruled signs “tau&libra” I finally have the courage to do something I should have done a long time ago!! Thanks to plutos transit to my 2′ cap asc i’m ready for change something a taurus like me usually hates!! I have mars and ven conj in gem in my 6th house. Do you all think this is a good time for me to be having surgery. I’ll be 42 on may 16th.

    tks Elsa!

  20. The New Moon falls in my 6H close to my DSC, trine my Jupiter/NN/Mars conjunction. Sounds like I need to get organized (6H) and expand (Jupiter) my view of what it means to be a mother who works (NN/Mars).

    My husband and I recently had a great talk about our shortcomings as parents (and our strengths :)) so that we could develop a parenting “game plan.” The past few days have been WAY better. So nice 🙂 I hope to continue this healthy, more disciplined pattern — creating stability (Taurus) and order (Taurus/6H) so that we can get pleasure (Venus) out of being a family 🙂

  21. The grand trine falls in my 1st/Mars-Virgo, 5th-Pluto/Cap 9th sun/NM/Taurus. I want to create a deep/transformative (Pluto)
    publishable (9th/Taurus) story that I profit from with my new book. I also want my kid (5th/Pluto) to transform his educational goals (9th/taurus) with my help. Yeah? Am I getting this right?

  22. This New Moon happens on my fiftieth birthday, which I am hoping is fortuitous after a life of severe struggle! It is conjunct my Sun and Mercury, which are on the Midheaven, so I am hoping great for my career! I recently had two paintings accepted for a prestigious exhibition which opened two days ago, and are prominently hung! Hopefully this means sales, recognition and future opportunities for the same!
    Pluto is currently on the cusp of my seventh, and there has been a growing awareness on my part of an opportunity for love in my immediate working environment, which I hope will develop after an extended period of drought and there will be opportunities for transformation in this area!
    Mars in Virgo has been transiting my second, which seems to have made health issues stressful, I presume highlighted by the retrograde motion, so am hoping relief is on its way, including relief of financial stresses in relation to being ill!

  23. Oh, and I am spending the day working on a very dramatic but esoteric abstract piece(entitled “Oculus”) I have been wrestling with for a while, which I have had a very definite vision for, the completion of which just seems to elude me. I battle with this emotionally when the time just seems to slip away without results…Hopefully the heavens will help me!

  24. This one seems to be an interesting one for me…

    The new moon falls in my 10th house and is conjunct my N. Chiron Rx ’31,
    it’s also quincunx N.Mercury,trine N. Venus, quincunx N Mars, semisextile N Jupiter Rx,sesquisquare N Neptune, sextile N Asc, semisquare N MC

    I have looking for work, but frustratingly to no avail, at the same time I am in college, and I am having relationship issues like crazy.

    You would think that with the emphasis on my 10th house (transiting Uranus and Mercury are there and transiting Chiron is conjunct my MC)I would have found a job by now. The transiting sun was there for a while too.

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